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Rather than hire a competent web designer they just threw money at some liberal pals and took kickbacks as usual. The same company that recently won an award for building the Obamacare website, (in such an inept fashion that it is actually saving people from signing up) had also been asked to assist in distributing $1.7 billion in Sandy relief. Donovan told the subcommittee the agency did a good job getting the initial disaster payments of $30,000 per household out, but the supplemental payments have been held up because HUD is dealing with dozens of different insurance policies and lenders. My humble thanks to you, Grandpa Dave, for spreading the word about my healthy hobby of Photoshopping images for my like-minded friends on FR.
Pookie18 also posts my creations regularly on his Today’s Toons posts, which are linked to the GOP Briefing Room site, if any of you are interested.

The site, which was supposed to be the official gateway for Americans to purchase cheap (now clearly up for debate) health insurance, has become an overnight poster child for just how bad the government can fumble a well-to-do technology implementation. The doctors who do, more than likely, don’t speak English and graduated from medical school in a hut in Kenya. Only a return to the ideas of individual liberty and limited government will preserve freedom for future generations. Pookie18 does a fantastic job in presenting a wide variety of cartoons, posters and political memes in one location for all to see.
So when the President came out for an impromptu press conference about the disaster this past Monday, it struck me a little odd at how he addressed the situation.

As the above contractor admitted, even he couldn't get in properly during minimal stress testing. We must find a fix to the federal procurement process that spares the government’s technology projects from the self-inflicted wounds of signing big contracts whose terms repeatedly and spectacularly go unmet. Poor technology behind the scenes, inadequate testing, or unrealistic deadlines from above?

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