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The great thing about Old English baby names is that they are familiar and easy to pronounce, yet their age makes them unique. Many celebrities have also decided that old English baby names provide just the right balance of tradition and trend for their children. A survey exposed the television series “The Game of Thrones” may possibly be an inspiration factor for expecting parents to give their children Old English boy names. Not surprisingly, old English baby boy names tend to be most common in Canada, the UK, and the US. With so many choices of names out there, it can be hard to know which ones will stand the test of time.

Old English names also have a variety of meanings, so you are sure to find one that expresses your hopes for your child.
Celebrities have a knack for choosing memorable names, and you might be surprised to know just how many of them are old British names. This name is an old nickname for Henry and is the name of a famous prince in several of Shakespeare’s plays. According to this, many new parents choose Old English name when searching for a baby name influenced from the TV series. No matter where you live, there is always a safe way to choose English names, and you can choose a name that perfectly matches all of your hopes and dreams for your new baby. If you are expecting a boy, it’s a good idea to choose something classic, and Old English boy names have been solid monikers for centuries.
Traditionally, old English baby boy names come in two types: those that describe nature, and those that describe a person.

Names like Alfred and Millicent are becoming popular and medieval names like Peyton and Audley become a popular name choice, especially in England. You can give him an identity to be proud of, so make sure you love the name you choose for your baby and he will love it too. Parents who choose old British names can steer their child towards a life of class and respectability. After all, who wants their child to be in a kindergarten class with four other children of the same name? More and more children in the United Kingdom are being given Old English girl names and Old English boy names by their parents – with mothers and fathers get inspired by the hit television series making these names becoming popular again after centuries.

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