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They say that relationships are already so convoluted and complex that we would be better off without complicating them further. They say that a heart that is seeking love does not recognize any boundaries and simply wants what it wants.
Why is it that society frowns upon an association between an older woman with a younger man while the opposite does not even cause a ripple? There are several reasons for this, the roots of which go back to the times when man was the head of the family and was charged with the responsibility of hunting and providing for the family. However, some aspects of our way of life and thinking has become imprinted on our genetic makeup and this is what has become a norm. Enjoying the differences: The first thing you have to remember is that if a younger man is with an older woman, it is with the understanding on both sides that they enjoy the differences. Strong bonding: Since the attraction to each other and acceptance of the differences is already established and they have also faced the opposition of others towards their relationship, there is a likelihood that the bonding between the two is really strong. Mature and confident woman: Let us face it, guys are always cribbing about their girlfriends lacking confidence, which in this case will not apply. Different expectations from the future:  Normally a woman who is a bit older is more likely to have a relationship where they can talk about a future together with commitments like building a home together and having kids. Insecurity on either side: Another negative aspect of a relationship like this is that either of both the parties involved can feel insecure. If you have to keep thinking about how to speak your mind without hurting others, then it is likely to create a definite strain in the relationship.
Besotted by the sex, Karen Stone spends tons of lire outfitting him in custom-made silk suits, gifting him with pricey watches and other jewelry and even handing over the wads of cash he tells her needs for all kinds of transparent reasons.
If you have not seen the movie I am not going to spoil it for you, but take it from me, the ending is so powerful you will never forget it.
Why would I want to chance spoiling something that fits like a glove (for right now, and hopefully for longer)?

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However, having said that we all know when it comes to matters of heart, hardly anyone has control on how things are going to pan out. He was also in charge of protecting the family from outsiders and to do this he needed the entire family to listen to him and obey him. While all these points seem reasonable and logical in those days, they do not make much sense in today’s times. Each knows that this is not the norm and still chose to be together because they enjoy the way their relationship differs from the so-called accepted norm.
Since the woman is older in this case, she is likely to be better in terms of her career and finances and she is more likely to take charge of things. Stone (from the book by Tennessee Williams), Vivien Leigh plays Karen Stone, a former great beauty, now a failed actress at age 49. Despite her generosity, he soon tires of her and begins to flirt with young women right in front of her. I tell it to you, dear blog reader, because this movie, which I have watched several times (there is even a 1993 remake -- look for it) made me think about aging and dating.
We have so much in common, including backgrounds, family dynamics, experiences in various decades and now -- similar attitudes and concerns about aging, since we are neck-to-neck in that marathon. How else can we explain the confusions and problems that we as the human race face all the time? Having said all this, would you be surprised if we were to tell you that older women and younger men fall in love with each other sometimes and this in spite of society and social norms frowning upon things like this.
For this to happen his spouse had to be younger than him so that she would look up to him instead of challenging him at every turn. Women too step out of the home to work; they have also learned to take care of themselves placing them in a position that is equal to men if not higher.

Karen Stone's rich, 20 years older husband dies suddenly as they are flying to Rome on holiday.
When I was young and looked at people whose age I am now, I often wondered if their perception of themselves changed when they looked in the mirror, or if they still had the young mind in an older body. A mature, grown up, grounded male human being who, I was assured, would not think anything of that 20-year difference.
However, love happens and when it happens, it is a like a tidal wave that no one can seem to control.
What is more biology also dictated that a younger woman would be more likely to be able to reproduce which in those days was another key to survival. On the other hand, the guy is younger and sure of his looks but the woman may not be that sure of her looks and this could make her insecure. After a period of mourning the restless, sexually starved woman allows herself to be drawn into an affair with an irresistibly handsome, sultry Italian male "escort" in his early 20s, played by -- wait for it- - a young Warren Beatty. Well, perhaps not as badly as what happens to Vivien Leigh's character, but with other sad consequences?
Find Out If You Are - August 10, 2015 Don’t Try To Make Someone Love You – It Is Impossible! Yes, admittedly, one can become addicted to the sensuality, and when that young partner is lost, one can become bereft. On what levels other than the physical -- which can truly wear thin if other things are not right?

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