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The online dating advice eHarmony posted on first date no-no’s is pretty good and I wanted to go through it with you and give you my thoughts. Unless you are both twenty, this is a sign that he may either have commitment issues or another yet-to-be-revealed personality flaw.
If a guy goes on and on about his ex, what a great relationship they have, and you get the sense that she is still very involved in his life, this might not be a good selection for your next potential boyfriend.

By the time most of us are in our thirties, we have some sort of love experiences under our belt.
This is code for, “I am likely to never commit to you and I am not the settling down type of guy.” So if you are the settling type of girl, lose his number. The risk is fairly high that they will get back together, and you will be left broken-hearted.

He has a passion for teaching how to use human psychology to date more women and become a better person.

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