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The world of online dating can be a fun one, but it can also be frustrating when you have hundreds of different people to interact with and compete against.
I honestly believe that you can find a great match through online dating sites, but it is going to take some work. If you’ve ever been on an internet dating site, then you’ve seen how small some of the profile picture thumbnails look when you conduct a search. This is why it’s so important to make sure your photo is focusing on your face so that it can be easily seen, even in a smaller size.
You want to make sure your entire face is visible because having anything covered could prevent someone from clicking on your profile.
Now that you have your profile picture set to go, let’s take some time to focus on the additional photos that you can include in your profile. Most sites allow you to choose what body type you have, but the reality is that we all have different types that don’t really fit in with the options provided to us. You told your potential matches what you enjoyed doing in your free time, so now it’s time to post some pictures of you doing those things! Casual looks and dressier looks can vary from person to person, so showing off your different styles and versatility can be a good thing when a potential match is deciding to connect with you or not. For me, I don’t wear dresses or makeup all the much, so most of my pictures were without either.
There are just certain things that shouldn’t be shown on your online dating profile, at least not if you want to connect with someone who is going to be worth your time. If you have been struggling to get a date and you think your biography is well-written and your messages have been on-point, then maybe your photos need a little work. It’s okay to have one photo with a bunch of friends in there, but make sure you look classy rather than trashy. It’s normal for guys to have friends that are girls, and vice versa, but please don’t advertise this for the world to see!

I really can’t believe that I have to post this, but it never fails – there is always at least one person in which they have an alcoholic beverage in every picture. As much as you may enjoy that lifestyle, I think that having just one picture of you drinking is enough to showcase that. The whole point of having additional photo space is to be able to show yourself in different aspects of life.
Remember, pictures could make or break your chances with someone who is viewing your profile – choose wisely!
You can spend some time practising your communications skills to get you ready to go and give you the confidence to get out there.
Most will allow you to sign up for free so you can have a scout around and see how many potential mates are on there.
There are also plenty of dating site comparison websites out there giving the pros and cons of each of the larger dating sites. When you think you've found the right site, it is worth taking out a paid subscription.
Upload a happy smiling facial photograph and write an interesting, good humoured profile of yourself. When you have been in email contact with someone for between 2 and 4 weeks, it is probably time to meet up in person. Even with the perfect biography, you won’t get many viewers if you don’t have the right photos posted. If you have your entire body in your picture, then how do you expect anyone to see your face? Remember – online dating has a physical attraction component, and that initial attraction must be made with whatever photo you have chosen as your profile picture.
Although these are not required, I highly recommend that you post at least one additional picture, but don’t be afraid to use the maximum number of spaces available to you!

To give your potential matches a better picture of what you really look like, I recommend including at least one full body shot of you. In at least one of your additional photos, show off one of the cool places you got to visit.
To help supplement those pictures and show the guys that I did have a dressier side to me, I posted a few select photos where my hair was done, my makeup was on, and I was wearing a dress. First of all, your potential match doesn’t want to get the feeling that you are a constant partier. If your outfit is a mess, you look like you’ve had too much drink, or the photo really doesn’t give a good vibe, then keep it off of your profile.
Do you honestly want your potential match to say that the first photo they saw of you was the one where you were standing with your arms around a person of the opposite sex? If you post ten pictures of yourself in the same outfit, then you are completely defeating the purpose of having this extra space. I'm Tori and I'm here to help college students and millennials conquer their goals and chase their dreams.
Maybe you got to stand next to the world’s largest rocking chair or see the Grand Canyon in-person. It helped bring a different element of personality to my profile that would have been nonexistent otherwise, and I guess it worked because I ended up with an amazing guy! Whatever it is, it’ll show your matches that you truly do participate in the things you say you do.

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