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Researches have proved that introducing audience response system into classroom activities can bring further advantages to learning.
Teacher Clicker – Socrative engages the entire classroom with educational exercises and games while capturing student results in real-time.
Create a Quiz: Design your own Quick Quizzes with the built-in feature or import them with Excel template. Space Race: Teams of students answer multiple choice questions in this fast-paced rocket race game. Multiple Choice: Ask an MC question, and see student responses on the projection screen as a bar chart. SMILE, is an interactive new way of engaging students with technology that’s easily accessible to everyone. Similarly, you can update a question related to an educational technology and have students' opinions on it. QuizSlides is an innovative web-based platform for creating multiple-choice online quizzes and exams using PowerPoint or PDF files.
A complete online testing system with automatic grading, immediate feedback, and detailed reporting.
A class Web page creator to share Quia activities and class announcements with students and parents. We provide questions for Triviala – Triviala is the place to be if you are into trivia quizzes and want to make new friends, build trivia games, compete and take part in massive multiplayer online tournaments and more importantly WIN CASH prizes by entering our daily and weekly prize draws, FREE! Soundnet are the UK’s biggest and best provider of video jukebox solutions to the licensed trade. The Sourcer provide the licensed trade with a one-stop-shop for great promotional material.

Questions sold from our standard quiz database as ordered from here are not for resale either in whole or part by you.
Should you require question exclusivity and a guarantee that the question set that you purchase will not be resold or published elsewhere then this is available at additional cost- please contact us for a quote. While we try to ensure that all information provided in any databases sold is accurate, errors may occur and neither we, nor any third party associated with this site accept any liability for such errors or omissions. It’s a powerful tool for teachers to check what students are observing, how many students have understood the concept, what topics they are expecting you to cover and much more. Interact with the data to further student understanding in a moment, and review the reports to prepare for future classes.
Results can be viewed question by question and exported to a report that is automatically aggregated and graded. You’ll find many relevant videos on YouTube, so you can provide your students with the best concepts, compare a number of resources and assess their interest.
Instant Quizzes have this year supplied a great Halloween pack for distribution to around 5000+ licensed premises in the UK. They are for the purchaser or the company they represent to use only as part of a quiz game, book etc.
If we discover or are informed of an error we will amend this error as soon as reasonably possible.
If students have their own devices, it becomes even more effective to use this app in classrooms. QuizSlides; In a PowerPoint presentation,each slide in the middle of a presentation has a question with it’s four possible answers on it, you can also include tables, images and equations wherever required. The use of technology in classrooms to enhance students’ learning is a common and effective idea nowadays.

SMILE turns a traditional classroom into a highly interactive learning environment by engaging students in critical reasoning and problem-solving while enabling them to generate, share, and evaluate multimedia-rich inquiries. For example, You can ask a question “Which browser do you prefer - Google Chrome or Internet Explorer?”, you can upload the promotional videos of those two browsers and observe what students prefer.
Educational institutions are trying to implement many more such technological approaches in the classrooms.
Students can create their own inquiries or homework items based on their learning for the day. For example, students can freely take a photo of a diagram or any other object from their own textbooks or any phenomena discovered in their school garden or lab and create a homework item. Meanwhile, you can see students learn about those browsers by watching videos, analyze them and pick up the one they find best.
The file is then uploaded to QuizSlides website, where you can choose to create either a quiz or an exam.
It’s like flipping an examination system, students create the questions with their own research. They can incorporate various images by taking photos, and other mobile media can as well be incorporated. The test format is “answer until correct”; this means the users can select the options repeatedly until they get the right answer, this makes them ideal for self assessment. Students like this concept a lot and they find it very interesting to involve themselves in interaction.

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