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For individual courses, the PDF certificate is only $13, the original certificate is $17 (shipping extra), and the PDF & original certificate is $22 (shipping extra). This course describes the hazards of electrical work and basic approaches to working safely. It's important that you be familiar with OSHA's electrical standards to help save lives and avoid OSHA citations.
After you have studied all of the course material and taken the module quizzes, you can take the final exam.
In this Introductory AutoCAD training course, new concepts include setting up a drawing, navigating a drawing, basic construction and editing commands, layering techniques, dimensioning and annotation techniques, tiled and floating viewports and an introduction to layouts and basic plotting procedures. Learn the intermediate features of the latest version of AutoCAD as you continue your CAD Certificate Training. Master the powerful 3D modeling capabilities of the latest versions of AutoCAD as you continue your CAD Certificate Training. Master the powerful rendering capabilities of the latest versions of AutoCAD as you complete your CAD Certificate Training. Learn to model detailed residential structures and document your designs with linked construction documents as you begin your Revit Certificate training.
Master the advanced capabilities of the latest versions of Revit Architecture as you complete your Revit Certificate Training.
Our management level online training courses are designed to prepare and support those in management positions & the health and safety industry.
Advanced management, 5 Steps to Risk Assessment (INDG163), HSG65 and case law to define principles including absolute, practicable, reasonably practicable and reasonable. Understand active listening skills, manipulate situations with a range of behaviour techniques, using social influencing theories with interactive scenarios. Essential reading for Company Directors and Trustees about corporate responsibility, the Duty of Care legislation, liability, the Turnbull Report and enforcement. HSE 5 Step guide to hierarchy of control and managing; people, equipment, materials and their environment.
Understand stress risk assessments, improve absence management and long term sickness outcomes and how this impacts on the individual, workplace and the business as a whole with proven methods. Understand computer desk safety (DSE) such as the chair, screens and peripheral equipment including foot rests and wrist supports to safely improve pain and discomfort for your colleagues.
Our healthcare level courses are designed specifically for the medical, health and social care industries such as care homes, hospitals, AHP, nurses and healthcare workers. Understand domiciliary care, medicine administration and Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) with the essential health and safety aspects of manual and people handling, fire safety along with the symptoms and effects of dementia, promoting independence and the benefits of routine on behaviour. AHP training for hospitals; Safeguarding, Equality, BLS (Basic Life Support), Conflict Resolution, Manual and People Handling, Infection Control, Health and Safety, Food Handling, Preventing Radicalisation and more. Safely implement activities for elderly people as a coordinator and understand reminiscence, preconceptions and encouragement using a person centred approach within a care home or social care environment. Understand Deprivation of Liberty (DoLS), Moving and Handling of people, prompting medication with Safeguarding Adults (PoVA), BLS, caldicott protocols, spillages, sharps and conflict resolution. Understand this complex and vulnerable condition to communicate, promote independence and reassure family members.
Safeguarding Adults and Children, Preventing Radicalisation and Equality, Diversity and Human Rights supplemental top-up for classroom trained Healthcare workers, Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (AHP's). AHP training for hospitals without food hygiene; Safeguarding, Equality, BLS (Basic Life Support), Conflict Resolution, Manual and People Handling, Infection Control, Health and Safety, Preventing Radicalisation and more.

Learn about the Mental Capacity Act 2005 with Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding (DoLS), Fluctuating Capacity and understand the criminal implications within the healthcare and social care industries. Learn Moving and Handling of people; Person Hoist usage and Slide Sheet Transfers of people who are unable to move themselves in a healthcare, domiciliary care or social care environment. Understand the types of medication, contraindications, groups at risk and consent, as well as the management of prescriptions and the supplies of medicines in addition to storage, disposal of medication, as relevant to healthcare or social care industries.
Our employee level courses are designed to prepare employees with the fundamental principals for standard and industry-specific health and safety orientated subjects.
Essentials for office safety, fire and emergency, work life balance, stress, accidents, computer desk safety (DSE) as well as home working, manual handling and bullying. Exploring our own prejudices, ideas, attitudes, behaviours and actions to develop the ability to be more proactive and challenging in promoting equality and diversity in the workplace.
Lone working, home visits and anti-social behaviour for; vendor meetings, property detail preparation and 'To Be Accompanied' Viewings (TBA's), in addition to the basic principles of workstation safety (DSE), manual handling and fire safety. Fire Marshalls and Fire Wardens theory, including fire extinguisher types, fire doors, emergency lighting, emergency evacuation and other fire safety management concepts such as the fire triangle, conduction, convection and radiation. Education specific safety; Preventing Radicalisation, SEN Assessments, lone working and anti-social behaviour including school trips, emergency plans, as well as the core principles such as computer desk safety (DSE), manual handling and fire safety.
Understand computer desk safety (DSE), fire safety, manual handling and accidents, as well as an understanding of electrical equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE), stress and wellbeing.
Learn about manual handling, conflict resolution, working at height, fire safety, accidents and incidents and occupational health with retail specific scenarios. Understand food hygiene, cellar management, manual handling, conflict resolution, noise and safety signs. Understand conflict resolution, working at height and fire safety regulations using housing industry specific scenarios as well as other safety essentials such as accidents, CoSHH, manual handling and anti social behaviour. Understand legionnaires disease bacteria and how outbreaks can be avoided with maintenance of hot and cold water systems in commercial environments such as an office as well as industrial environments with cooling towers. Education specific safety with safeguarding; DBS Checks, SEN (Special Educational Needs), preventing radicalisation, School Emergency Plan, School Trips and accidents and incidents (RIDDOR). Education specific safeguarding; Preventing Radicalisation, safeguarding children, understanding DBS Checks (Disclosure & Barring Service), exploitation and 'spent' convictions and how this is relevant to DBS Checks. Our free resources are prepared specifically to inform everyone of key wellbeing principles and to encourage a positive health and safety culture within communities.
Help students to learn about safety at work and communicate the risks to their peers with new approaches to tackling occupational diseases. Free Resources; Improve performance by boosting morale and create a positive health and safety culture. Free resource; learn about healthy eating, mental wellbeing, the importance of rest, healthcare and exercise, in addition to raising awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Free Resource; Learn about nutritional, dietary and hydration needs using the Eatwell Plate and the Food Triangle to inform employers, individuals, schools and social care organisations of healthier options. Free Resource; understand limited mobility, non-weight bearing people ascending and descending staircases. Start your career off right by learning electrical safe practices and developing good safety habits while working with electricity.
The dangers of electricity, electrical shock, and the resulting injuries will be discussed. Expect to use these concepts and procedures in the creation of a variety of two-dimensional technical drawings.

In this Advanced AutoCAD training class, new concepts include blocks and symbol libraries, fields, attributes, tables and table styles, hatching and presentation techniques, advanced dimensioning, multi-layout paper space plotting, images, and externally referenced drawings.
New concepts include: Render Settings and Procedures with Mental Ray, Camera views and Custom Backgrounds, Materials, Textures and Finishes, Sunlight Systems and Shadows, User Lights and Attenuation, Faking Indirect Illumination, Advanced Mapping techniques, Landscape and Entourage, Global Illumination and Photon Mapping, Final Gathering, Reflections and Raytracing with Metals, Glass and Liquid Materials, Motion Path Animations, Customizing the User Interface, Custom Toolbars, Custom Commands and Macros. This introductory Revit training course will lead the user through the basic procedures of designing an integrated building model. In this Advanced Revit Architecture course students will learn how create custom content in the Family Editor, work with conceptual forms to create massing studies, explore surface division and rationalization tools, create custom curtain walls and store front assemblies, and work with adaptive components.
Risk management including; COSHH, fire risk, hazards, control of contractors, accident management, legionella and gas service maintenance amongst other modules. Learn how to address early warning signs and returning to work, in addition how it impacts the business and the individual.
Understand the initial and residual risk factors including the likelihood of severity calculations. Learn healthy eating with the 5 major food groups, the importance of allergies and food labelling using the Eatwell Plate and Food Triangle.
Types of abuse, exploitation, Preventing Radicalisation, sources of stress, social exclusion and the effects of poverty are explained in addition to DBS Checks (Disclosure & Barring Service).
Including bacteria, cleaning, waste and pest control, personal hygiene and food safety management. Health and safety essentials; fire safety, COSHH (chemicals) and PPE (protective equipment) specially tailored for hotels, restaurants, bar and clubs.
Workstation ergonomics discusses; posture, position of arms, legs, head and how the wrist support and foot rests may help or hinder existing injuries or vulnerabilities.
Using realistic scenarios we highlight the potential social inclusion and exclusion of accessibility. Learn the skills and knowledge to help save someone's life through the free available courses then once you're done, you can download a free first aid certificate. This information will prepare you for additional safety training such as hands-on exercises and more detailed reviews of regulations for electrical work.
Build on the basic commands learned in CADD 1 (AutoCAD I - Introductory 2D) to create increasingly complex two-dimensional drawings. New topics include project creation, navigation and display concepts, designing with components, working with levels, creating and editing walls, adding doors and windows, creating floor and roof objects, working with view properties, object styles, loading and modifying family components, adding dimensions and annotations, adding and modifying drawing sheets and plotting procedures. You will learn about the 3-STEP Electrical Safety Model, an important tool for recognizing, evaluating, and controlling hazards. Courses available: Basic first aid, Advanced first aid, Pediatric first aid and Use of a defibrillator.
To give you an idea of the hazards caused by electricity, case studies about real-life deaths will be described.
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