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Our over 40 speed dating nights are designed to attract singles from your local area who are also of a similar age to you.
Despite what you might have heard, a 40-plus woman doesn't need special strategies or tricks to date for marriage. Dating after 40 may be challenging, but if you use these tips to your advantage, you'll be paired up in no time! You are thoroughly past your crazy 20’s and all the indecision and life path shifts that accompany that stage. If you’ve been resisting jumping into the dating over 40 effort, now is the time to bust through that inertia.
Keep yourself in shape – you don’t have to be a tri-athlete, just maintain some level of physical fitness. If you are following the above, you are increasing your likelihood of snagging a great single man (over 40, or younger if you prefer!). And, I say, “Hurrah!” For more preparation for your soon to be relationship check out our relationship tips section or you can install our app and speak with our coaches.
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What worked at 25 is what will work at 35, 45, 55 and beyond — you just need to remember that you truly are a catch! Know That All the Good Ones are Not Taken.As an over-40 womann you have the great pleasure of dating men who are also 40-plus.
You Don't Have to Play Hard-to-Get — Because You Truly AreMaybe you’re not completely sure that you want to get married. Focus on FitnessInvesting in your health and fitness level has a guaranteed return that will positively impact every area of your life. Don't Overlook the Importance of Female FriendsThe next time you're outnumbered at a singles event, make sure you circulate among the other women in the room. Don't Advertise Your Wealth and AchievementsYour contacts and social network are like glittering treasures. Appreciate That Life is ShortIf some red flags get raised with a particular guy, just move on quickly.

You’ve made it through the early career building years of your 30’s where you had to put your nose to the grindstone to get ahead. The statistics on singles indicate that there are about 25 million single women over 40, and over 19 million single men in the same age group. I don’t know if I have the energy to do this dating over 40 thing.” Here’s something you should know. Once they begin applying some of the thought processes and tips that come out of the coaching, they are claiming they are having the time of their lives and don’t want to to settle down just yet!
Listen to these insights from Carleen Brice, editor of Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number: Black Women Explore Midlife, a collection of essays on midlife by 45 African American women writers. These women are less inclined to see a man as perfect in order to love him, and they also know that they don’t need to spend so much time with him to believe he cares for them.
Now in her forties, she’s treating getting a mate with the same focus as she would put toward looking for a job.
Generally speaking, our over 40 speed dating evenings have singles aged anywhere between 38 and 52.
Having made one or two mistakes in the past, and experienced some missed opportunities of their own, these gentlemen don’t waste time. You never know — that new gal pal may have a brother or co-worker who would be perfect for you. And, if you already have children, you are done with the majority of sleepless nights and exhaustion that come in the first two years of childrearing.
This still doesn’t mean that you can’t find someone great for you (especially if you are serious and want a relationship you should check out this for building a strong relationship).
Sure, there are more areas where some flexibility and accommodation (his kids, her profession) are required. As we get older, we experience an increasing tendency to nest, to coast, and to have things be simpler. Here, she shares how for today’s black woman, talks about how today’s woman over 40 isn’t anything like her grandmother’s “change of life” — and much more. This attitude makes you more of a challenge than you might have been in your 30s, and therefore more interesting to men. Likewise, you should be dating seriously before a man learns of your many career accomplishments.

Add to this that you likely already have a good house, a few good friends, and a nice collection of material things.
Again, call me the optimist, but these numbers look pretty great for the dating over 40 group. Like dating at any stage of life, dating over 40 comes with its easy sides and its not-so-easy sides.
I think when we’re younger, we tend to believe we can change men and make them into who we want them to be.
Check out my 12 Tips for Online Dating and 9 Tips for Dating With Tinder for more guidance on this topic. George Clooney notwithstanding, most men over 40 relish the shared humor, music and movie references, and general camaraderie of women their own age.
If he seems more interested in your status and success than in your love, politely show him the door. Most importantly, you have likely been developing a pretty good idea of what you are looking for this time around. As we get older, we know that we need to look for a man who already has what we want, because we aren’t going to change him! In other words, the 40’s are a place where you can get into a stride and move into your groove. More and more African American women of all ages are becoming more willing to consider a man who falls somewhat outside of what they thought they had to have — younger men, older men, men of different races.
Right will have to work hard to earn your time and attention, and to convince you to marry him. Midlife women, too, should be flexible about who they date and open to the idea that love comes in all kinds of packages.It’s great that as we get a little older we know that a man doesn’t have to be perfect to be The One.

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