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Step 2: If you purchase directly from the Parallels Store during the Tech Guarantee period, then there is nothing else you need to do as you will be automatically notified when Parallels 10 is released and an upgrade key will be sent to you automatically.
Not sure what happened to the other links – But we just updated them so you should now be able to see all the details. This is the best time to upgrade as it’s your last chance to do so to Parallels 9 and you will still be able to get Parallels 10 for free under their Tech Guarantee. Great, It looks like I just missed out on the free upgrade to version 10 as I just upgraded to 9 three weeks ago.
This article was written by our own Steven Lynch, an expert in software deals, news and rumors. What about VMware Fusion 7?VMware is also close to the release Fusion 7 soon (typically it's released at the same time as Parallels) and we are also tracking the latest news and rumors coming from VMware.
If you do not have a previous version of Parallels Desktop installed on your computer, you will also be prompted to enter a full or upgrade key for that version. If your Mac is connected to the Internet, Parallels Desktop 9 will be successfully activated.
If your Mac is not connected to the Internet, you will not be able to permanently activate Parallels Desktop 9 and will only be able to use your non-activated copy of Parallels Desktop 9 for 14 days.
To permanently activate Parallels Desktop 9 with a commercial key, you need to connect your Mac to the Internet or proceed with manual activation. After a correct Parallels Desktop 9 upgrade key has been entered, the application might prompt you to enter a previous version key. Upgrades to software that let Mac users run Windows on OS X have become a yearly occurrence, as Parallels and VMware keep pace with new versions of the Apple and Microsoft desktop operating systems. VMware hasn’t yet announced when the new version of Fusion will come out, but you can probably expect it soon, or at least by the time Apple releases OS X Yosemite this fall.
As usual, your existing Parallels virtual machines should keep working just fine even after OS X Mavericks gives way to Yosemite.
We haven’t been able to test version 10 yet, but Parallels described the new features in a demo and announcement. As always, Parallels lets you run Windows either inside a single window or in Coherence mode, which makes Windows applications appear as if they are Mac ones.
Parallels 10 will take advantage of Yosemite’s much-heralded Continuity system, intended to bridge the gap between OS X and iOS devices.
Other small changes: The Outlook 2013 icon in the OS X Dock will now show an unread badge to indicate how many new messages you have. Parallels also offers mobile software for accessing virtual machines from phones and tablets. Parallels realized its pricing mistake and now charges $19.99 per year for mobile access for up to five remote computers. Parallels added “linked clones” to the business version this year, in which multiple copies of a virtual machine can be created without duplicating the entire thing.

The Parallels Desktop Enterprise Edition will cost about $100 per seat before volume discounts.
A deep dive into Internet infrastructure, plus a rare visit to a subsea cable landing site.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Store Srl Entra 0 Carrello Prodotto Prodotti (vuoto) Prodotto aggiunto al tuo carrello Quantita Totale Ci sono 0 articoli nel tuo carrello. Buy a copy of Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac from the Parallels Online Store or any authorized reseller between August 1st and October 15th, 2014 and get a free upgrade to Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac. Qualifying versions include Desktop 9 for Mac full, upgrade, student and Switch to Mac editions. If you purchased from an authorized Parallels reseller, you will need to follow out these instructions directly through Parallels customer support. You can also read up on last year’s Tech Guarantee for 2013 for details on how this offer worked last year. Parallels reps on Facebook are pretty useless, I’ve found this morning after trying to figure out where I can see a list of their authorized resellers. If I upgrade to version 9 using the Parallels Store – will I also have the opportunity to get a free upgrade to version 10? If you wait until version 10 is out then you’ll have to buy it at full price (Parallels has a two-version-back upgrade policy).
I ask because I just searched for the Tech Guarantee 2014 and it takes me to a page that doesn’t exist. If you’re unsure, just check back here in a few days as we’ll update this page with more info as soon as it’s available.
VMware Fusion 6A Start8 menu for Windows, IT security, and even improved gaming show up this year. Given the pricing structure, upgrading every other release makes sense for a lot of Mac users who need Windows or Linux applications in their daily lives.
Performance improvements will let users open Windows documents “up to 48 percent faster,” get up to 30 percent more battery life, use up to 10 percent less memory, and launch Office 2013 applications up to 50 percent faster. Previous versions of Parallels have an option to “reclaim” disk space the virtual machine no longer needs, a process that can free up several gigabytes, but it requires shutting down the VM. Changes in Parallels Desktop 10 let Windows applications use Yosemite-specific features and further their integration into the Mac workflow.
In practice, this means that Internet Explorer users will be able to click on a phone number in a webpage and start a call, just as they would be able to with Safari. Users will be given the option of setting up a VM optimized for productivity, games, design, or development. To open a file in Windows, users of Parallels 10 will be able to drag the file to the virtual machine icon in the Dock.

Last year, Parallels upgraded the “Parallels Access” mobile service and started charging $79.99 per year per computer, the same price that Parallels Desktop cost for a perpetual license. These bring management and security features, giving IT shops the ability to control updates to VMs or make a VM automatically expire when an employer or contractor no longer needs it. The upgrade is not automatically given on all orders so you will need to remember to make the request to Parallels by following the steps outlined below. Ineligible versions include licenses sold under their Volume License Program, OEM versions purchased unlawfully, orders made from unauthorized resellers (including eBay), and Enterprise Edition licenses.
Before you buy, you can also see our main Parallels Desktop 10 coupon codes page for the latest deals and learn more about what new improvements and features found in Parallels 10.
When I did this same search on the 15th August 2014, the actual dates was 1st August 2014 to 15 October 2014 (purchase period) – but that link is now gone from Google search index as well. Users who want every last bit of performance improvements and all the latest usability tweaks might feel compelled to upgrade with each new version, but casual users can usually hold off without any problems. In version 10, Parallels said a new “real-time optimization” feature will automatically reclaim disk space without the VM needing to be shut down. The call would be completed with the Mac, relying on either FaceTime or an iPhone connected to the Mac. For example, the games desktop would have more CPU and video memory and a mouse pointer that’s fully dedicated to the VM. Users will still be able to configure all the settings of virtual machines individually if they prefer more fine-tuned control. The Windows Start Screen will also look and behave more like the Mac’s Launchpad this time around, Parallels said.
It works on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets, and attempts to make Windows and Mac applications usable on touch screens. Parallels also offers a plugin for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, allowing the software to manage Macs alongside PCs.
If you’ve ordered outside of the purchase window, either before August 1st, 2014 or after October 15th, 2014, then you will not be able to qualify for this offer.
For example, there would be no improvement in battery life for workloads that use an entire CPU, Parallels officials said. Disponibile dal: Aggiungi al carrello Scheda tecnicaLicenza ElettronicaSoftware di virtualizzazione per Mac che consente l'esecuzione delle applicazioni Windows su OS X senza riavviare.
Prestazioni ancora migliori, nuove funzioni come modalita viaggio per ridurre i consumi e Cortana su OSX. Pronto a girare su El Capitan, Windows 10 e versioni precedenti.Licenza singola per sviluppatori software, valida per un anno.

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