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Learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses with a personality test, and maximize your job interview performance.
Psychometric Personality Test - Professional LiabilityThe internet is filled with numerous free personality tests that pretend to give you an accurate analysis of your traits.
These tests are usually short, superficial, and merely a way of diverting your attention to commercial banners that accompany each test page. We have partnered with leadrs in psychoemtric profiling, and their personality test is the result of professional psychologists and statisticians' work, who composed 233 questions which thoroughly analyze various aspects of your personality and evaluate them in comparison to the population.

Learn more about who wrote the test The Personality Test ReportUpon test completion, you will receive a detailed report that reviews 34 evaluated traits.
Each trait will be analyzed according to your answering pattern and receive a separate score. Traits that received odd scores will add into a black list that stresses out problematic points which might affect your chances of passing a job interview or any other employment selection process.A snapshot of the personality test report primary analysis:    Get the personality test Now!Who wrote the personality test?
These personality tests come in different formats and styles, but all aim at the same goal - to analyze candidates' personality and thus predict their chances of fulfillment and success in the company.  The team who developed this test took into consideration four types of such tests, and composed a comprehensive set of 233 questions, that can give you an objective view of your strengths and weaknesses.

It took more than a year to compose the test and three additional years were dedicated to achieving test reports that could accurately compare between the individual and the population of test takers.

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