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One of the more ridiculous arguments made by Confederate flag supporters is that if the flag that stood for opposition to desegregation and the Civil Rights Act is offensive to black Americans, then the gay pride flag should be banned because it is offensive to Christians.
However, let’s talk about the flag controversy because many conservatives keep trying to make this false comparison. Now, on to Congressman Glenn Grothman who believes that the Civil War was a religious war fought over slavery, and that the 14th Amendment shouldn’t have been used to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. Glenn Grothman conveniently forgets that while the 14th Amendment was proposed to address equal rights for recently freed slaves, not once is any specific demographic mentioned, other than male citizens three times in the second section in regards to voting rights.
Many important Supreme Court decisions, not just the recent marriage equality ruling, have been based on the equal rights for all Americans as set forth in the 14th Amendment. Homosexuality is a mental illness but the mentally ill should be afforded the same rights as everyone else. And you know this by being a medically trained therapist or just a bible thumping republican hack?

Yes, there really are people saying this all over social media, despite how completely stupid their comparison is. Glenn Grothman that shows that the South doesn’t have a monopoly on idiotic opponents to marriage equality. While religious beliefs opposing slavery were part of the abolitionist movement, the Civil War was also fought for economic reasons involving slavery, and to prevent the secession of the southern states.
This was in direct response to the Three-Fifths Compromise which gave the southern slave states more seats in Congress, despite the fact that slaves obviously couldn’t vote.
While a couple of states where the flag is still flown are planning to remove it from government property and some businesses will no longer sell it, there is no government ban on it, because that would be a violation of the First Amendment.
Of course, none of that matters to fanatics like Glenn Grothman who will say anything, regardless of the facts. And it was a much more religious country and I think a lot of people who died fighting in that war felt they died fighting for a religious cause, you know, ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ and all that.

Some of them even claim that they carry a pocket sized version in their pocket over their hearts. Second, while some people claim that the Confederate flag represents Southern heritage, it is a flag that was flown decades ago to signify resistance to desegregation – and it is still a banner of the KKK, which plans to rally in support of it next month at the State Capitol in Columbia, SC. On the other hand, the rainbow pride flag represents the struggle for equal rights under the Constitution, the opposite of what the Confederate flag has stood for historically. Glenn Grothman was on the Vicki McKenna Show, a Milwaukee AM radio program, to discuss the ruling.

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