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I’m finally biting the bullet and preparing to start shooting 50 Fat Dates videos so set up a meeting with a college alum to get his advice. First there was the creepy DATING BY BLOOD TYPE  phenomenon now there’s dating by MUSIC TASTE! I took a big step yesterday and hired a personal trainer to work out with three days per week. Marie Denee is a professional blogger, industry insider and a fashion expert who has an MBA and been blogging for more than 8 years. I’m single and have been on a quest to go on my 50 Fat Dates and share my personal experience. I love a hot pink dress and I love a peak-a-boo keyhole so this was a perfect choice for a Saturday jaunt out in downtown LA.
Dating is difficult. I sometimes get caught up in focusing on all the negatives instead of acknowledging the fact that now really is the best time ever to date as a curvy girl.
ShareFashion isn’t only exclusive for size zeros and slender women.  It is enough that plus-size women receive a lot of criticism and discrimination about their figure. The big girls blogger behind this is Alissa Wilson who has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. This plus size fashion blog is owned by a famous spokeswoman and entrepreneur that empowers women to embrace their curves as they dress with class and elegance.
Her blog is a mine of wealth especially that Kristin Marie receives a good number of daily viewers. These bloggers give another and inspiring definition of beauty as they challenge the society’s norms.
Even though the dating scene has become more hospitable, there are still some unique challenges which plus size women face regularly.
Low Self-Esteem – Many big beautiful women experience challenges with dating, finding it difficult to believe that guys are interested in dating them. Dating Big Women is a Preference, Not a Fetish – Heavy women are not a new creation by any stretch of the imagination, even if the media is just now coming around to celebrating the beauty of diversity. When freelance writer Rachel Cook sold all of her possessions, moved to Hawaii with her boyfriend, and began an exciting life of volunteering on organic coffee farms, she never expected she be breaking up with her boyfriend just one year later. The first episode of the newest spin on The Bachelor, More to Love, airs tonight on Fox at 9 P.M.
I bought that sports bra, booked a new trainer, and already had my first workout session and yes, once again I was the only fat girl at the gym.

Marie is the woman behind The Curvy Fashionista brand and her mission is to show women that we can be curvy, confident and chic!
This episode of the Big Curvy Love podcast we chat with Krista Niles who is a therapist and dating coach.
I was so excited when it arrived in my Gwynnie Bee subscription box. If my personality was dress it would be this, bright, short and sweet! I’ve been using it for 2 years and have done more than 50 outfit posts on the blog so I thought I’d bring on Gwynnie Bee’s Influencer Coordinator Kelly Augustine to to fill us in on how it all works. It’s just so luscious and rich that I love it so much in everything from homewares to dresses! Proving that curvy women can still look glamorous and pretty with their figure, below are best fashion blogs that will help you feel empowered and celebrated.
Jill is an award winning columnist who is into tailored blazers while Aisha digs for designer shoes.
The blog features plus size designers, boutiques and department stores that sell plus size items. The life and style of Jessica is run by Jessica Kane who was awarded by Portland Business Journal Woman of Influence Award. They also help empower women of the same sizes as long as those who aren’t secured with themselves to believe and be confident on their beauty.
Addition Elle has a wide variety of glamorous and sophisticated clothes for plus size women. Many Plus sized women report they are finding it easier to find love in these modern times compared to twenty years ago. This trend tends to begin early, as early as the teenaged, high school years when these gorgeous gals develop into their womanly curves.
With so much media attention devoted to plus size women, their curves, and ultra-feminine beauty, it has a tendency to come across as a trendy fetish-style bandwagon to hop upon. They love a curvy girl’s personality and love to chill in secret, at home, beyond the prying eyes of friends and society. Set the standard for the kind of lover you want in your life, and remember that at the end of the day it’s not about size. When you love yourself for who you are, first and foremost, men can’t help but find that attractive and want to get to know you better.
When I saw the color of this dress I instantly added it to my  Gwynnie Bee Subscription list and was pleased when it arrived on my doorstep.

Her collection is worth drooling over especially that she creates impeccable and stylish outfit out of a thrift store. Their passion towards fashion extends to featuring plus size designers that you can check out on. The blogger features her different trips as well as the clothes that she packed for her vacations. This could be due to social media and online dating which allows men and women to meet potential love interests based on their individual attraction preferences. Older men tend to be mature enough to be interested in curvy girls, but those older fellows think they can prey upon the naive nature of young girls who have developed early. Fact is, everyone has a dating preference and an idea of what’s attractive to them, the same is true when it comes to dating curvy girls. Dating is difficult for women of all sizes, especially if you’re suffering from low self-confidence. As suckers for a good dating show (blame our college roommate), we're stoked for a new season of love-finding. She isn’t just a rock star when it comes to fashion, she is also a beauty guru as she gives pieces of advice in beauty products. Overcome this stereotype by holding yourself, and your potential dates to a higher standard of respect. Initially scheduled to be called The Fatchelor (good call, Fox, on not calling it that), More to Love is all about twenty plus-size women, and one 26-year-old, 330-pound real estate investor (Luke) sticking it to the skinnies and getting to know each other not for how they look but for who they are. If you’ve got a fellow chasing your skirt just because he wants to cross something off his bucket list, send him packing. While there's more crying (and talk about steak) than the average show, it's refreshing to see them dig deeper. Dating someone that genuinely prefers big girls is so much more satisfying, because they know how to appreciate you and make you feel adored.

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