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I always like leather, it’s just hard to find something that fits me well but I did buy a leather moto jacket that I love and looks good. Because the dress is cut in a modest A-line it manages to still feel office appropriate and transitions well from day to night. Denim and knit fabrics are an easy way to balance out the boldness of leather, while still feeling like I’m taking a little fashion risk. Thanks so much for reading… I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty hot in the leather haha totally an unexpected feeling but it made me glad I took the risk!

One question for you… I love the pairing of the denim shirt underneath the dress, but how you look so sleek? Throwing a cardigan over this dress seemed to obvious, so instead I chose to put a simple denim shirt underneath. Sprinkling leather pieces into my closet is lots of fun– here are some other plus size leather items (both real and faux) that I have my eye on (click the images for discounts and pricing).¬†How do you girls feel about wearing leather?
I’ve tried similar looks before, but the shirt always ends up bunchy and lumpy under the dress.

2.) In a pinch, tuck the denim shirt into your tights or light shapewear to keep things in place… hope that helps! I have some pieces that I usually wear just on weekends but Maybe it’s time for me to rock mine too See the affect you have on others!

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