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TweetScoop.itDesigning presentations for social projects can be challenging, but there are lot of free abstract templates that you can also use for social business, news and insights.
This orange PPT template is perfect for social projects but also for any other presentation requiring an abstract slide design. You can also take advantage of the 5 Tips for Making Your Business Presentations More Social that includes the usage of tools like SAP Twitter for PowerPoint or the mood meter for PowerPoint presentations. Have you ever thought about how to succeed via social business? Here we’ve collected the 20 simplest rules to achieve social business success and this can be really helpful when you need to design a PowerPoint presentation for the social sector.
The Bubbles and Design elements throughout the presentation reflect the idea of Social networking concept and Makes it more attractive and thin, with both a simple and professional look. You can download this free social network PowerPoint template to prepare social media plans & digital marketing presentations using a free template for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.
Although PowerPoint has been around for years, it is still the king of presentation software tools.  It is an absolutely critical arrow in my business marketing quiver … and for some reasons that might surprise you! When I teach my classes to experienced marketers, I am always surprised to learn how many people have never heard of SlideShare.  This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to start to populate the social web with great content because face it, we ALL have PowerPoint presentations! You need to have some kind of entertainment value in your blog posts to keep people’s attention these days. And keep in mind, you also have the option to share other great presentations you find on SlideShare.  This is an easy way to find excellent content and spread the social media love to somebody who has created something great. Did you know that you can display Slideshare presentations in your LinkedIn profile?  This is a simple and effective way to show what you can do to prospective employers, clients and business partners.  Why not include a compelling description of your business or a captivating graphical resume? I’ve been thinking about ways that companies can get content to move virally within an organization and certainly PowerPoint has to be a key ingredient.
One of the cool thing about SlideShare is that you can make the presentations private.  This way, you can easily create exclusive VIP content that requires a password to your most valuable customers and business partners. Here’s an example of a discussion that started on Blab, I then uploaded to YouTube, and embedded into a Slideshare. If your looking for some great examples of how to use PowerPoint to create great stories on Slideshare, check out my Slideshare channel.

PowerPoints are great, but it certainly is a gift to create entertaining yet informative ones that have just the right information, since they cannot be supplemented with audio as in a real presentation setting. Either I buy them (I use iStock Photo quite a bit) or they are in the public domain like old art or movie stills.  I try to be careful about that. Yeah I am kin of addicted to some legacy PC software although I use a lot of Apple products.
I originally created it in PowerPoint and it was transferred to Adobe my friends at MLT Creative. I agree, Keynote is way better than PowerPoint in my view, although Powerpoint has been playing catch up in its recent versions. Share status updates and pictures with friend through Free Smartphone PowerPoint slides, and Instagram PowerPoint theme. Alternatively you can download other free great PowerPoint templates and awesome backgrounds for presentations on social media and marketing. Our templates can be used in personal and commercial presentations but attribution is required.
Before a class one day, I uploaded my presentation slides to SlideShare so the students could access them later.
Think about leveraging a PowerPoint presentation to connect with customers in a number of ways. The presentation was featured on the front page of Slideshare and it only took me minutes to create it.
Personally, I prefer Keynote on a Mac because it just makes things look smarter, but the principle still applies: bad presentations cannot be saved by software alone. Also give employers an idea of what you can do creatively.  Hope you are well and recovered from your fall! I still believe that slideshare is one of the best-kept secrets that isn’t secret at all. The ability turn your presentations into automatic, downloadable webinars is a great way to leverage PowerPoint.

Like you with Powerpoint I turn to Keynote to create artwork in preference to just about every other tool out there.
There are other related topics if you need random ideas to make social presentations, for example use the Instant Audience Feedback. If you have a PowerPoint slide deck that you want the world to see, why not embed it in your blog post?
Let’s say you have created a helpful PowerPoint presentation to teach people how to save money with one of your products. I still find people give me a sceptical look when I include slideshare as an important tool, but I continue to try to convert them.
It is fast, nimble and has some stunning effects, that, to me, are easier to access than the equivalents in Powerpoint. I have used PowerPoint to create every original illustration I have ever used!  The latest version of PowerPoint has rich photo editing capabilities for the blogger on the go.
I always think that if you want to give the audience a written record of your message, it is best done by a written piece, designed for that purpose.
I do not go crazy with animation, but I do think it enhances the slide deck presentation…especially if someone is watching it afterwards like a silent film. And using it brings a smile to my face whereas using PowerPoint used o have me tearing my hair out. The ability to manipulate art, add text, shapes and other objects is perfect for the busy blogger. However, I appreciate your point about putting presentations on SlideShare as a content distribution method: if meaning can be derived from the presentation without the speaker on hand, then fantastic.

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