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First let me give you a small overview about the topic I would like to cover in this article.
As you can see in the above figure, Data Tier have no direction with Presentation Tier, but there is an intermediate Tier called Business Tier which is mainly responsible to pass the data from Data Tier to Presentation Tier and to add defined business logic to Data.
This approach is really very important when several developers are working on the same project and some module needs to be re-used in another project. Testing is also a very important issue for Architecture when we are considering writing a test case for the project. This class is mainly used to do the database activity like Select, Update and Delete query to database.
This class takes the database setting from the app.config file so it’s really flexible to manage the database settings.
Database Access Layer (DAO) builds the query based on received parameters from the Business Logic Layer and passes it the dbConnection class for execution.

Presentation Tier contents Shared UI code, Code Behind and Designers used to represent information to user. In a way, we can distribute work among developers and also maintain it in the future without much problems.
Since it’s like a modular architecture, it’s very handy testing each module and to trace out bugs without going through the entire code. There are also some methods which are far better than the architecture described above, mostly with skipping Database Access Layer and Value Object Class, and making it dynamically which is really handy for maintenance in case of frequent database change. Business Tier is the sum of Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer and Value Object and other components used to add business logic.
Since each component is independent of each other, they are easily maintainable without changing the whole code.
If database connection is not open, then it opens the connection and performs the database query.

The results received from the DAO are in row data in Data Table format but in BUS it’s converting into Value Objects (VO).
Presentation Layer is mainly used for getting user data and then passing it to Business Logic Layer for further procedure, and when data is received in Value Object then it’s responsible to represent value object in the appropriate form which user can understand. As you can see in the diagram object values are being SET in Business Logic Layer and GET from Presentation Layer.
Business Logic Layer (BUS) is the most important class in the whole architecture because it mainly contains all the business logic of the program. Whenever a user wants to update the business logic of the program only need to update this class.

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