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For more tips on everything from work mentors to resume writing, follow The Job Window on Facebook and Twitter. 6 takeaways for aspiring presentersAs with all Steve Jobs presentations, there is much we can learn and apply to our own unique situation.
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Or maybe it was an important client you were standing in front of, trying to help them understand why they needed your company? Sure you’re the one giving it, but what the presentation is really about is getting a message across to your audience. Sometimes you may want to curb your enthusiasm, but most presenters show too little passion or enthusiasm not too much.
Jobs also does a good job of using visuals to show how something is bigger, faster, cleaner, whatever, such as when he used a pencil to show the relative size of the MacBook Air's internals.
Knowing your audience is the number one thing Huffington Post suggests makes an awesome presentation.

A lot of people will just put all the information on slides, and read them out to their audience. Yes, a presentation on medical treatments by a researcher is different than a CEO's keynote, but in each case the appropriate level of enthusiasm can make all the difference. Make sure, while you’re planning your presentation, that everything comes back to this point.
Tell a great story, mix in your data and research to prove a point, and you’ll have a captive audience invested in what you’re talking about.
Maybe not his best performance ever (there were a couple of minor glitches and the Apple TV hunk could have been shorter), but still it was very good.
He welcomed everyone and then quickly (very quickly) reviewed what a fantastic year 2007 was for Apple without visuals or a script. In just the first few minutes on stage Jobs used these words: Incredible, extraordinary, awesome, amazing, revolutionary.
People will make an assessment about your performance in the first two minutes, so you have to start strong. I have seen Jobs be pretty cool with a friend of mine--who was not an employee--and pose for a picture, but it is not his thing by any means.

If you do not have the time, then watch this edited tongue-in-cheek-version of Tuesday's Macworld keynote below which condenses the content down to 60 seconds. Right off the bat he was acknowledging the importance of the audience and that they are they important ones, they are who this presentation is for.
People may forget the number, but they will remember that the MacBook Air fits easily in a standard office envelope (they remembered all right).
The middle stuff is important, of course, but blow it at the start or at the end and all may be lost. In Jobs's case he saved the MacBook Air for last—the 4th thing he wanted to talk about.
A business keynote by a technology company is different from a scientific presentation at a conference, but isn't it always about what the numbers mean rather than just the numbers themselves?

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