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US imaging is a simple and noninvasive procedure that has the advantage of avoiding radiation hazards. Technology Intermittent high – frequency sound waves are generated by applying an alternating electric current to a transducer made of a piezoelectric material.
The transducer emits a pulse of sound waves The transducer emits a pulse of sound waves that passes through structures of different tissue densities, some of the energy proportional to the difference in densities is reflected or echoed back to the transducer.
Clinical Applications Clinical Applications in gynecology The use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of gynecological lesions can be summarized in 3 indications : (1) Pelvic mass differentiation * Uterine masses. Volcano Preparedness & Safety Helpful tips about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption. Presentation on theme: "Volcano Preparedness & Safety Helpful tips about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption. Before The further from the volcano you are, the more time you have to respond and the fewer dangers exist. What to Expect during an Eruption These flows can reach extreme speeds of up to 450 mph and temperatures of 1,800 degrees F.
DANGERS of ASHFALL 1 square inch 1 square inch of ash weighs up to 10 pounds dry and up to 15 pounds when wet. Download "Volcano Preparedness & Safety Helpful tips about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption.
Landforms at plate margins- volcanoes and supervolcanoes Learning Objectives: 1)To know why people continue to live near volcanoes 2)To know how volcanoes. Get Ready for an Earthquake Earthquakes are the sudden, rapid shaking of the earth caused by the breaking and shifting of rock deep underground Including. 1 This complete mine emergency training program developed by the Division of Mines (DM) was designed to increase the technical knowledge and safety awareness. There seems to be a bit of a mystery surrounding the birth and youth of our ancestor, Albert Raymond Morton. The earliest events that any of his family knew of him was that, when a young man, he worked as a steamfitter on the Trans-Canadian Railroad.
But, as to his birth, youth and parents, there are some real gaps in what is definitely knowna€”these were not topics of discussion in his home, and it simply did not occur to anyone to quiz him about his early life. Wea€™ll keep these vague impressions in mind as they may generate some leads in our search, but we must also guard against the assumption that they are all correct.
So, with the little that we know of him, we have started to collect, and sort out, the few documents we have been able to find regarding his origin.
At the time of his birth (in the 1880a€™s) states were not yet keeping actual birth certificates.
Again, remember that this information was provided from Raya€™s understanding of what happened when he was an infant, and given to the state many years later. Ira Homer Morton (Alberta€™s father) is buried there, next to Iraa€™s sister, Irene Morton Crankshaw.
The next document that we will discuss is his application for a Social Security account number [2]. Just below this document, we will attach another, which Albert completed just a few months later, in which he applied to the Social Security board to make a correction in his date of birth. This leaves us wondering why he would intentionally give an older date to the state of Kansas (and to several others) and a later date to the Social Security office. But, an even more important discrepancy arises in the names, ages and places of birth of his parents.
Based upon the research we have done so far, we cannot pinpoint the exact year of his birth with any certainty, and the following list will help to show the difficulty in determining that year. We have searched the records of the 1885 KS State census for Franklin Co., and have not yet been able to find him, or his family. We did find a record of his father, Ira Homer Morton, in the 1885 KS State census in Franklin Co., KS but in that record Ira stated that he was still a single man, unmarried, and he was living with his married sister, her family, and their aunt and a cousin. One thing that has been very consistent about Raya€™s documents is that he invariably lists his mothera€™s name as Ida Louise Easley. We searched for twenty-five years to find any record of this woman, other than those listed by Raymond, and were infuriatingly unsuccessfula€¦ until June 2012. She was thirteen years old in the 1870 Federal census for Chetopa, Neosho Co., KS and still livng with her parents and siblings at that time. In the 1880 Federal census for Lincoln, Neosho, Kansas, we find Aaron and Ida Bonham with a new set of twin boys, just a few months old, Clarence and Lawrence, born in early 1880. At about the same time, Aaron Bonhama€™s parents had settled in Franklin Co., Kansas, about 80 miles to the north.
After this time, we can find no document to indicate that Aaron Bonham was still alive, but neither can we prove that he had died.
Aaron and Ida could have divorced, she then quickly married Ira Morton in the fall of 1885 (after the census) and they could have had a son, Raymond, the following year--Sept 1886. Aaron could have been away for an extended period and Ida could have met Ira Morton and had a child out of wedlock before Aarona€™s return.

Now, keeping that dilemma in mind, leta€™s proceed with the other documents that we have been able to find for Ida L.
Note that at the time of this marriage, she was still going by the name of a€?Bonhama€? -- not Morton.
The 1890 Federal census would have been very helpful to us here, but unfortunately, it was destroyed. We would never have thought to search for this record under the names of a€?Holmesa€? without first finding the record of her marriage.
In the very same year, and census for the same county, we find that by the time the census taker had moved on to the home of Martha Bonhama€™s (the widowed mother of Aaron Bonham--and mother-in-law of Ida L. Now, this census was just a very short time after the previous exhibit (above) but here, Ray is listed as being 10 years old, and with the surname of a€?Bonham.a€? It is the same young boy.
Even though Raya€™s mother had moved west, to Arizona, Ray continued to live with Martha Bonham. The questions must arise, that if Ray was born a€?out of wed-locka€? while Marthaa€™s daughter-in-law was still married to her son, Aaron, one might think that of all of the children, Martha might be the least likely to take this young boy into her home to raise. Whether Ray was actually going by the Bonham name, as indicated above, or whether the census taker once again made an assumption of that, is not known. In the 1905 KS State census we again find this family still living in Stafford Co., KS with Frank Bonham now showing as the head of the household, and Martha was still alive at age 78, but Ray is no longer living with them. It is interesting that Ida stated that her parent were born in KY, because in prior census records she had always correctly stated they were born in Tennessee.
In the 1920 Federal census for Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA we find the family has moved inland. Note that Margaret Bonham Kelly had named her oldest son, William Raymond Kelly, with his middle name being a remembrance of her younger brother, Albert Raymond Morton.
We have heard that Ida Louise Easley Bonham (Morton) Holmes Hamilton passed away in Bakersfield, CA in the 1930s but we do not have a specific date for her death at this time. In only one record, his a€?Delayed Certificate of Birtha€? did Ray give an estimated age for his father. We have searched all the available records to try to find anyone by this exact name who may have lived in Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, or any other surrounding state during this period of time and have found no one with that exact name. We previously mentioned the 1885 Kansas State census [9] in which a€?Ira Mortona€? was living in Williamsburg, Franklin Co., Kansas with his sister, Irene E. From this record, we have been able to go back to both Wisconsin, and New York, and find many records for this particular man. The purpose of this article is to document Raya€™s life, so we will not list all of the documentation for his parents, but merely summarize the key points that are pertinent.
This connection, through Ohio, may account for why Ray understood that his father may have come from, and even been born in Cleveland, Ohio, and listed that city as the birth place of his father on one of the documents cited earlier. One other brief comment about this family: When Aunt Shirley Morton Donaldson, Raya€™s youngest daughter, went to Kansas on her research trip, and found the reference to George and Irene Crankshaw living in Williamsburg, she said that that name seemed to have a familiar ring to her from hearing comments made by her father years earlier.
We really know very little about Raya€™s youth, but with his consistent statements that he was born in Ottawa, Franklin County, Kansas, that is the first place we began looking. We actually have no other record for him anywhere between the 1900 census record mentioned earlier (for Stafford Co., KS) and the next one in 1915.
We did find one interesting record from 1912 that showed a Raymond Morton tried to cross over the boarder into Canada but was turned back by the authorities. Although the Canadian recruiter judged him fit for duty at the time of his enlistment, Ray was in fact discharged from the army on 18 June 1916 in Toronto, Ontario with the comment that he was a€?medically unfit.a€? He had been entered on the a€?Casualty Forma€? on 22 May 1916 before the actual discharge came through about four weeks later. From this point we know that Ray made his way back to Big Valley, Alberta and went to work in the mines.
This couple moved from place to place seeking work primarily on government jobs, particularly thoughtout the great depression. From this point on, the family has a clear knowledge and recollection of Raya€™s life, and so we will not go into that in this article. It appears that from about 1895, when Ray was approximately 8-10 years old, that he left his mother and siblings to live elsewhere. We hope this presentation is helpful to any of Alberta€™s posterity in future efforts of trying to find and document his life and his ancestry.
Note that at the time of this marriage, she was still going by the name of a€?Bonhama€? -- not Morton.A  This adds credence to the supposition that she may not have actually married Ira H. You can change the color (hue) of this image by dragging the HUE slider or choosing TINT in the customizer to the left. Pay once and download as many of our PowerPoint templates, animations and clipart images as you need. Continue to use anything you have downloaded, even if you choose to let your subscription expire. We are creating new templates and images every week, so you'll always have a fresh supply of new images.
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The transducer is connected to the abdominal wall by placing a water –soluble gel on the skin to diminish the loss of US waves at the interface between the transducer and the skin.
This in turn,stimulates the transducer to generate a small electrical voltage that is then amplified and displayed on a screen. Greg Valentine never What are some of the major things we wouldn’t know about the interior of the earth if volcanic eruptions had never occurred? Those that have shown activity in the last ten years are considered Active, and there are 40 active volcanoes in the U.S. Greg Valentine far in advance How far in advance, and how accurately, can a volcanic eruption be predicted and the public notified to evacuate? Before Before the lava exits the Volcano a spew of Ash will first erupt, if you see this following the small earthquakes it’s a good indication that lava is soon to follow and you should evacuate immediately.
Pyroclastic Flow: a mixture of gas and pyroclastic debris that is so dense that it hugs the ground, applied with gravity and these dense clouds will flow down or around the volcano into anything waiting below. Greg Valentine ash stay in the atmosphere If there was an intermediate to felsic eruption with a VEI of 6-8, how long would the ash stay in the atmosphere? Greg Valentine in preparation What would you personally do in preparation for a very large eruption that may cause long-term global effects?
Lance Lockwood Justin Luther Silvia Martinez Abbigail Miller Misty Poe Baylee Welch Special Thanks to Dr. Types of Natural Disasters Tornadoes Tornadoes Hurricanes Hurricanes Earthquakes Earthquakes Volcanoes Volcanoes. Lets Face It- Our World Has Changed ………………… We should all be prepared… just in case Weather Changes Social Changes. Salt Lake Community College The College is committed to providing the training necessary for all employees.
In the second document, he changed his year of birth to 1883--which now coincides with his recreated birth certificate.
Morton Crankshaw and her family, as well as their widowed Aunt Sarah Cather, and her son, Henry Cather (a cousin of Iraa€™s).
1915, Raymond was standing in the Army recruitera€™s office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he enlisted in the Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force.
Easley Bonham--the twins who died at just a few months old, and the four living children, three of which (# 1, 2 & 4) all claim that Aaron Bonham was their father, but #3 (Raymond) always claimed that his father was Ira Morton. Aaron and Ida could have divorced, she then quickly married Ira Morton in the fall of 1885 (after the census) and they could have had a son, Raymond, the following year--Sept 1886.A  We know Ira died in 1888, and Ida could have been reconciled to Aaron and remarried him with Bernice born to them in 1888-89.
Rocks can be thrown 20 miles from a volcanic eruption but the ash can travel hundreds of miles. As much as possible, keep ash out of buildings, machinery, air and water supplies, downspouts, storm-drains, etc. You will have the option to renew, but you will not be automatically billed at the end of your subscription. 1,500°F Realize that some flows can be as hot as 1,500°F and move at speeds of 100 to 150 miles per hour.
Hamilton.A  It could be that for personal safety reasons, that she listed the name of her deceased husband as if he were still living, but there is another listing with the date of 30 Nov. Some volcanoes such as Vesuvius, might show signs of potential eruption many weeks prior to an eruption. Volcanologists provide scientific advice, but a decision to evacuate (or how many people or how large an area to evacuate) involves much more than volcano science. Ash actually settles or gets caught up in rain, so it doesn't linger in the atmosphere all that long. However, even with several weeks it would be difficult to evacuate the hundreds of thousands of people that live around it.
It also includes deciding what is an acceptable risk, what the costs of evacuation are and weighing them against the benefits (for example, an evacuation might be enforced, but the eruption ends up not happening).
However, aerosols can linger in the atmosphere - if the volcano plume gets to the stratosphere (as would the sort of eruption you're asking about) - much longer, a few years typically. Some volcanoes, such as one that might form in the city of Auckland (New Zealand) or in Mexico City, might give little warning, and only days or less prior to eruption - these are monogenetic volcanoes so the hazard would be from a new volcano.
These are policy decisions and can only be made by decision makers that have government authority.
It is aerosols in the stratosphere that have caused climate effects for the years following major eruptions. Short term geohazards from ash in the atmosphere include aviation hazards (discussed above), human and animal respiration problems.

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