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Two new alternative Mages with unique abilities, the Adramclech Warlock and the Warlord of the Anvil Throne. With Action Marker Set 2 you can add more players to the game and give them their own unique color of action markers.
In Malignant Intentions players take part in the unraveling story the Mage Wars universe and everything you need to set up and run a league is contained in their OP kit.

Two months worth of weekly promo cards and participation prizes for winners, good sports and even the event organizer. A rich unfolding story laid out every week in Arcane Wonder’s 12-page illustrated Mage Wars OP guide, complete with a regional map of Etheria. There is power deep in the mountains that neither wants to relinquish in a very Lord of the Rings, Mines of Moria way.

OP drives participation, increases player spend and locks them into that game for a longer time.

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