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I just purchased this script and everything went really well, i had my coupon website setup in about 1 hour and it worked perfectly. I just noticed the previous review and im not sure what problems they had but everything was great for me and i must say the custom support was excellent.
The scary part as imports of tags through their system things like template, wordpress were considered stores. The support is very poor as Mark responds as no one would need a merchant to be assigned or please stop complaining as it is not an issue here in the UK.
One scary aspect as when importing coupons into the clothing section their import function imported adult store content into the site on a non-adult site. I'm very sorry to hear you had problems with the coupon script but saying the support and service we provide is poor is very unfair considering the amount of time and effort we put into ensuring all our customers are happy.
All you would have to do is contact us via the ticket system with the issues and we could have looked into this for you rather than jumping the gun to leave inaccurate reviews. A personal coupon book will help you to organize updated record therefore it is important to compile a personal coupon book.
Identify your desires and get special coupon according to it such as you should have grocery coupons to buy grocery items at discount. In order to get better results, you should walk to the store with a notepad and write all required items that you want to shop with the price of each item.
Divide your coupon book in different parts and label according to the categories such as Meat, Dairy, Produce, Frozen Food, Grains, munchies and different other items. Classify coupons according to brand name so that you can easily find right coupon at the time of need.
Arrange all coupons according to their expiry date to make sure the use of every coupon before their expiry date. Coupon book will help you to get more coupons as you can analyze available coupons and required coupons.
Related CouponsCar Wash Coupon Template Here is a good quality Car Wash Coupon Template created using Microsoft Publisher. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.

Blank grocery list template - microsoft word templates, This grocery list template is very functional and includes the basics the average shopper wants. Coupon voucher design template - free & premium templates, You can use these coupon template to communicate details about the offer, the code of the coupon, validity information, and of course, the web address of your company. Artisteer - web design software joomla template maker, Artisteer - automated web designer. Blank checks template - activities kids, Free printable blank checks template customize play checks students children.
Blank timeline template - free templates, certificates , A blank timeline template great organize future projects events.
Blank printable simple stripes gift tag template - free, Your online repository free printable templates, stationery, tickets, recipe cards, diy printable goodies download free print home..
Blank coupon template - free & premium templates, Who does not like to redeem coupons and get rewards?
Christmas border template - free templates -, Another good place to find great christmas themed border templates is, microsoft office. You simply install, select your template, add or import your coupons and your ready to start earning affiliate commission!
We address this issue and we got a response saying it will be looked into for a future release. It is important to shop wisely in order to save some money for future to use in the retirement. Some files give you facility to use envelops or plastic binder to organize all coupons within a single file. You can download free coupons from the site and organize all coupons in alphabetical order according to the type of product and layout of store.
Some shopping malls always offer discount coupons, get these coupons according to your needs and buy what you want. It will be good to use alphabetical tabs to organize all brands and products for easy search. In order to get latest coupons, make a list of all stores and collect latest coupons according to the season.

Include different plastic binders in the folder to organize multiple coupons in one binder for your convenience. Car Wash is a profitable business but there comes a point when you need more and more exposure to new customers. Offering discount coupons is a great way to penetrate into the market with great power and […]Holiday Discount Coupon Template Before starting to consider how a holiday coupon could help you save your money, let us illuminate the right reasons, in first place to invest your time in cutting and redeeming the entitlement which the companies owe once you have a coupon. A coupon is nothing but a piece of paper […]Breakfast Coupon Template Breakfast Coupons for the reason that label recommends, are usually vouchers given out by means of resorts along with bistro owners to help shoppers so that you can boost his or her revenue. Although, coupons offer great way to put some money aside but without proper system it can be inconvenient for you to handle heavy piles of coupon. If you want to use valuable coupons on right time before expiry date, it is important to compile a coupon book. An exotic dinner in a restaurant or JetSki Motorboat trip in some beach area […]Gift Coupons Booklet Are you looking for a comprehensive resource to create your Gift Coupons quickly and effectively?
Here is a Gift Coupons Booklet created using MS Publisher to help you design your own gift coupons quickly. Without any shadow of doubt, an attractive colorful coupon can fill extra […]Business Coupon Template Business coupons are generally essentially with regard to newly established businesses who would like to produce his or her spot into the market and require advertising ways of improve his or her performance regarding solutions into the market. It will be a good gift for kids also […]Grocery Discount Coupon Template So you are a house wife or a singleton living alone? Who so ever you are, you might have to do groceries at some point of your life – the job itself might be very hectic and odds are that would eat up a large part of your monthly earnings leaving you only hand to mouth for the rest of […]Baby Discount Coupon Template There won’t be anybody who doesn’t know what a voucher is or what it does. I love the Hide and click to show code feature in this one, which is missing in CouponPress. If we speak very simple, a coupon is something that is used for shopping instead of real money or any type of plastic money […]Love Coupon Template Love coupon is specifically designed for valentine day to give your sweetheart. Handmade coupon book will be a great gift to reflect your love and to show how much the person is important for you.

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