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The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), and Veterinary  Council of Nigeria (VCN) have ranked top among Nigerian public institutions complying with the country’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. In addition to the general rankings of 116 public institutions, the Security Sector was also ranked exclusively to compare levels of access within the sector. The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN), Consumer Protection Council of Nigeria, Federal Character Commission of Nigeria and National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) were ranked as the most transparent whilst 70 public Institutions including the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Defence Intelligence Agency were scored the least transparent. Under proactive disclosure, the institutions were ranked based on full proactive disclosure which is indicated by a green ball, partial disclosure indicated by a yellow ball and  institutions with no proactive disclosure had a red ball indication.
Full proactive disclosure is obtained where information on the procurement plans and capital expenditure of a public institution is found on their website. On responsiveness to requests for information, public institutions who responded within 7 days were given a green label while those who responded within 14 days were given a blue label. Finally, public institutions were scored on the basis of their level of disclosure to requests for procurement information.
The 2015 ranking was the 3rd in the annual ranking released by PPDC since 2013, with 67 institutions previously ranked in 2014 and 15 institutions ranked in 2013.

About the Author Latest PostsAbout Demilade OsotekuDemilade is a trained engineer turned development practitioner. Niger Tornadoes will play in the Nigeria Professional Football League next season, after they secured a promotion ticket from the Nigeria National League division A. Tornadoes achieved the feat with a 2-0 win over Mighty Jets, at the Bako Kontogora Stadium on Saturday.
The Minna-based club were relegated in 2012 from the topflight, after they lost 1-0 on the final day to then NPFL team, Rising Stars. But Yakubu Alfa and Samson Adeyemi scored in their home clash, to ensure their return after a three-year absence. The public institutions listed were ranked based on benchmarks for disclosure within the Nigerian Freedom of Information Act, 2011. Public institutions that responded to requests for information after 14 days were given a yellow label whilst those that never responded got a red label. In responsiveness to requests only 5 institutions responded to the FOI Requests that were sent to them.

Olanrewaju Oladejo has described the feat achieved by the four months old team as a pure work of God.Ogbomoso United walloped Police Machine of Lagos 5-0 on their last league match played in Ogbomoso to book a place in the Nationwide division one on Wednesday 18th July. Specifically, these benchmarks are proactive disclosure, responsiveness to requests for information and levels of disclosure to requests for information.
Where there is no disclosure of procurement related information on the website of the public institution, there is no proactive disclosure.
70 institutions including the office of the former president, Goodluck Jonathan, Federal Ministry of Information and National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, amongst others never responded to the requests for information. Out of the 5 that responded, the National Defence College was the only institution that was labelled green for submitting within 7 days.
In this year, all public institutions scored red with respect to proactive disclosure because no information on their procurement plans and capital expenditure was proactively accessible.

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