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Download Publishing Profile for this Web site – this will download a file with your publishing settings. For more information check out this post from arvixe support: arvixe support post from arvixe support. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
I have simple webpage assignments for my CSC class where I'm making simple toy "hello world" type applications and buisness web apps. I have run into a MASSIVE issue with these assignments and that is to actually get these web files working on a Microsoft server.
I am SIMPLY trying to make a "press a button then Hello World label appears", it compiles PERFECTLY fine and runs great locally, but I can't get anything to work online! Above is a hello world page I'm making for the sake of dealing with Microsoft's god awful development environment. I compiled that 1100.aspx by right clicking on the project in the Solutions Explorer, then I clicked Publish Website, then I hit Ok.
NOTE: I've also tried using Visual Studio 2010 as well and I was still plagued with the same problems.
When Visual Studio finishes deploying the app, the default browser automatically opens to the URL of the deployed website, and the application that you created is now running in the cloud.
Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? In this article I will explainto you how to host your website to GoDaddy Server, I will also explain to you how can you create a database server on GoDaddy.

After completing this process lets flip to Visual Studio and open the web application which you want to host. Open Visual Studio again and update database from package manager, again writing same connection string in web.config of your project in Visual Studio. I'm trying to set up continuous deployment for my vNext apps, using the new Visual Studio Online build agent. I started by installing the latest version of Node onto the build server, which seemed to speed things up and got rid of some strange warnings.
Then I started with a new build template from scratch in Visual Studio online, set the Git bindings correctly and added the first step: NPM Install ( add a step - select 'NPM Install' ). Is it possible to set an VSO Build variable in a Build Step so that the value can be used in a subsequent Build Step? When you get your account information you can then go to control panel and set up your web site to use web deploy. Finally I dragged the contents of the precompiled website to my ftp server using filezilla. And what part of the "bad design" has anything to do with these publishing problems? If you checked Host in Cloud when you first created the project, then the connection and settings are already configured. In this case the VM was created successfully and I was to able validate the connection successfully before publish.
Again, the VM was created successfully and I was able validate the connection successfully before publish.

If your Docker host is an Azure virtual machine, please make sure to set up the endpoint '80' using the Azure portal. From there you can add new domain for a new website or you can also add new sub domain for a new website. The 'default` Grunt handles all CSS + JS concatenation + minification and places it into the folder. If you set up the publishing from Visual Studio - you can see the commands it runs in the output window. The auto-generated dockerfile from Visual Studio tooling had wrong runtime causing the issue.
To host your web application, first of all right click on the project and click on the Publish. I suspect that in the future we'll have nice VSO build tasks that will make this easy to do. It's like Microsoft added in all these fancy publishing tools for nothing, they just don't work in any accordance to the superior simplicity and power of PHP and CSS. That works fine, since the publish will do a build - which triggers the Grunt task to prepare the distribution. Also - all parameters are written in the Visual Studio output window ( except for password ).

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