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With the release of Visual Studio 2013, now we can Create, Publish & Monitor Windows Azure websites from within Visual Studio itself without opening Windows Azure portal.
In Create Site on Windows Azure dialog, Provide necessary website detail and click on Create. It will open browser and we can see default homepage for newly created website as displayed in below image. Here we can see that output window is capturing and displaying website log in real time manner.
En este post voy a reproducir el paso a paso de la demo de publicacion en Windows Azure que hice en el #estechday.
Sin una suscripcion de prueba va a ser dificil que podamos subir la aplicacion ^^’  asi que nos activamos una.
Una vez tenemos la suscripcion activada, tenemos que ir al portal de administracion para crear el espacio donde alojaremos nuestro sitio web. A partir de ahora, cuando estemos desarrollando y queramos subir un cambio nuevo, seguiremos los mismos pasos, solo tenemos que ir al proyecto MVC y hacer click en Publish, para que se suban los nuevos cambios.
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Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? So far it was possible to publish directly Azure website from Visual Studio 2012 but with this release it is even easier to create & monitor Azure website from within Visual Studio. In next section, we will examine how we can monitor Azure Website from within Visual Studio.
As highlighted in above image, click on setting button in output window and select All Logs so that output window start capturing and display real time log of Azure website. En la demo publicaba un sitio web que habia desarrollado desde 0 a un website en un datacenter de Microsoft (Windows Azure). To see real time log in action, start capturing log as described above and visit 2-3 pages of newly created and published Azure website and observe output window. Any opinions expressed herein are my personal and not of any organization or my current or previous employer. If you have not subscribed to Azure service then you can subscribe for free trial from here. This whole post is divided in three sections, Creating Azure Website, Publishing to Azure Website & Monitoring Azure Website from Visual Studio 2013. Now you need to drag and drop your already developed Website folder in the Solution Explorer.

Just like I already developed my website and now I will drag the folder in solution explorer.
For this just hold your folder and drag it on the website under Solution Explorer as in the following screenshot: 5. After importing you will be able to see all your files such as Html files, script files, CSS files, and others.
After that click on any of the HTML file and test it if your website is working well or not.
Click "Microsoft Azure Websites" and after that you may need to sign in with Email that is associated with your Subscription.
After Sign in, if you have already created a website in azure, then you can see the list of your website.

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