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The News of the World Phone hacking scandal that led to its eventual shutdown has led to an old-journalism, new-robot-journalism clash.
Breaking News of the World disregards the question altogether by promising to provide absolutely zero legitimate news, instead using trailing-edge software to slap together ludicrous stories on the fly with 100% inaccuracy.
Before the News of the World phone hacking scandal, that publication had already slimmed its once-bloated workforce down to a modest 200 after cost-cutting measures. Rovatron’s defense department origins are belied by its artificially idiotic retrofit software. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. SELF-STYLED REPUBLICAN “reformer” John McCain is right now positioned as one of the top figures in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. To understand McCain—in particular his devotion to the interests of Israel—it is necessary to recognize the little-known fact that the powerful Bronfman family empire, based on its Seagram’s liquor fortune and its controlling influence over the Time-Warner media conglomerate, has been the primary behind-the-scenes force dominating Arizona politics. The Bronfmans, along with the Rothschilds of Europe, the Oppenheimers of South Africa, and Armand Hammer of the United States—all patrons of Israel and the global Zionist network—constituted what has been dubbed the “Billionaire Gang of Four.” But the Bronfman family has emerged as the virtual royal family of American Zionism, and their tentacles reach far and wide throughout the United States through a vast array of holdings little known to the public. One particularly famous Texas-based mob functionary, nightclub keeper Jack Ruby, for example, is known to have actually been a lieutenant of the Bronfman family (a point that has often been lost or suppressed in the legends surrounding Ruby’s ties to organized crime). Aside from that historical digression, the fact (relevant to our review of John McCain) is that McCain’s home state of Arizona has long been under Bronfman control.
While most Americans perceive Arizona as a paradise of cowboys, cacti and wide-open spaces and a conservative stronghold independent of the corruption and intrigue found in the big cities like New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, Arizona ranks right up alongside the great crime capitals.
In 1976 a crusading Phoenix reporter, Don Bolles, was murdered by a car bomb after writing a series of stories exposing the organized crime connections of a wide-ranging number of well-known figures in Arizona, including one Jim Hensley. McCain’s late father-in-law was the owner of the biggest Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship in Arizona—one of the largest beer distributors in the nation.
McCain’s father-in-law got his start as a top henchman for Kemper Marley, who, for 40 years until his death in 1990 at age 84, was the undisputed behind-the-scenes political boss of Arizona. In 1941 Greenbaum had set up the Transamerica Publishing and News Service, which operated a national wire for bookmakers. The story in Arizona is that Hensley took the fall for Marley and, upon his release from prison, Marley paid back Hensley’s loyalty by setting him up in the beer distribution business.

The attorney who handled Hensley’s legal defense, forging the deal that set in motion Hensley’s windfall (that now benefits McCain), was William Rehnquist, who later became chief justice of the United States, later to be joined on the court by one of his own former girlfriends from Arizona, Sandra Day O’Connor. McCain’s father-in-law had also dabbled in the dog racing business and he expanded his family fortune further by selling his dog racing track to an individual connected to the Emprise Corp., run by the Buffalo-based Jacobs family. The Jacobs family was the leading distributor for Bronfman liquor smuggled into the United States during Prohibition and controlled the “spigot” of Bronfman liquor pouring into the casks of local gangs that were part of the Lansky syndicate. While John McCain himself cannot be held personally responsible for the sins of his father-in-law, the fact is that this “reformer” owes his political and financial fortunes to the good graces of the biggest names in organized crime. Michael Collins Piper can be heard every week day night live on the Internet at
Free Speech Press is happy to announce the official launch of the 100th anniversary special edition republication of Jack London’s book The Mutiny of the Elsinore. The new Breaking News of the World website promises all the scandal of the old Murdoch-run site but with absolutely no actual journalism, valid information, or phone hacking involved. In its historic 168-hour run the new publication has already broken News of the World’s impressive one-day record for inaccurate stories--fulfilling its stated mission of providing 100% falsehoods round the clock, without a single wiretap law broken. The kind of computing power required to create compelling fake journalism of this quality has only been available since the 1970s, and for obvious reasons has seldom been employed with such potency on the Web. At its inevitable closing Breaking News of the World will only need to make one staff member redundant, a robot named Rovatron.
But one thing about McCain that the mass media chooses not to report is his family connection to the organized crime-connected interests that have run the state of Arizona (through both major political parties) since at least the 1940s.
And it is known—although again not mentioned by most JFK assassination “researchers”— that Ruby was a key player in a Texas-based network smuggling arms (stolen from U.S. Five years later “Honest John” McCain arrived in Arizona as the new husband of Hensley’s daughter, Cindy.
But the mainstream media has had nothing to say about the origins of the Hensley fortune that financed McCain’s rise to power.
In 1946 Greenbaum turned over the day-to-day operations to Marley while Greenbaum focused on building up Lansky-run casinos in Las Vegas, commuting there from his home in Phoenix. The murder set off a series of gangland wars in Phoenix, but Marley survived and prospered.

According to Marley’s longtime public relations man, Al Lizanitz, it was the Bronfman family that set Marley up in the liquor business. That beer company today, said to be worth $200 million, is what largely financed John McCain’s political career. Following Israel’s 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, resulting in the murder of 34 Americans, McCain’s father, Adm. He is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Rovatron still holds down a day job at online auction sniping firm eSnipe, Inc., but its enormous processing power is hardly taxed by the additional processing. The Hensley fortune is a regional offshoot of the big-time bootlegging and rackets empire of the Bronfman dynasty. In fact, he was also the Lansky crime syndicate’s top man in Arizona, the protege of a Lansky lieutenant, Phoenix gambler Gus Greenbaum. Greenbaum, in fact, was so integral to the Lansky empire that he was the one who took command of Lansky’s Las Vegas interests in 1947 after Lansky ordered the execution of his own longtime friend, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, for skimming mob profits from the new Flamingo Casino. In 1948, 52 of Marley’s employees (including Jim Hensley) went to jail for federal liquor violations—but not Marley.
The support from the Bronfman-Marley-Hensley network was integral to McCain’s rise to power. This brief overview is just the tip of the iceberg but it does say much about McCain and the political milieu that spawned him, particularly in light of McCain’s front-line position as one of Israel’s leading congressional water-carriers.
He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

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