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Okay believe me, this is NOT sour grapes, but the success of 50 SHADES OF GREY makes one wonder - why does a book offering nothing new become a best seller? So if you're one of the people who ran out to buy 50 SHADES when you heard about it, then run right out again and buy some Gunsmith books. University Web Services communicates with a variety of audiences across both campuses to help keep people informed of all things web. Wait a minute for the pop-up window to refresh (or reload - the screen should briefly flash). When the copying or moving process is complete, open the destination site and check to confirm that your new files or sites have successfully relocated. See the Communications page to view the UWS Communication Strategy, and the listservs associated with each audience. NOTE: if you are moving or copying a web page to another site, you'll want to select the Pages folder for the destination.

You'll need to repeat the process and wait for the pop-up window to refresh when you make your destination selection. JOE faces a force unlike anything they’ve ever encountered before… and the only way to control it is by reviving Serpentor, the Cobra Emperor himself! There are 4 left, but The Gunsmith remains the only such series still being written by a single author.
But if a combination of action and sex appeals to you, then get yourself 50 Shades of Gunsmith - or 350.
But bringing him backs sets into motion drastic events that lead to the death of the original Ninja Commando! He has authored more than 500 published books and has edited more than 30 anthologies of short stories. It began in January of 1982, during a time when "Adult" westerns flooded the market, and has been appearing monthly since then.

Booklist magazine said he "may be the last of the pulp writers." He co-founded and edited Mystery Scene magazine and co-founded the American Crime Writers League. Probably not, but heretofore this had not been seen in western novels (certainly not by Max Brand, Zane Grey, Owen Wister or Louis L'Amour). What these books actually showed was that men and women really did have sex in the old west. Clint Adams, the Gunsmith, has had sex over the past 30 years with many women of different sizes and shapes, and in many different ways.

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