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12:05 pm November 30, 2012 By Julian Horsey Tweet14 Share8 +113Shares 35Google has this week announced that it is now possible to publish simple websites directly from their Google Drive cloud storage service.
Using Google Drive it is now possible to insert static web content into a publicly shared folder within your account, allowing you to share the content and files directly to users via file names in a relative path.
The Google Drive website publishing feature also supports JavaScript, and it’s even possible to enable a JavaScript Drive application to run directly from your Google Drive account. For more information on the new Google Drive website publishing features added this week jump over to the Google Apps Developer Blog for more details and information on how to setup your Google Drive account to support the new feature. Templates with beginner-friendly CMS allowing users to quickly build fast and responsive websites.

Responsive templates with Drag&Drop CMS allowing users to build fast and robust online stores. As technology inevitably develops, TemplateMonster may discontinue the production of certain products. Max length was exceeded Use your name: Email: Thank you for posting a question! Editorial service, book layout and book cover design, book printing and book printers .Are you publishing a book?
Today, is your main website the worst possible vehicle with which to promote your product or service within search engines and web directories, IF you want to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or free promotion methods?

Website Publishing Website Development Branding Read more Brian Austin 27 July 2009 Published in Website Publishing When Printing Web Pages Website Publishing When Printing Web Pages Sometimes, as you "travel" around the Web, you may decide that you would like to keep a printed record of some pages in hard copy format. I know of at least one person who prints selected web pages and then gathers the various folios into a single spring-clip binder for easy reference later.

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