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As I say in the page about First Term, the second book in the Malory Towers series was written in January 1946.
By the time Enid sat down to write it, she would have been aware that Benenden School was moving back to its pre-WW2 premises in Kent. They stood from where they sat on the couch, never parting and stumbled towards the bedroom.
Perhaps Enid wanted to get another book out before some aspect of the Kent environment overwrote the impression she’d got of the Cornwall location. Perhaps she wanted to bang out a thrilling cliff-top scene while one was fresh in her mind.
They both laughed because she almost tripped and fell on her face while trying to shimmy out of her skirt, as she was still wearing her heels. If so, she succeeded on both counts.The above photo was taken recently from Hotel Bristol, Newquay, or Benenden School as it was in the autumn term, 1945. He caught her, kissing her forehead before sweeping her off her feet and carrying her to the bedroom with lightning speed.
Oh yes, one day bright sunshine and the next boarding school girls being blown from bus stop to beach.I wonder if Gillian would have been a touch disappointed by the second book in the series. Alicia (sharp and hard, as in the first book) accuses her, and Ellen reacts by committing the crime she has been planning - sneaking a look at the exam papers in order to ensure a good mark in the end of term tests.
Darren catches her red-handed in a scene similar to the one in First Term where Darrell confronts Sally about the existence of her baby sister. Darrell doesn’t lose her temper as badly this time, but Ellen still ends up in the San. In fact they’ve become quite chummy, though Daphne falsely suggests to Gwendoline, her other friend, that she has been stringing Mary-Lou along. When Mary-Lou suggests that she will take the parcel to the post-office - by the cliff-top path so as to get there on time - Gwendoline openly mocks the idea.
She immediately went for his belt buckle before he stopped her, grasping her wrists in his hands and putting her arms above her head. Her furrowed eyebrows revealed that she protested this, but the look in his eyes quickly made her relax and want to do things his way.
He slid his hands down her sides, reaching under her silk top and marveling at how soft her skin was. Once again, Mary-Lou is a most sympathetic character and every reader must root for her.Mary-Lou disappears into the storm.

When Daphne hears from Gwendoline what Mary-Lou has done, she is mortified and goes out after her friend. Daphne takes off her raincoat belt and ties it to her tunic belt to make a makeshift rope, just in time to stop Mary-Lou losing her perilous hold on the cliff-top.
In one swift motion she had his belt undone and on the floor, his dress slacks unzipped and pulled down as he sat up on his knees as to allow her more room to pull them down. As well as in the illustration immediately above, the brave pair can also be seen if you go back to the dustcover that Lilian Buchanan made in 1957 and which begins this page. He realized he’d hit a nerve, and he moved closer to her, cupping her face in his hands. Funny thing is, if you take a trip to Newquay today there are still suitable gorse bushes overlooking the cliff within a hundred yards of the Hotel Bristol in the direction of the post office. Can you picture Daphne and Mary-Lou - seventy years after Enid pictured them - hanging on for dear life? She found a stout gorse bush behind her and she pushed her legs under it till her feet found the sturdy root-stem growing out of the ground. Heedless of scratches and pricks, she wound her two feet firmly round the stem, so that she had a good hold with her legs and would not be likely to be pulled over the cliff by Mary-Lou.A frantic voice suddenly came to her.
She broke their kiss only to reach down to tug at his black boxers, her eyes showing her need.
He slipped out of them before gently tugging on her pink lace panties, she raised her bottom to give him access. My feet have got quite a firm hold,’ called back Mary-Lou, much reassured by the belt round her wrists. He slid them down her thighs, legs and off her feet before kissing her calves and sliding his hands back up her thighs.
The exciting cliff-top scene replaced the following - decidedly less dramatic - wraparound cover that Stanley Lloyd produced for the first edition.
He’s chosen to portray the morning after, when Darrell and a group of the girls (Sally, Irene and Belinda) come across the parcel oozing purses not far from the cliff-top path, close to the scene of the cliffhanging incident. Everyone realises that Ellen was falsely accused of stealing the purses and she is forgiven for being goaded into stealing the exam papers, though she made a very bad error of judgement and must mend her ways if she is to thrive.
The girls themselves are asked to stand in judgement of Daphne, who - although she was brave in saving Mary-Lou - was the person who stole the purses and set the near-disastrous sequence of events in motion.Of course, led in a funny sort of way by Mary-Lou, the girls choose to forgive Daphne who has grown by leaps and bounds in the whole process. I don’t know what Gillian thought of Second Form at Malory Towers, because all she says is that she read it straight off the typewriter at the end of January, 1946.

He pulled back slightly, kissing her before looking her straight in her baby blue eyes, which quickly closed. The following extracts are all the occasions in February where her mother is mentioned or alluded to. And against her instincts, she maintained eye contact with him until the pleasure overtook her, surprisingly before him and she arched her back, closing her eyes, softly moaning his name.
He surrendered to the sensations surrounding him as soon as he realized she was satisfied, collapsing on top of her, kissing her neck.
Her arms went around him as their breathing went back to normal, and he shifted himself so that he was laying on his side behind her, his arm around her waist. Also, having read the typescript of Second Form at Malory Towers, presumably Gillian wouldn’t be getting too concerned about the lessons she was missing.
Enid makes it clear in her description of Ellen’s predicament that good health would always be more important than top marks. It seems that Kenneth passed on the opportunity of having a guided tour round the girls boarding school. Perhaps he preferred a child-free lunch at whatever luxury hotel he and Enid were staying at.Anyway, in March, Enid was again very attentive, sending eight letters from Green Hedges, Bucks.
It seems that Gillian had come down with a cold and a sore throat, and ended up in bed, taking penicillin tablets. However, though I didn’t make a note of it on the day, I did read somewhere in the diary that Gillian was bottom of her class in mathematics. Darrell is not good at arithmetic either, but l don’t think she was ever last in the class! How would Gillian’s time at Beneden School in Kent feed into the Malory Towers series from book three onwards?
Her eyes glistened with tears, happy and relieved ones this time, one rolling down her cheek before he kissed the trail it had made. I love you” she whispered before he leaned down, their foreheads touching before she kissed him with all she had.

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