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Fresh or Frozen Raw Milk – Natural Beauty Products – Supplements for Kids – Alternative for Milk Based Formula – Feeding a Picky, Teething Toddler – Is my Baby’s Vein a Sugar Bug? My inbox and Facebook wall runneth over with questions from readers about Real food and holistic health, so I have created this Q&A to get your questions answered and for other folks to benefit from the answers as well. To never miss a Q&A, be sure to sign up for email updates here so that you get an email every time I post. Hi Amy Jo – I understand your frustration, having had bouts of lactose intolerance at different periods of my life as well. If I were in your shoes now, I would first take a break from dairy (other than ghee) and drink lots of bone broth to help heal your gut and get some good nutrition at the same time. I am new to your sight and was wanting to know if you could share with us females about makeup, I am looking into buying all new makeup for myself – but it is so confusing!!
I got my 10 month old son since 6 weeks old on Nordic Naturals fish oils DHA along with probiotics, multivitamin, all organic homemade food, etc.
I am looking to use the liver formula for my newly adopted daughter, I noticed she had cow formula reactions whilst in Ethiopia so I put her on goats formula which caused diarrhea too. Can you please let me know if there is another formula I can use for when I am out and about?
If she does well with the bone broth formula, I would do my best to stick with it until she well-established on solids. Personally, I don’t worry too much when my kids go through phases like this because I choose versions of these foods that are nutrient dense and healthy.

I would have to see you daughter to confirm, but it most likely would not be considered a Sugar Bug unless the vein is on the bridge of the nose. My daughter is almost 2 and just recently I have noticed her rubbing her eyes a lot during the day and she’s had a mild cough as well.
For all responses, please note: While I am a health practitioner, I am not your health practitioner.
Then after at least several weeks, I would try introducing raw, unfrozen, cultured dairy like yogurt or kefir in very small amounts (a spoon or two per day). My DD, 2 months old, has a dark blue vein across her right eye lid…could that be a sugar bug?
In any case, consider that this diagnostic technique from traditional Japanese medicine is not an absolute life-sentence for sensitivity to sugar or a predisposition to hyperactivity. Question about cooking it down before you freeze it – I think I read that you do this to concentrate the flavor? Any health advice that I give is my opinion based on my general professional experience but not your specific case. You can read my recommendations from best to worst options for feeding babies in this post: Is Breast Always Best?
Once the broth is finished in the crock, do you strain it into a stock pot and then simmer on the stove until reduced?
I get it every spring and because I don’t take meds, I basically power through the season and take Allestan (with Quercetin in it).

As such, you should always seek the advice of your own health professionals before acting on something that I have published or recommended.
Then gradually introduce raw, unfrozen dairy in the same way before moving onto the frozen stuff. I prefer to make my own elderberry syrup, but if you want purchase one, check the labels and avoid products with addition flavors, preservatives, or junky sweeteners. I make my own peanut butter, use jam with natural ingredients, and non-junkie granola bars.
In my practice, I typically recommend probiotics, fermented cod liver oil (the omega 3s will help reduce inflammation and the vitamin D is essential for immune health), plus Chinese herbs to address the lungs and allergy symptoms. With makeup, I tend to look for a fair compromise between natural and effective that makes sense for me. Other than that, keep offering other good foods, but don’t stress too much when she rejects them. Many folks find that nettle tea is helpful for allergies, and sinus rinses can be extremely helpful too. Now even a little cream in my morning tea or coffee makes me have terrible bloating and cramping.

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