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A hundred bucks in the pocket and a year of not having to worry about some bad person stealing my credit. Send us, via Twitter or a post to our Facebook page, a picture of your household (you, the fam, dog, cat, fish, frog, ferret) in or in front of the dream home you call home. Your submission will enter you to win $100 and a year of free credit monitoring and identity protection from Quizzle! I have been a quicken client since 2004, bought our house with their help and refinanced 3 times. Boiled, braised, fried or fricasseed, it’s still just chicken right?  Not this week, Chick Fil A’s CEO Dan Cathy inserted the popular fast food purveyor into a feisty political debate that has spawned protests and support rallies at Chick Fil A’s across the country. At Quizzle we abide by a simple rule practiced in bars across the nation, no politics no religion. Ultimately, the only thing standing between you and total mastery of your personal finances is personal choice.

Free Credit Score & Free Credit ReportQuizzle is the totally free and easy way to manage your personal finances.
Quizzle Review: A Look At Credit Score AccuracyHow often can you get your free credit report on Quizzle?
AvailabilityQuizzle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaQuizzle provides consumers with CE credit score based on an Experian . Quizzle Review: A Look At Credit Score AccuracyThere are a lot of credit score scams out there.
The truth about free credit scores - MSN MoneyNow a handful of company Web sites give consumers at least free glimpses at their credit scores. You can save money on lease applications by knowing your credit score — get your banking reform explained now.
The average Boston apartment resident moves 34 days after their Boston rental search — get your jacks rental search pittsburgh now.

That being said, we have been following a theme this week on reinvention and choice, and the Chick Fil A controversy is another opportunity to touch on a great personal finance topic, freedom of choice.
Choosing what and what not to spend your money on, choosing when and when not to use credit, choosing when and if to pay your bills on time, choosing how much to, or not to save each month.
And of course, once you have wrapped your mind around where you are with your finances and where you want to go, Quizzle can help you get there. UPSIDE: Two Free Credit Score Sites - Quizzle and CreditKarma Yes, Virginia, there really is such a thing as a free credit score. The list of personal finance choices is endless, and when you’re trying to get a handle on all of them at once it may seem like an overwhelming task.

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