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Bethany is a recent college graduate living and working in Detroit, Michigan as an intern at Quizzle. August 7, 2015 Debt Management, Money, Quizzle News & FeaturesComments Off on Building an emergency fund vs. As you work to get your finances in order, one of the decisions you might have to make is whether to start focusing on building an emergency fund or tackling your debt.
Because personal finance is personal, it makes sense to consider your options and then take an approach that works best for you. Reese also points out that a credit card issuer can reduce your limit, or even cancel your card, at any time. This is one of the reasons that well-known financial guru Dave Ramsey recommends building an emergency fund with $1,000 to cover small emergencies before you start tackling debt — even if it is credit card debt. In some cases, though, it might make sense to start by aggressive tackling the highest-rate debts.
Kevin Gallegos, Vice President of Phoenix operations for the Freedom Financial Network agrees that paying down credit card debt can be a good first step. However, that doesn’t mean that all debt needs to be paid off before you move toward building an emergency fund.
Low-interest debt, such as student loans or mortgages, might not need to be paid off before establishing an emergency fund. If your credit allows you the ability to qualify for a low-interest credit card or a 0% APR balance transfer, it is possible to use a credit card as an emergency fund. It might seem as though you aren’t moving very fast at either goal, but a balanced approach can help you cover more of your financial bases, according to Reese.
Closing credit card dings credit scoreA FICO expert explains how that will impact the credit score. Informational presentation by SOUTHERN INSURANCEFLORIDA HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE CAUSES AGENT STORMCan Having Too Many Credit Cards Hurt Your Credit Score?

BankAmericard® Secured Credit CardEstablish, strengthen - even rebuild your credit with a secured credit card.
Wells Fargo Credit Cards - How to Establish CreditLearn about steps you can take to start establishing a strong credit history. Credit Building Credit CardsBuilding credit can be difficult if you approach the wrong lenders.
Credit Card Help: 10 ways students can build good creditOne of the most exciting parts of growing up is becoming financially independent, but learning how to do so can be challenging.
No Annual Fee Credit CardsSave some money with a No-Annual Fee credit card from Citi and pay only for purchases . Tigers games – What better way to spend Friday night than watching Miguel Cabrera hit a few home runs.
Beach Bar – So the D may not have the ocean, but the Beach Bar is the next best thing. Outdoor movie screenings – New Center Park is just one of the few places that shows summer outdoor movies! Games in Cadillac Square – From playing ping pong to bean bag tosses to watching Team USA vs.
Healthy Moves Yoga – Another activity in Campus Martius Park, free yoga lessons at the beach! Without an emergency fund, all of the effort you have made to pay off your credit cards can be wiped out if you have to swipe plastic to take care of a specific problem. If this happens, you might not even be able to fall back on your credit cards in an emergency situation. Other suggestions include saving up enough to pay the mortgage (or rent) for two months so that you don’t have to worry about housing if your income is affected and saving up enough to live on for a month before starting in on the debt.
Once you have made the purchase, you can transfer the balance to the low-rate card, where interest isn’t a worry during the promo period.

Everyone knows that your credit score is important to your financial life, affecting the rates you get for mortgages, credit cards and insurance. Building a strong credit history is important, and the Capital One Secured MasterCard can help! Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure the card a) really gets canceled b) it doesn't harm your credit score. Learn when to Cancel Credit Cards.In other words, having a low, manageable balance—or paying it off in full—may help your credit score.
Financial experts warn that this method can backfire, though, if you don’t pay off the debt before the expiration of the special rates. This will help you build a little credit history, so you won't have to procure a card completely fresh.
Paying off credit card debt guarantees generates an effective return of 15% to 20%.” He also points out that being free of credit card debt is a financial cushion itself.
Unlike the cities my friends moved to after graduation, Detroit has given me the best of both worlds. You have more money to work with and fewer bills to worry about when that monthly debt obligation is gone. This is not the case and worse, closing a delinquent credit card will hurt your credit more than it will help. Detroit, like many other people in my shoes, has parts that are both polished and unpolished.

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