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Authors of the bestselling Who-Ology have compiled the best of the best in Doctor Who quotes in The Official Quotable Doctor Who: Wise Words from Across Space and Time.
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Celebrating the heritage of the Cumberland Airport’s 60 year history of top shelf sports car competition and jovial relations. The Festival of Speed returns to Doc Mike’s Famous Farm on a Saturday night for a bountiful corn roast on a two-day autocross weekend.
Back by popular demand, the V-8 SuperCar and Fast Four Banger Showdown will cap off our racer’s annual run through the mountain foliage. We offer some of the purest enjoyment in performance competition, novices and legends drink the same beer here.

National Road Autosport’s mission is to encourage friends and family to spend the weekend in the beautiful Potomac Highlands.
National Road Autosport organizes, promotes and operates destination motorsports events in the mountainous Potomac Highlands.
These events keep alive Cumberland Airport?s historic legacy as a key venue during the Golden Age of amateur sports car road racing in the 1960s and 70s. We,and many others, have expressed faith all along that a way could be found to continue the autocrosses, and that faith was justified, thanks to the efforts of all those who made it happen.
I’M NOT DONE YET  A field of 120 energized entries over two days of frigid temps generated their own heat at the reunion series-ending Pumpkin Carve Cumberland Airport Autocross. With quotes spanning over half a century of Doctor Who episodes, you are sure to find relevant words and advice on topics anywhere from horrible monsters to true love.

A two-day edition of our Festival of Speed, featuring a battle for the ages in a young gun vs geezer run off.
This is a further example of the remarkable results that can be achieved when people who have different interests share a common dilemma, but work together to find a solution. Then practice simple lacing and looping techniques that give the effect of a dainty lace edging around your cabs!

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