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If you're separating, divorcing or dissolving a civil partnership, Family Mediation can help you and your ex-partner make arrangements for your children and finances. If you're involved in a dispute with a neighbour, family member or work colleague a Mediator can work with those involved to identify the issues you don't agree on and help you to try and reach an agreement. Family Mediation offers a safe, confidential environment for you to make arrangements for the future following the end of a relationship. After that you will attend joint mediation sessions – usually around 90 minutes – to help you discuss and identify the solutions available to you both. When an agreement is reached, your Mediator will provide you with a written summary so that everyone is clear about what has been decided.
Watch the video below of Janet, a Relate Mediator talking about what happens in Family Mediation. It is easier on your children – when parents co-operate it helps them maintain important family relationships. If you're not eligible for legal aid, or if you're looking to use Mediation to resolve another type of dispute, the cost of an inital session is ?90 per person. We're a charity and we don't make any profit from our services so we have to charge a fee for Mediation. If you are a solicitor and would like to refer clients for Mediation at Relate London North West please use our referral form.

One of our experienced Mediators will meet all those involved in the dispute to talk through the options and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.
You can book an appointment to attend Mediation at a range of locations across North West London. To find out more about Mediation, and to arrange an appointment call us on 020 8427 2076 or enquire using our online booking form. Booking your first appointment with us is easy - get in touch and we'll help you take the next steps.
Our Mediator was professional and knowledgeable she made it possible for us to reach an agreement which is still working.
Weathering bad times together, working through solutions or even learning to endure what can’t be improved, all add a depth and commitment to a relationship. Our counsellors, based at our main Relate office on North Hill, can help you through your problems by providing low-cost counselling in Plymouth and South Devon.
Be it problems with your family, your children, your relationship or your sex life, our range of counselling services will help you with any difficulties you’re having. Please ring or email us for an Initial appointment or for further information- Sue or Steve will answer your call during the day and Cathryn will answer your call in the evening . This could be financial issues or discussions about where and with whom your children may live.

The session can be held with both of you or separately and aims to help you decide if mediation is right for you. In certain circumstances we can offer reduced rates so please get in touch to discuss your options. Working together with the Mediator everyone will be involved in further meetings to agree a solution. Relate Plymouth and South Devon’s aim is not to force people to stay together, but to enable them to reach their own decisions about what is right for them. We offer a range of counselling services for those who are having difficulties with their relationships. The law now says that you must consider whether mediation can help before you can take your case to court.

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