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You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Enewsletters are still the main online direct to customer communications tool, so it pays to invest time and thought in a decent template.
Over the past few years of running email marketing training courses I have reviewed hundreds of enewsletter templates and often see the same basic errors. In this example, the subject line is "James Bond Quantum of Solace only 7.00 GBP* from Tesco Entertainment" generally works well.
23rd point is very helpful, however it is important not to make the unsubscribe process too complicated.
The image weight of an email should still be less than 100Kb even in days of broadband although I’m sure many are above this. The best practice for creatives does have some variation depending on the objective and type of email; regular newsletter, single special offer, transactional, triggered (reminder of event, post event follow up, birthday and so on). Thanks for adding those Tim – I particularly like featuring popular articles from previous issues. Individually they often aren't important, but if several good practice features are missed, they can definitely adversely affect the experience or response rates. The two main enewsletter styles are B2C retail-style for transactional sites featuring products and information-led for business-to-business, relationship development and publishing. Have to disclose I gave some informal feedback into the layout for this for this design via my work as a consultant at the time, so I'm naturally a fan of this design, although it's mostly down to the design team and client reviews.

But we start with the most important practical issue which although obvious seems to be forgotten by many print designers working on big brand accounts. There is no point keeping subscribers on the list that are not interested in what you have got to say. I liked many of the points you made and I have lately bought your book as well though I haven’t read it yet. If you hve a key objective and landing page to which you wish to drive traffic then repeat the link, top, within the text, bottom and on graphics.
For example, Tesco also use: "Check out This Week's Great New Releases at Tesco Entertainment". Again not many recipients will act on this, except perhaps for their most personally trusted brands, so better to encourage during initial subscription confirmation emails.
The banner width will often be used by the designer to control how the creative is displayed. Since the image banner will often be blocked, a large font headline is a must-have for highlighting the lead feature or main offer of the newsletter.
Particularly important for informational enewsletters, this can reduce the problem of subscribers not scrolling down to later features. This may seem redundant, but if an enewsletter is forwarded, an easy subscribe option needs to be present, likewise for browsers of archived enewsletters.
This helps make your enewsletter more personal and can stress the main offers or features with a text link through to the website which will often generate a high proportion of clickthroughs.

You can highlight the different parts of your proposition through using section headers, each of which can contain several features. Rather than using a tiny "read more" link under the snippet about the feature, make it easy to read more as shown by this imediaconnection enewsletter which has nice large point size feature headlines which are underlined for a mouse rollover.
The double digit open rates achieved by many enewsletters show that images are often downloaded and quality images appeal, so use larger high-resolution product shots. Using a multi-column format can help fit more content above the fold and make the design more visually appealing.
The terms, conditions and privacy conditions are essential and should be reasonably easy to read, but through use of a lighter colour grey smaller font they can be setup so they don't detract too much from the visual design.
If the banner width is set too wide, this may require the reader to scroll right - an unsatisfying experience which may truncate some of your headlines and offers. You will certainly see email designs where an image banner is too broad and it pushes the content below the fold.
It could be used more widely in non-transactional enewsletters to link to different website sections.

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