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I used to bug him bout telling them about me because I knew it would be an issue but he waited till about seven months ago to tell them. I have done istikhara i kept having feelings like it was right to happen but who nos maybe my wishful thinking was gettin in the way. Sister z i have emailed u privately im not sure if it wud come to ur junk mail bcz that is wer urs came to. Sister please don't take it offensively, but you should forget about him - in fact tell him yourself you don't want him.
Aamir, if you want to log in and write your question as a separate post, we could try to give you some advice for your specific situation. Some parents might disapprove of their children dating outside their race, but Tamera always had her mom and dad's full support. This Thursday, we’re giving the transformation of a lifetime to Erica, who recently lost 65 pounds! Find out how Caprice O'Bryant regained control of her life after a traumatic brain injury and became the Founder of Excuse Free Fitness! For the past five years i have been in a relationship with a bengali boy also brought up here. We don't want to disrespect his parents by running away or not having some sort of agreement from them. I think it may contribute to these ppls thinkin but i dont no how much.the things i am hearing of is she will take u away from us son, ur sisters wont be able to get married to good ppl after u spoil our families reputation etc etc. If he says no, then it shows how pathetic he is, for 5 years in a indirect way, he's been giving you false hopes. Ppl often call my bf weak, but the truth is i dont think i cud even leave my family.he has been put under intense family pressure.
I can't really talk to my family and friends because everyone just points fingers which doesn't really help me so I talk to Allah.
6 years ago when I saw an out of control fellow Muslim I wanted to help get him back on the right path.
We were at university together and he always knew it would be difficult to bring his parents round to the idea of him marryin a pakistani girl. My family are now gonna go round and give them a time to give us a final decision because then they want to start lookin for me.

Follow the right path and marry someone who is pious and sincere do not marry someone because of his racial background. Please don't fear, ask Allah for forgiveness and just remember, Allah does best for his servants. Please sister, I'm sorry for any pain this may have caused you, but remember these 'feelings' of you wanting to go back to him is from the Shaytaan.
I can understand how hard it is I used to start my day by waking him up every morning and end my day with a phone from him. But u said u did al u cud do n he needed to fight his battle so u cud be fifty fifty- well do u believe he made the right decision? I was just thinking that i am practicing muslim and so does she and i always kept the things halal in my life and so did she.
Specially as he's the eldest, but he thought it was doable and he'd be able to sort it in the end. There has not been any family contact before as they disagree with the entire thing and say they dont see the point in meeting my family. On days that I feel the most upset I sit in the masjid and somehow i always feel better Alhamduilliah. At time he did state that he was unsure if his mom would be ok with it but I had faith that we were meant to be and everything would work out.
I do not know where to start from, so many things happen in last 2 years that i can write a book to cover every thing. He says he'll keep fighting but he says realistically he cant give me any guarentees because he doesnt know what the outcome will be. However as he is the eldest and he is being put under pressure n is not happy himself i dont really no how to blame him. The day her father find out that his daughter likes some Pakistani guy he did everything legally and illegally to take her out of my life and he succeeded in it.
Thruout these four years i have neglectd my family, my religion and my dad has even passed away.
I know what your going through is very hard and difficult to handle but this boy isn't right for you. Its easy to blame but really i shudnt hav listened to his promises i shud hav dropped the relationship and let him either tell his parents bak then or left him if he ddnt.

After meeting me us being friends he realized there was more to life than that Alhamduilliah. N they pride themselves on being so we hv cme to an agreenent to phase out our talking. Not so much at me yet they will always say i did wrong to start and carry on this relationship. That way he can work hard at it without my nagging as I'm afraid thats all i do now coz im so scared of losin him. Thank Allah for blessing you such understanding parents who have supported you in this hard time mashAllah and thank Allah that he's not already engaged lol. While she was in USA her father forcefully locked her up for multiple days in someone's else home, she was drugged by her on sister to take her out of USA. Make dua and ask Allah with a sincere heart to bless you with what is good for you not just today but tomorrow and the hereafter. When something goes wrong do you blame Allah for it and stop believing because then that is Satan making you believe that. Sometimes i think that its over but than i get some waves of hopes and i am hoping for the best.
He said he was going to talk to his family about it and i wud hav to accept ther overall decision. So don't turn your back on your faith in Allah because things are not working out in your favore.
They think this is building hopes up and that any contact shud have been thru family if theyd wantd to see me. I'm not going to lie sometime I do hope he has some miracle planned for me and things work in my favore. Up till a week or so ago he was optimistic that it wud happen despite LOTS of problems his family were bringin up. Tell ur dad to let my family no bcz he did say hed make a decision n let us no wen he came to my work.

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