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This house was built in 1923 and is owned by the Portuguese architect Ricardo Morena, who faced one of the most difficult tasks for an architect, namely to redesign his own house. In the interior there have been major changes, a volume of wood being in the center of attention.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUpon Digg Flipboard The Belgian architectural and interior office Buro II sent us this impressive house made from an old barn. Taking into account the constraints of the existing building, the architect intended to increase the feeling of freedom, to connect more the interior with the exterior.

At the same time, he wanted a harmonious relationship between the historical and contemporary architectural values as a bridge between two moments in time.
In the same volume of wood there are carved stairs that lead you to the private area above. The structure of the landscape and research into rural building in Flanders stand in reciprocity to the design process and the final built environment. The project is a spatial and architectural quest for methods to offer new perspectives in the relationship between landscape and architecture. On the same system, the upstairs spaces are organized also in volumes, but this time, they are white.

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