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Relationship Issues involve a variety of interactions including: marriage, dating, relationships with co-workers, friends, family members, acquaintances, etc. Past conditioning - a lot of people bring in different ideas and sexual experiences from their past.
Failure of Communication - even though there are many thoughts, feeings, opinions about sex, many people fail to talk about it. But before you reach out to any expert for relationship advice, counsel yourself by answering a few questions.
This link Relationship Issues will take you to such relationship expert, Matt Huston, who has repaired many broken relationship for many couples who are still thankful to him. The relationship advice you will get through this product will be of great worth and will save your relationship for the rest of the life.

Whatever it is, just go to the root of it and see which of your action is responsible for it directly or indirectly and get determined not to repeat that action if you get a second chance. I told her my family is very welcoming (they are) and that there's no pressure, to just be herself, but she said it makes her really nervous and that she'd rather wait until we've been going out longer. I feel like this is kind of unfair because literally two weeks after we started dating, I met her mom and her mom’s boyfriend briefly, and since then we've gone over to their house a few times for dinner.
I don't want to put her through something she really doesn't want to do, but any time I talk to my family they ask when they'll meet her. Thanks, Don Hey Don, Meeting the people or person who brought your significant other into the world is never a non-nerve-wracking experience.
Whether you were cucumber cool or shaking in your boots, you put yourself out there for her.

The problem is, these two meet-the-parents scenarios aren't equivalent — and it has nothing to do with family size. There are rare birds who can adapt to this high-intensity familial exposure, but it doesn't sound like your SO is one of them. This saves her some face, and doesn't make your parents feel like they did something wrong by inviting her. Once your partner has gotten to know your parents a little better, and vice versa, invite her to a family holiday gathering.

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