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Autonomy and patient rights Which of the following are derived from the value of patient autonomy? Conflicting Values Paternalism: –The doctor should act in a way that protects or advances the patient’s best interests, even if it is against the patient’s will.
Relating the models to ethical theories How are they supported by the major ethical theories? Discussion Give an example which indicates the tension between doctors and patients in Hong Kong. FOUR MODELS OF THE DENTIST-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP Paternalistic Informative Interpretive Deliberative. Buddhist Ethics l The craving for individuality (including life, pleasure, power) produces suffering— which is ended through virtue and meditation l Being. Retha Britz Copyright 2011 All rights reserved for this presentation 1 Some Moral Theories & Principles of Ethics [related to human research] Retha Britz. Medical Ethics Year 1 1 Ethical Reasoning & Contemporary Medical Ethics 2 Lecture 4 28 th October 2009 Dr. We believe that fundamental human values, such as those listed above, are both essential and universal. They are fundamental values that underpin a relationship-centered approach, and can be embraced by healthcare systems around the world — across cultures, languages, professions and disciplines.
We believe that effective and caring communication is essential to restoring human values in health care.

We believe these core human values that define the goals and processes of health care have yet to receive the emphasis necessary to make them central to every healthcare encounter. Placing emphasis on our core values will help to solve many problems in delivery of care — ranging from excessive cost and profit to inadequate care for the less fortunate and underserved.
The Charter is meant to inspire a movement to improve care by restoring the primacy of human values, to place them at the center, and to make them the goal of every effort in healthcare.
We believe the following core human values should be present in and inform every healthcare interaction. We must dedicate ourselves to achieving excellence in all aspects of healthcare. Without excellence, no matter how well intentioned, our efforts to heal will fall short. We believe that healthcare professionals should embrace the values of justice in healthcare, and commit themselves to advocating for and putting these values into action. Patient autonomy: –The doctor should help the patient to make real choice, and provide intervention under the constraints of (a) informed consent and (b) confidentiality.
Ethics are not … Ethics is not the same as feelings Ethics is not religion Ethics is not following the.
Objectives By the end of the lecture students should be able to: Define common ethical terminologies Analyze personal values that influence. Treating Patients With Dignity Sometimes health professionals get so wrapped up in the scientific principles of healthcare that. Autonomy is self-governance Part of respecting persons is respecting their right of self-determination … the right to.

Self-interest and morality Can we say what is in our self-interest without referring to morality? These values represent the overarching goals that motivate scientifically sound, effective methods of care.
Compassion means to understand the condition of others, and to commit oneself to the healing and caring necessary to enhance health and relieve suffering. The patient’s good life consists not in the satisfaction of desires, but maturity and rationality.
Skilled communication underpins healthcare interactions and relationships, and plays an essential role in making values visible.
What if the patient is unconscious, incompetent, and making choices totally unacceptable by our ethical standards?

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