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I would like my man to be loyal and serious, not light-minded, aimed at creating a firm family, ready to spend his free from work time with his family. Quality dating service to meet single Russian women who are seeking a good man to share love. I honestly cannot boast any super qualities, which form an ideal or super being, because I am just a simple and normal woman with her hopes and dreams, tears and sorrows, joys and happiness, disappointments and mistakes. Dating site and matchmaking agency to meet single women from Russia and the Ukraine who are looking for a life partner.
Without a doubt: I adore our Black sea – because I live close to it and it is amazing to watch how the sun is rising! For hobbies, I love sport and travelling. I also love to spend time outdoors and in the nature.
About my personality, I can say that I am a kind, sensitive, loyal, friendly, smart and serious person – it’s all about me! In my free time, I’m very active and I love sports. I even used to be a runner in athletics competitions!
At 23 years of age, I would like to meet a kind and decent man who would be less than 40 years old.
I am very cheerful and energetic lady (so my friends say), with a great sense of humor – and I am a person who is loving life in all its manifestations.
I like green traveling, discovering new places, listening to music and dancing. I love outdoor activities and I am fond of Astrology and feng-shui. I would like to meet a man who is serious and mature enough to create family with a loving and caring woman (me), who is responsive and responsible, understanding and patient. My family and friends say that I am a romantic, tender, feminine, caring, sociable, intelligent, kind and loyal woman.
I think it is important to keep in shape and I enjoy fitness, jogging, swimming and dancing.
If you read it I would like you to understand that I want to find a person who will realize the responsibility of relationships with a woman from another country.
My soul is sensitive and filled with romantism, my mind is reasonable and I am quite a realistic girl, my heart is filled with affection, broken dreams, but also with an ocean of passion and strong desire to find a real love and share it with my beloved. I want him to be gallant, tactful, attentive, faithful and respectful not only to his woman, but also to everyone around him. I see the man of my dreams as someone who is really kind, serious, faithful and communicative. I usually make friends very easily (no matter whether they are kids or grown-ups), and getting to know new people for me is always a very interesting thing to do because the more we learn – the more we understand and the more experience we gain about life in general!
I wish that my husband will value me and my feelings the way I will treat him and take care about himself and our family.
I imagine my future husband as a kind, sensitive, good-natured, self-confident, loyal and strong man. I normally never have problems in socializing with people and my good sense of humor contributes a lot to this process.
I love taking walks in nature, beeing outdoors, small family parties, cooking and making my home cozy.

Being 37 years old myself, I wish to meet a nice and gentle man who is between 35 and 50 years old. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Traveling occupies an important place in my life and I love seeing new places, to discover different cultures and I hope that one day in the future, I will visit some very romantic places together with my future beloved man. I would be glad to hear from you: attractive, intelligent, kind, even-tempered, faithful, responsible, willing to create a great relationship with me. It`s easy for me to find a common language with people, and friends always value my support. It`s important for woman to look good, isn`t it?;-)) But also I enjoy entertainment, going out to cinema. If you want to have a warm home and enjoy the rest of your life with a woman who will love you and care for you, we have this chance here;) I really want to find a special man, intelligent, faithful and a real gentleman, who cares about his woman, who loves her and wants to spoil her, not only with attention. I love discovering new cultures and traditions, especially: I am interested in gathering recipes of different cuisines, because eating habits usually reflect interesting national peculiarities.
I usually appreciate people for their attitude to others and my opinion is that if he is angry and rude with people, he can not be tender and delicate to his woman. I enjoy the company of family and friends where I feel relaxed, where I can laugh and dance! This man (mine) looks for mutual understanding and respect in family relations, he wants his beloved woman to be near him always and he is ready to love and to be loved.
I am very generous woman and it is a pleasure for me to invite my friends for a tasty dinner that I cook  myself. I am looking for a man who is kind, intelligent, generous, open, honest, loyal, cheerful and who has a good sense of humor.
Being a mother, I know that it is very important to always give the best to a child and to not ask anything in return. With my daughter, I enjoy spending time outside, close to the nature, playing different games, which we usually invent spontaneously, holding each other`s hands, eating ice-cream and candies, while jumping and running with huge smiles on our faces.
I am interested in reading about psychology and astrology because it is always interesting to be aware of the world we live in as it is changing so fast. I want him to be creative and sometimes even childish in his dreams and actions, because we have to remember that relationship can exist for a long time only if it is exciting and interesting. I am also fond of reading and sometimes I like to spend long hours simply reading a book and developing my imagination. I would also like this man to have serious goals in his life and I see him as being responsive. I think that`s why I learnt how to take care of those who are close to me, how to be understanding, how to deal with difficulties, and just learnt the way it feels to be alive and part of the society – to be the part of the family where you know you can rely on somebody, and be reliable to others just as well. It is not about the country or the age, because those things are not personal characteristics to me, and they do not tell me much about a man and his personality. And I know that without trust it is impossible to build any strong and happy relationships. I think that people with bad feelings and bad emotions in their hearts can never be happy – that’s why I’m always smiling and I do my best to always be in a good mood! I might sound idealistic, but everybody wants true feelings and I am sure that I will find what I am looking for – it is just a matter of time.

I also like to keep fit and I am also in love with fitness and aerobics, swimming and running, camping, hiking and simply walking in the park watching animals and birds.
I want him to be real and outspoken, passionate and sincere, always smiling contagiously to the people around him with a good sense of humour which will turn our grey days into sunny ones. My friends always say that I am very energetic, sometimes temperamental, mostly merry and cheerful.
In general I am interested in many different things, and create around myself beauty and coziness. He can be lazy from time to time and I want to surprise him with my extreme care and attention. I travel a lot, because it is so interesting to discover new emotions, new people, new cultures! I like to surprise and amaze my friends and relatives with very tasty dishes I create on my kitchen.
I really do not think that we have to be alike in everything, because I am interested in discovering his own world and vice-versa. I am always positive about life in general and I try to get only positive emotions from everyday life. But I really want him to be curious about life, discovering something new and sharing his knowledge with me! But I am looking not for the one who would make me feel strong only, but the one who would let me feel weak, meaning that I am a fragile woman as well. My character is strong enough, but I adore showing my closest people how tender and loving I can be with them. But I am not a crazy one who can spend all of my life just going from one country to another. The one with whom I would have fun and be serious, go through all the bad and good moments of life hand in hand, in harmony. The feeling of being at home, enjoying a good meal, spending time with close people are also very important to me. The one with whom I would simply feel comfortable while keeping silence and greeting the rising sun, or speaking about everything. Speaking of good meals, cooking and baking is one of my talents, and I say it without too much of a pride, because living in a family of 8 – one has no way out.
The one whom I can be friends with and who would also see a sensual woman and a mother in me. So, to conclude it all: I am the one who will never be bored and whom one will never be bored with!

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