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When you’re pitching an idea to a client, you have one opportunity to stand out from the competition and win their business.
To create and deliver that winning sales pitch, check out these apps for your iPhone and iPad. To help you build visually beautiful presentations, the app offers you access to millions of high quality photos or you can add in your own photos via your iPad.
Once you’ve finished creating your presentation, they are saved as “decks” on the Haiku Deck server. You may have created a great looking presentation, but one spelling error can quickly degrade the quality. Ginger Keyboard + Page is a comprehensive writing tool that will review any text for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.
You can also translate your English text to over 40 different languages if your audience speaks another language. The Ginger Keyboard + Page App is available from the iTunes store and requires iOS 7 or later. If you want an easy and convenient way to display your presentation then Air Sketch is the app for you. When you are using Air Sketch on your iPad you will require a WiFi connection for the app to successfully work. To put together the 3D view of your product, however, you will require a professional photographer to build a 3D model of the product. Considering today’s popularity of mobile technology, it’s not surprising that more and more businesses are interested in mobile sales apps. Using such an app, you can always have your product or service description at your fingertips: at a meeting in the client’s office, during small talk at public events, or during a business dinner.
If you need to regularly hold interactive presentations and customize them according to client requirements, presentation apps are your best choice. If your product doesn't need to be customized, mobile solutions with a focus on visualization can be a good alternative to multifunctional apps. Despite their apparent simplicity, showcase apps are an irreplaceable tool for sales teams. When business specifics imply that salespeople should be able to close the deal on the spot and accept payments on the go, a mobile POS app is a must-have.
Sometimes, easy and quick service is a ticket to success, especially when it comes to quick-sale points. Thus, if your goal is to speed up the process of accepting customer orders and increase staff efficiency, you can achieve it with a POS app. The integration of sales apps with payment systems, together with the opportunity to feature products, allows salespeople to have at their disposal a unique means for signing contracts and accepting payments on the go. In modern pace of life, the problem of time management is especially acute for salespeople.
Event app users can easily coordinate events, make any adjustments to the calendar of meetings and conferences, and keep track of essential dates.
If you are going to organize a web conference, mobile solutions for conferencing can facilitate it.
For example, we developed an app that allows organizing and maintaining chats between healthcare center consultants and their patients for a leading provider of language interpreting services to healthcare. Generally speaking, any sales manager can become a time management expert with help of event planning and conferencing apps. Mobile apps for sales management open up a variety of opportunities for salespeople: now they can be aware of their colleagues’ work, look through key statistics of company performance, quickly get in touch with the office and report progress. These apps not only make sales teams more organized, but also help sales reps to check their work with their team’s goals. We created a mobile app that provides a remote connection to CRM system for one of the leading real estate agencies.

At the same time, all these apps can work together to increase profit and improve sales team performance by equipping sales reps with all the necessary materials they need to close deals. Even if today you prefer only one type of sales app, there is a good chance tomorrow you may need additional functionality.
To make sure your sales staff is getting the most out of your iPad applications for business presentations, there are several tips they should follow. Make sure the iPad application for business presentations is properly loaded before you begin the presentation. When you have the best iPad applications for business presentations, you will help make your company look progressive, dynamic and responsive. The majority of a sales rep’s time isn’t actually spent selling (as little as 30% according to SEC Solutions).
Order taking – Sales representative usually go on the field to customers to take orders, so these apps are integrated with an existing ERP system and are optimized for quick order taking and invoicing.
One such example comes from Handshake, who provides iPad & iPhone apps to write orders and send them instantly to the back office. Presentations – Some products have extremely detailed information, coupled with presentation videos or pdfs.
Most of these apps are run on tablets, and according to a Forrester Research forecast, almost 1 in 5 global tablet purchases in 2017 will be made directly by enterprises.
Whether companies decide to buy off-the-shelf solutions or to build a custom app designed specifically for their needs, it’s sure that those who will deploy mobile solutions will have a competitive advantage over competitors. Flavius is the Marketing Manager and Co-founder of Mobiversal, mobile app development company working with startups and established brands like Forbes to create unique mobile experiences.
You can then access all your presentations on the iPad, iPhone , Web Browser or internet connected projector, alternately export it to a PDF and print  handouts for your clients.
The app takes it further,  also suggesting synonyms and alternative advanced wording in context with that you’re writing. You can present the content of the app via a specific URL on a compatible browser and make annotations on your images or slides which are reflected in real time. The app provides a 3D, 360 degree view of your product, giving your clients a better look at what they are (potentially) purchasing. The app also allows clients to explore product options, functions and features in addition to seeing how it would run in workflows and processes via animations. From individual entrepreneurs to large corporations, everyone is interested in raising sales.
Let’s look at the four main types of sales apps that both business executives and sales representative could benefit from. They serve as a connection between the mobile device, credit card processing systems, and barcode readers.
However, often times sales reps have to personally meet with clients on several occasions before the deal can be closed. Mobile apps help salespeople handle the stream of phone calls and meetings, in order to always have time for new clients without being torn between current customers.
For example, this type of apps can be easily implemented in private healthcare practice, where communication between a healthcare organization and patients is a huge part of the whole interaction process. The applications allow users to make VoIP calls via SIP protocol in order to find a translator and describe their symptoms to a doctor.
However, in order to be ahead of the game, a qualified sales rep should have in his smartphone or tablet another type of sales apps – sales management apps. This is a huge advantage regarding quick access to the client and product base, even if sales managers are out of the office. Using the app, agency employees can at any moment obtain up-to-date information about real estate listings, including information such as building characteristics, floor plans, images, pricing, and detailed descriptions of the surroundings. As a good alternative to PowerPoint, presentation apps assist salespeople to show products and services.

Whether you use a slide show app, a catalog app like Padalog or some other app, these business apps can help your sales staff make more engaging and interesting business presentations — and more effective ones, too.
They will find that iPad applications for business presentations are more effective when they keep these tips in mind. Whether you’??re doing your presentation on a catalog app or a slideshow, run through it several times so you know what to expect and keep it smooth. It’??s easy to rely on your iPad, and the best iPad applications for business presentations are going to be strong and not buggy. Your business presentations will be interesting and your potential clients will better see the value your product or service brings. Instead, salespeople spend most of their time preparing for meetings and following up with prospects.
In this case, apps can help sales representatives quickly navigate through a large amount of data and present the products in a way that would increase sales.
Related to this trend, Corporate Visions did a survey on 700 salespeople and marketers and found that almost a quarter of companies have purchased tablets for their employees.
Clients can do all of this using an iPad, iPhone or any other digital platform, both online and offline.
Contemporary studies and growing technical capacities provide an opportunity to boost the efficiency of sales. To achieve an eye-catching design that makes a lasting impression, you may want to add animation to your presentation app. In our practice, we have developed a number of solutions that enable integration of mobile devices with POS terminals.
Mobile event apps can be the perfect tool for scheduling meetings and organizing negotiations. Depending on sales team requirements, event apps can make a schedule, find free time for a business dinner, remind an important date and take control of the duration of meetings. The best iPad business apps are changing the way many companies interact with their customers, and business presentation apps are no exception.
At the same time, make sure you’??re not going through it too quickly for your audience. At the same time, you need to be ready for anything when you’??re making that big business presentation, so make sure your iPad is fully charged, that you have all the power cords and Bluetooth accessories you need, and that your iPad orientation is locked in the position that makes the most sense for your business presentation. Sales mobile apps are coming to help them increase productivity and agility while decreasing operational costs. Today it is easy to supply sales team with relevant information, which is of great necessity for the qualified communication with clients, and thereby to combine efforts of marketing and sales.
We recently developed such a solution for a world-famous fashion brand – an iPad app for a new watch line.
For situations when a sales rep needs to close the deal and process payments, it is essential to have a mobile solution with functionality for booking and accepting payments – POS apps.
For instance, we developed a mobile app for a restaurant, allowing waitstaff to input customer orders directly into the app to be automatically sent to the restaurant's kitchen or bar. This approach is known as sales enablement and many businesses rely on it for their sales strategy. We have developed several custom presentation apps in our practice, especially for automotive industry. Presentation apps for car dealers may include various features: promotional media content (video, photos), specifications, pricing, model comparison, and even the option of sending the chosen model configuration to the client.

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