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In the way early days of the blog, I wrote a story about vintage steel cabinets for Old House Interiors magazine. Above: At the very end of the presentation deck, there is a special section just for the salesman to read. Companies also used miniature samples to sell furniture door-to-door from the turn of the 20th century.
The graphics and illustrations are wonderful – something not seen today in the electronic age.
America would come into the kitchen store and talk to the salesman there… Then, he would follow up with a visit to her home, where the deal would progress in stages.
As part of the at-home selling process, the salesman would measure the homeowner’s kitchen so that with them, he could mock up their dream kitchen using the pieces in the kit. You referred to it in a magazine article, but I didn’t realized how complete it is, with the number and variety of little metal cabinets that fit so demurely into the case. Apparently in the mid century the bath salesmen came into the house with sample kits as well.
It was assumed that a woman wouldn’t do that sort of work, although they probably would have loved to do it.

This large package was sent to various locations to promote new coffee at Starbucks stores.
Inside: An entire kit full of little kitchen cabinets that could be assembled to create the kitchen of Mrs. However, most kits do not have the easel presentation, at least whenever I check the status of current auction inventory. Tupperware, an odd example maybe, might never have gotten off the ground if sold by men and the super salesperson of all time there was a woman. How civilized to have personalised service (albeit a sales call) in the home with the toy set up – a nice visual aid. I do not know what the fifth would have been — I will guess, one more color of either of these two designs, likely that Republic would feature the most popular palettes.
Today, you have to go to a big box store and wait your turn to speak to someone about the various cabinets and their quality and features. This is a large turned edge box with a custom screen print of the ever-famous Starbucks siren. It was conceived by designer Morris Sanders before World War II, but not brought to market until after.

With hinges on each side, the front of the box opens up in the middle to reveal all the coffee-related goodies inside! It was available in six colors — gray, tan, yellow, fiesta (the red you see above) and blue. I also own a set like this for Youngstown Steel kitchen cabinets — no big color presentation brochure, though. Custom die-cut foam is precisely engineered to hold all components in a snug, comprehensive package. Grace says that the pattern remained in the Formica collection until the later half of the 1950s. The box also has a nice handle on the top to make it easy for the lucky recipient to lug around. Forget the coffee, this eye-opening package is sure to perk up your willingness to choose Starbucks!

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