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For those of you who are already following me, then you will know that I have been managing sales for a startup with my senior business partners for the last two years. In order to expand quickly, develop further services and applications for our business we needed to raise venture capital or angel investment.
The decks come in Windows PowerPoint format and Apple Mac Keynote format so getting started is quick and easy. Speaking from personal experience, creating your sales pitch deck is a time consuming but critical process that is fundamental to you successfully getting sales or even invested. Using a pre-constructed template like pitch deck will save you a heap of time, but you will still need to do the hard work and input your content and data into the pitch deck templates. You will also use your pitch deck as a sales and marketing tool to sell your products or services to your clients. At end of the day if potential investors can’t understand your business or your operation they won’t invest in you. The difference between success and failure on an investment pitch deck can be determined in under 30 seconds if your presentation isn’t clear, easy to understand and to the point. Sales presentations are important, but 1000s of people each day deliver material that is tired, ugly, and ineffective. If you have a long list of reasons prospects should choose you, chance is that your prospects will get lost and forget half of what you tell them.
Plan out the sections in your presentation, and then create a small navigation bar at the bottom of each slide. This next sales presentation idea is based on the insight that your sales presentation doesn’t need to be a monologue.
One-way sales presentations make sense in a formal pitch situation where the prospect doesn’t want to talk, and is insistent every presenter follows a clear formula. There’s been a lot of hype about iPads in sales, but more Angry Birds and email than sales conversations and enablement.
If you really want to get your sales presentations right, consider bringing in a professional presentation agency to help you. Sales Cycle, Sales Message, and Sales PresentationsSales Presentation Introductions – Mistakes that Lose the SaleWhat’s Wrong with Sales Presentations? If you have an upcoming bake sale fundraiser for your school, booster club, congregation or community group - we're here to help! VolunteerSpot is the leading FREE volunteer management software that's so easy, anyone can use it!
Salespeople are constantly looking to create presentations that convince the audience to buy or perform the suggested action. The crux of business is that there is a challenge or problem someone or something is having.
As sales people, we must address their challenges but we also have to speak to the light at the end of the tunnel.

This goes without saying, but the best salespeople are good because they’re done it many times and have corrected prior mistakes.
If you’re looking for more design tips and tricks check out our partner SalesGraphics. To do this we worked on a number of presentation formats and teaser pages to deliver to our potential investors and business supporters.
You can download the Free pack which includes around 12 free slides, or the paid for option, which I went for, that contains 65 slides in total, colour schemes, stock images and all the core key pages you will need to create a rock solid and kickass investor or sales presentation. You will need a presentation or pitch deck that conveys all your key business information in a clean, contemporary and efficient way. Investors no matter the size, from PE, VC or Angels, are all people who will be making a choice about you and your business. The Management Team and people behind your business or product, this might only be you if you have created your own unique product or programmed your own unique app, or it could be you and your partners if it’s a bigger business, typically a CEO, CTO and COO. The problem what’s the gap or space that your business, service or product fills, show your investors that you have found a hole in the market that you can exploit. The solution What are the benefit’s of your product, service or business that you provide to your customers, users or clients. Sales & Forecasts This is where you will list your current sales figures if any, or your projections once your product or service sis launched, normally you would be looking at least 5 years projections.
Valuation figures This is your valuation – how much your business is worth, including your share offering (Term Sheet). Exit Strategy once your investors have put in the money what’s the long term plan for them and you to exit the business, M&A, Trade Sale, IPO, Management Buyout etc. These sales presentation ideas will help you to easily improve your sales presentation, stand out, engage your audience, and sell more. Don’t even limit yourself to one line of text per slide on a beautiful photo background (even if you have seen this idea used at conference presentations). Hyperlink parts of the relevant slides, and click on the menu when presenting to skip to that section. It jut gives an excuse for a gatekeeper to stop you coming back to pitch to the real decision maker, and it’s as-likely-as-not going to get copied to your competitor. A presentation needs a presenter too, and presenting confidently and clearly can make all the difference.
Otherwise… What sales person doesn’t want to listen and adapt to what a prospect is saying?
In show mode, hover your cursor over the near-transparent pen at the bottom left of the screen. Being unique and different while effective remains the core of how salespeople succeed  in business presentations, .
Show them what opportunities they can take advantage of as a result of you knowing that bit of information.

My CEO and Chairman put in months of work on the presentation, which has been revised numerous times before coming up with a great format. See if you can focus your sales message on three key reasons to buy, and place everything else into one of those main categories.
Instead, use a tool like Brainshark to record a narrated version of your sales presentation, and then track exactly who watches.
Why plan out  a 20-minute monologue when you can present a few slides, talk, then follow-up with whatever’s relevant. Sign up for our free online PowerPoint course and learn to make compelling visual presentations. VolunteerSpot's free and easy volunteer scheduling software saves time signing up and reminding bake sale volunteers quickly and easily.
VolunteerSpot's free volunteer scheduling software lets organizers quickly set up volunteer needs in an online calendar and invite volunteers to sign up from their computer or smart phone.
If you are going to utilize a presentation software to design and create your presentation, there are certain elements and strategies that are tried and true and can help salespeople win more business. As an example, or pitch explains why arguing over slide copy is pointless because text-heavy slides all suck. Just use photos you took or that are really relevant, graphs, charts, and other visualisations. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your sales presentation go viral through an organisation, selling for you while you sleep. Annotate photos, populate charts, or even ask your prospect to take control and sketch out their own situation.
Use it for anything, including service projects, school carnivals and walk-a-thons, class parties, swim meets, tournaments, charity races, Scout campouts, parent-teacher conference scheduling and more! From our years of experience, we have seen many  who have done amazing jobs leverage effective presentation techniques, and we wanted to supply several strategies you can utilize to help you win more business. However if it is open ended, try to keep between 30 – 45 minutes and save room for more questions at the end. Have a clear message you want to get across by all means, but be flexible about when you say what. Automatic reminders help participants keep their commitments, and easy online-calendar editing, reporting and messaging saves time and energy, so everyone can do more good! It’s better to be educated and informed in a way to gives them the power to choose your product or service.

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