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Mothers Day is the day where people celebrate to honor their mothers and the feeling of motherhood, the maternal bonds, and the great influence of mothers in the world.
On this day, people realize what their mothers have gone through all their life to bring up their children from when they were little to now when they can finally stand up for themselves.
Many people express their love to their mothers on the Mother’s Day and what other way to do it if you can do it by poems. I really love these pomes because I send lots to my mummy and daddy November 12th 2015 thank you how done these they are really nice and beautiful. English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. Questions on English Language & Usage Stack Exchange are expected to relate to English language and usage within the scope defined by the community. Generally speaking, “to be down on one’s knees” means begging someone for something, hoping for a positive result thanks to this humble and kind of “extreme” act.

Still, you are down on your knees in front of God, praying for Him to be merciful despite your sins. I would picture somebody with their hands-clamped on their knees asking, begging, for something from the person. In love songs when someone has been rejected, that person is down (sad) asking for forgiveness (if the rejection was on account of some bad behavior or choice) or praying for answers or just weak with emotion.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged meaning phrases or ask your own question. Are there any quick way to tell if a filter is high-pass, low-pass, or band-pass, just by looking at the transfer function in the s domain? The day is celebrated on different days on different parts of the world although the most common days occur in the spring. All those mothers provide their children with affection, love and support for their entire life, in the way sacrificing everything they can for their loved ones.

The use I have heard the most in normal conversation means being weak after a difficult period - in songs you can have religious songs about praying, begging songs about forgiveness and proposal songs about wanting to get married.
The celebration of this day first started in the United States during the start of the 20th century, and despite some of the confusion, it is not related to the celebrations of mothers which have been occurring throughout the world for a long time now. These poems can be written in a gift card or better yet, can be read to the mothers in person. These sweet and sentimental poems should touch your mother’s heart and may tell her that you have love for her in your heart. Your mother will surely consider and appreciate the emotions which are expressed in these mothers day poems, and can help strengthen your relationship.

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