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This ensures that even without taking any physical collateral, the MFI is able to manage its credit risk (loan related risk). The advantage of Group methodology can easily be appreciated by the fact if the a MFI employee has to visit each individual house in isolation, it would be very difficult. Group methodology is also important because in case of larger loan defaults a financial institutions can take recourse o legal action but in small loans legal recourse is not an economically sound option. Moreover, the clients that the MFIs are dealing with are generally poor and may face genuine problems at times. Due to the various advantages, as indicated above provided by groups, this methodology is widely accepted and used in micro-finance across the world.
Self-help Group and Joint Liability Groups (Grameen model and its variants) are two common credit delivery models in India. A Self-Help Group is an association of generally up to 20 members (not exceeding 20 members), preferably from the same socio-economic background.
As more SHGs are formed they have started federating themselves into clusters and clusters in turn as SHG Federations.
Grameen model is focused on providing financial services to the clients and hence there is an emphasis on standardization and discipline.
Grameen model is a particular form of joint liability Group but in India there are other forms of Joint liability Groups as well. Individual guarantors come from friends or relatives well known to the borrower and who are ready to take liability of repaying the loan, should the borrower fail to do so. This informal and practical workshop will explore some key issues for new groups and will be focused on participant questions to explore what is involved in starting a group and keeping it on track. This workshop is aimed at small groups who are not resourced by a professional bookkeeper or accountant. COSHG acts as a clearing house and resource for people who want to contact groups, start a group or maintain a group.
Belstar Investment and Finance Private Limited (BIFPL) is a microfinance institution (MFI) providing financial services to women with low incomes. The indiscriminate nature of lending and coercive tactics adopted during repayment by micro finance institutions (MFIs) undermined the self-help group (SHG) movement. TCi FIELD NOTES are a blog series for current TCi Scholars, Fellows, and TCi staff to share experiences, insight, and stories stemming from TCi-funded fieldwork throughout India.
TCi FIELD NOTES are a series of blog posts dedicated for current TCi Scholars, Fellows, and TCi staff to share experiences, insight, and stories stemming from TCi-funded fieldwork throughout India. On the first Monday of every month we have the Emotional Overeating Recovery and Self Help Group from 2pm until 4pm. The Nottingham Recovery and Self Help Group runs on a fortnightly basis 7pm until 9pm at The Students Union Building, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham.
We have a North Derbyshire Recovery and Self-help Group for all ages held in Chesterfield on a monthly basis from 7pm until 9pm. We have a Young Person’s Recovery and Self-help Group (Under 19s) every Wednesday from 6pm until 8pm at our main offices in Derby. First Steps Derbyshire is providing this web site and its contents on an "as is" basis and makes no, and expressly disclaims all, representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to this web site or the information, content, materials or products included in this site including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Group method primarily involves a group of individuals, which becomes the basic unit of operation for the MFIs.

Having a group helps the MFIs in getting all clients at one spot rather than visiting each individual’s house. Also in the absence of a group, if a client refuses to pay there is no forum where such a case can be discussed or there is no method through which the MFI can expert pressure on the client.
An MFI who may have an outstanding or Rs 3,000 at default cannot apply legal pressure as the cost of recovery through that method can be higher than the amount to be recovered itself. SHGs are now considered to be very important bodies in rural development and are therefore found in almost all parts of the country and their number is still rapidly growing. SHGs are facilitated by Government agencies or NGOs for members to come together for discussing and solving their common problems either financial or social through mutual help. While they are involved in financial transactions, their role is not just restricted to it. The Federations are able to channelise funds to the SHGs and also help in improving the managing and financial skills of SHGs. The model suggests weekly meeting for frequent interaction with the clients to reduce credit risk. SHG model has been developed with holistic view of development and empowerment of society where financial transactions are only one part of it. He is passionate about microfinance, financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship in India. These groups are made up of and controlled by people who are directly affected by a particular issue. Groups are involved in a variety of activities, such as meetings, information, phone support, producing news letters, social gatherings, advocacy and campaigns.
COSHG has an extensive database that includes self help groups and relevant organisations throughout Victoria. BIFPL grew out of the Hand in Hand initiative, a charitable trust aiming to eradicate child labour and empower women. This resulted in absence of any control over lending and led the SHGs back to moneylenders, alleged leaders of SHG movement from a few States who were here to participate in the annual Madurai Symposium organised by Dhan Foundation. Shanthi Maduresan, Chief Executive, Indian Network of Federations of Microfinance Self-Help Groups (INFOS), said that many private players had started to invest their money in micro lending only to make a profit out of it. The first hour looks at a topic, which may prove useful for recovery, and the rest of the time is for socialising or having a chat with staff and volunteers. This support is for students at The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. The first hour covers a topic, which may prove to be useful for recovery, and the rest of the time is for socialising or having a chat with staff and volunteers.
The first hour covers a topic or activity, which may prove useful for recovery, and the rest of the time is for socialising or having a chat with staff or volunteers. This is open to anyone and is a chance to come and socialise with like minded people and find out more about First Steps Derbyshire, along with a cup of tea and a sit down!
We welcome donations from anyone who values this service and recognises how important it is that people who suffer with Eating Disorders get support.
In addition, First Steps Derbyshire does not represent or warrant that the information accessible via this web site is accurate, complete or current. As we have discussed earlier, MFIs have to provide collateral free loans, group methodologies help in creating social collateral (peer pressure) that can effectively substitute physical collateral.

SHGs are formed by Non-Government Organisations as well as Government agencies and are used as channels for various development programmes. There are example where SHGs have taken up social issues and fought against social evils like alcoholism, violence, against women, dowry, getting into village politics and being elected as Sarpanch.
A Grameen model is focused on financial transactions and other social issues are generally not discussed. While Grameen model is specifically focused on providing financial services to the low-income clients. While lending in such JLGs is to individual members small JLGs still provide some sort of comfort to the MFIs. In order to be able to grow, Hand in Hand bought BIFPL in 2008.BIFPL has a strong focus on underdeveloped regions and vulnerable communities.
Families and friends are welcome to go along to get support from other people in the same situation and to learn about the illness from other sufferers at varying degrees of recovery. We also run positive activities, which give you the chance to have some fun and learn new ways of coping with your eating disorder. Group methodology creates a forum where individuals come and discuss, can provide opinion, and exert social pressure. However, it has been the experience that women’s groups perform better in all the important activities of SHGs. Grameen model is the most accepted and prevalent micro-finance delivery model in the world today. However, over the years people have experimented with Centers of different sizes and now there are variations of 5-8 groups within a Center.
The Group and Center are Joint liability Groups, which means that all members are jointly responsible (‘liable’) for the repayment. The meetings are conducted systematically in a short-time and other social issues are not discussed. Also collection can be done from a single point, generally from the Group leader rather than going to each individual. Individual lending is more prevalent with clients who generally need bigger size loans and have the capacity to produce guarantee and generate enough comfort to the MFI. Mixed group is not preferred in many of the places, due to the presence of conflicting interests. Center is the operational unit for the MFI, which means that MFI deals with a Center as a whole. MFI recovers full money from Center, if any member has defaulted: the group members have to pool in money to repay to the MFI. It has good systems in place to evaluate the repayment capacity of its clients, good disclosure, and well-established feedback and grievance redressing systems.Oikocredit chose to give a loan to BIFPL because it provides microfinance to women in very vulnerable conditions. If Group members are unable to do it, Center as whole has to contribute and share the responsibility.
In flat rate system installment size of repayment remains small for all weeks and hence is convenient and easier to explain.

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