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The Rang Dulaar colours offer an opportunity to womens self help groups in Pune to earn an income through the packaging of the colours. The packaging is a semi skilled task that does not need a high level of education and can include any age group of women. This is a small scale home based industry that can also help generate income for slum women.
Ashankur has been building up a grass-roots movement where women initiate attitudinal change towards themselves.A  We do this by organizing them in the formation of Self-Help-Groups (SHGs).
These SHGs are self-governed and the group makes decisions about various village issues and production-oriented, income-generating activities. In the first six months our efforts focus on making women aware of the need to become united and organized, of realizing their own potential. Presently we have 185 Self Help Groups and 22 Women's Farmers Group (network of 5500 women). The Andhra Pradesh government while promulgating the MFI Ordinance also stated that it has a mandate to disburse INR 100,000 crores bank loans to SHG women members by 2014 to bring 10 million families out of poverty indicating government’s strong belief in serving the needs of the poor through Self Help Group (SHG) model.
The SHG model has been regarded as an instrument for the empowerment of poor and marginalized sectors as SHGs enable women to their savings and to access the credit which banks are willing to lend. Phanu is also made of dals (lentils) like chainsoo, but in this case the dals are soaked in water for about 4 to 6 hours before its use. This chutney is mainly prepared during winters and is yummy with Tor ki daal n' Bhaat or with Gahat ke paranthe. Baadi is made from Kwada ka Aata (also known as Choon or Mandua flour and is black in color) Baadi is best eaten with Gahat ki dal or Phaanu.Hot Baadi and hot Phanu is very popular food in Uttarakhand.
During marriages and other family or religious functions certain traditional Garhwali dishes are prepared, the most important among them are Roat and Arsa, besides `urd ki pakori, pooris , kaddu ki bhujji and alu-tamatar ka jhol are the most common dishes made during these occasions and the festive seasons. 4.Add 2-tea cup or more water and salt to taste and cook on slow fire for another 10 minutes until potatoes get tender. A common offering at religious places and occasions, the dish is prepared from a mixture of wheat flour and Gur (Jaggery) or sugar. Some call it the Kumaoni version of the black bean soup with just the right amount of garam masala added to give that desi flavor.
A must-have at all special occasions and celebrations like weddings, birthdays or festivals, the sweet dish is prepared, primarily, from sooji (semolina) and banana pulp. 6.For tadka(tempering), heat ghee,  put whole red chillies, pinch of aesafoetida (heeng),jeera, gandherni and jamboo. If India is your dream destination or a promised adventure, then you should visit The Other Home .
I have discovered over my travels that one of the most effective way to create memorable experiences out of your travels is to let the senses take over to sample local food, take in local aromas and savour local tastes; and then the smells and the tastes that you experience linger with you for a long time to come. On one of my recent trips to Kumaon, I did precisely this and even though I came back a month back, the flavours still linger. These lentils are not only recommended for a variety of ailments of the urinary tract, they are also when cooked over slow fire in an open vessel and imbued with local spices give that rich textured taste and magical aromas. On the spices side besides that relatively better known Pahari Lemons and Heeng (asfoetada), I came across interesting spices like ‘Jambu’ (a jeera like flavouring herb that is supposed to be of Tibetan origins), and Gandhrouli (another asfoetada like substance.
Another interesting spice that I found was bhanga (essentially seeds of the Marijuana plant used often as a ‘chatni’ ingredient, it is also used to give specific flavours to curd based dishes. Many of these typically local products are now relatively easy available through the efforts made by local women self help groups that organize themselves to process and package them, and then market them through kiosks set up in areas of tourist interest. Interestingly these kiosks are also manned by local women working for the NGO working in close cooperation with local village leadership and are able to provide interesting insights into how to use these products. This works especially for those women who need to earn but cannot leave their homes to go out to look for work.

Through maintaining stocks and accounts, the women also learn how to manage the packaging process from start to finish.
Whereas social interaction and sharing of resources are natural consequences of such activities, self-reliance and positive self-image are added advantages. Andhra Pradesh has been proactive about taking an initiative of total financial inclusion through SHGs. He is passionate about microfinance, financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship in India.
Before taking it off from heat, add handful of chopped spinach leaves or chopped spring onion leaves. In the morning wash and rub the daal in running water so that it is free of seed covering (chilka).
The preparation is called by this name as the radish root or potato is never cut, but crushed (thinchao) into pieces. Add cummin seeds, red chillies, asafoetida in the remaining oil, add chopped onion and fry till light brown. Continue adding the jaggery solution and kneading the floor till it turns into a stiff dough. Add one teacup of water, add pealed and big pieces of potatoes and garam masala and cook for about 10 minutes in moderate flame. A distinct taste, neither too spicy nor too sweet, is the outcome of this recipe that has a seasoning of Red chilly powder and pure Ghee.
Although the definition sounds quite cliche, you just have to taste the dish to realize why it is so popular among the people of the region. The palak leaves are made to taste so good that it becomes quite difficult to believe that what one is eating is the good old spinach in its Indian Avatar.
Consisting of a mixture of various pulses (great source of protein); the dish is really nutritious and good for health. High on fat content, but who’d mind as long as the dish tastes as good as it actually does! Add whole Garam Masala, Salt and little oil, bring it to boil in medium heat until it tenders well. Heat oil in a pan, add Cumin seeds, coriander seed, and whole red chilies and fry till it cracks.
Mix thoroughly the Semolina with 50 grams Ghee and add the banana pulp.    Mix again to a uniform consistency.
Add jeera, chopped  onion and soaked bhatt together in the karahi and fry till the onions start getting brown. One very interesting lentil I found on the trip is Bhatt, a kind of black soya bean that is prepared in very many different ways.  It’s another variant is rust brown in colour commonly known as Kulathi in some areas. In valleys in Kumaon along the rivers where a variety of red rice reputed for its medicinal properties is grown, these lentils are eaten with red rice.
Dried seeds of small pomegranates called Dadims are also used to lend specific taste to some meat dishes. I was very fortunate to have found the perfect place to discover these in ‘Chhoti Haldwani’ a village set up by legendary hunter and conservationist ‘Jim Corbett’ through a community level initiative focused on homestays, community engagement and building value around environment and shared heritage. The women are taught the process upto a stage after which the raw materials are brough back to eCoexist and processed further.
We use these groups also to sensitize them to their own strengths and the social issues around them.
Recently, the groups had been given large loans up to INR 0.75 million in order to help them discharge all their other loan liabilities and replace it with the low cost loans from the banking system.
Put Sabut Urad (black gram) in it and roast it without oil for about 3 to 5 minutes or till the pleasant aroma of roasted seeds comes.

After washing, chop and boil both vegetables along with green chillies in a little water till tender. Add remaining water and pressure cook or cook on a slow fire for about 30 minutes or till the radish becomes soft.
Prepared with Urad daal as the main ingredient, the dish is a typical example of healthy-yet-tasty food. The dish goes well with almost anything, from rice to simple rotis to another popular dish called Palyoo. Then grind mustard seeds and roasted fenugreek seeds in a sil batta with a small quantity of water to make a paste.
Today, we are so honored to have The Other Home sharing a hearty and beautiful journey with us. I do believe that more initiatives of this kind will build memorable experiences for the tourists.
Simultaneously the capacity to participate in Panchayat Raj (local government at the block level) and to manage income generation is encouraged and strengthened. Study found that even though SHG members discharged other loans taken at higher rates of interest immediately, however, after 9-15 months, these members had incurred new debts outside the SHGs. Similar preparation with slight variation is made out of Black Bhat (a varity of soyabean), but in that case it is called BHATWANI. Make it into a thick paste by gradually adding water, and continuously folding it with a spatula or karchi.
Tastes best with plain white rice, although some prefer another popular Kumaoni dish called “palak kappa’’ as an accompaniment.
The soup-like dish tastes even better in winter for the very fact that it is soup-like and is served hot.
The taste is enhanced to magical proportions once a little amount of ghee is poured right before savoring the delight. It has helped them to get out of the clutches of money lenders; build communal harmony and minimize the effects of the caste system.
Add red chili and turmeric powders, chopped tomatoes, and fry for a couple of minutes, till tomatoes become soft. Cook for about 5 to 10 minutes by turning repeatedly to the opposite side till reddish brown . SOS 2010 report indicates that AP banks typically mentioned recovery levels of between 80-85 percent of loans.
Although it can be had at any time of the year, the chill of the winter adds that little bit of extra taste.
The economic power and group support gives them dignity and bargaining power in the society. On an outstanding loan level of more than Rs 100 billion in the state of AP, a 15% default is highly significant. When it begins to boil again add the mashed fruit, cashew, raisins, seeds, chilli and salt.
In the remaining oil, add remaining ginger, garlic and crushed red chilli and fry for a minute.

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