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Depression UK does not have a local group network within our own organisation, we are just one large national group, but with the obvious benefits that go with that. Members of Depression UK may obtain details of the addresses and phone numbers of the local groups that we are aware of by consulting our latest newsletter or by contacting us at our national address.
We are always pleased to hear from you if our information needs updating; and if you know of a group that should be included in our currennt list.
Any member who requires advice either to form or join a local group should contact Depression UK for advice and encouragement. The Andhra Pradesh government while promulgating the MFI Ordinance also stated that it has a mandate to disburse INR 100,000 crores bank loans to SHG women members by 2014 to bring 10 million families out of poverty indicating government’s strong belief in serving the needs of the poor through Self Help Group (SHG) model. The SHG model has been regarded as an instrument for the empowerment of poor and marginalized sectors as SHGs enable women to their savings and to access the credit which banks are willing to lend. To promote greater commitment to agricultural development among the Maasai participants in FRB’s Kenya-Ngong Najile program, ten of the program’s 39 established self-help groups were selected for special training to become “servant leaders” to the others.
The program addresses food security for these once semi-nomadic, pastoralist people and encourages them to form inclusive groups across gender, age and political lines. Though both sexes participate in self-help groups, training and activities specifically improve the lives of women, who traditionally do the bulk of the physical labor in these communities. Groups that applied for the “servant leader” status and training had to meet specific criteria before they sent their leaders to be interviewed for selection.

In the coming year, the ten groups will receive frequent trainings: at least 44 across the ten communities. You can meet up with others who have similar problems and offer mutual support to one another by sharing your feelings, ideas and successes.
Nevertheless, we continue to believe in the value of local groups as an aid to coping with, and recovering from depression.
Andhra Pradesh has been proactive about taking an initiative of total financial inclusion through SHGs. He is passionate about microfinance, financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship in India. Their communities will benefit from the stewardship, good examples, knowledge, improved relationships, conflict resolution, and goal-reaching of these groups.
The groups participate in trainings on effective farming, livestock health, water catchment and use, and related environmental conservation issues. For example, more accessible water through community water harvesting means women no longer spend 2-4 hours a day carrying water, so they have extra time for household and income-generating activities. Individual group members pay a small fee per training to show they are in earnest about their responsibilities to their groups and communities.
We therefore encourage our members to either form a local group themselves or join an existing group where they can.

Recently, the groups had been given large loans up to INR 0.75 million in order to help them discharge all their other loan liabilities and replace it with the low cost loans from the banking system.
Topics include no-till agriculture to maintain the existing fertility of the land, no-graze methods for livestock to limit overgrazing, water harvesting to support the growth of plants and trees which, in turn, systemically increase water tables and rainfall. The trainings require follow-through, and because some groups had not successfully completed the necessary work, the idea was born to select the most motivated groups to inspire the others. In addition to the workshops, the groups will receive monthly monitoring visits and have an opportunity to chart their progress along the way. Study found that even though SHG members discharged other loans taken at higher rates of interest immediately, however, after 9-15 months, these members had incurred new debts outside the SHGs.
SOS 2010 report indicates that AP banks typically mentioned recovery levels of between 80-85 percent of loans. On an outstanding loan level of more than Rs 100 billion in the state of AP, a 15% default is highly significant.

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