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10 Endrathukulla starring Vikram and Samantha in the lead roles is directed by Vijay Milton of Goli Soda fame. The main character is Alice (Dakota Johnson), a twenty-something paralegal who has broken up with her boyfriend (Nicholas Braun) to spend time improving herself, only to realize she’ d rather be with him than be alone. Johnson is likable as Alice, Wilson plays the same rowdy character she always does and Mann still finds herself in the role of the neurotic member of the group.
Alice’s story suitably receives the most attention, but it often wanders without purpose and has multiple climaxes that could have served as endings in their own right.

Meg is impregnated by a sperm donor and enters a relationship with a younger, hunky guy, Ken (Jake Lacy). Meg’s thread is uneventful, focusing squarely on repetitive, wishy-washy arguments between her and Ken. The only memorable gag is Alice’s inability to unzip a skirt without thrashing around her apartment. Lucy features prominently during the first third of the film, then disappears for most of the latter parts, making one wonder why she was in the story to begin with.

The writing has moments of cleverness, so the movie does manage to be enjoyable at times. Taken alone, these elements would comprise a passable, if ultimately forgettable, flick.

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