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As geographic barriers between countries deteriorate with the continued evolution of the Internet, ISO 9. An Introduction to ISO 9000, 9001, 9002, ISO 9000:2000 As geographic barriers between countries deteriorate with the continued evolution of the Internet, ISO 9000. It is not the acronym for the International Organization for Standardization as many people think.It is the worldwide federation of national standards bodies for approximately 1.
0 standards are produced by an international consensus of countries with the aim of creating global standards of product and service quality. These sets of standards form a quality management system and are applicable to any organization regardless of product, service, organizational size, or whether ita€™s a public or private company. It does not, however, cover electrical or electronic engineering which are the responsibility of the IEC. 3 is the appropriate standard for an organization whose business processes do not include design control, process control, purchasing or servicing. It focuses on inspection and testing to ensure that final products and services meet specified requirements.

It is your organization that chooses which of the three quality systems to be certified against (ISO 9.
For customers, the certification of suppliers to ISO standards means that they can be assured that the development of their products and services are compliant to reference documents that are globally accepted.This, of course, means that customers and suppliers are able to compete in markets around the world. To become ISO certified, a business must develop a quality system that meets the requirements specified by one of the following three standards: ISO 9. 2 or ISO 9.Once your quality system has been documented and implemented, you must invite an accredited external auditor to evaluate the effectiveness of your system. If the auditor determines that your quality system meets all of ISOa€™s requirements, they will certify your system. A system to track and manage evidence that these practices are instituted in your business.
An independent audit to assess and certify compliance.Timeline and Cost Implications of Implementing ISOIt is obvious that there are many advantages to ISO certification.
Certification should not be undertaken lightly, however, as it is extremely time consuming and costly.By rough estimate, it can take anywhere from six to 1.

Fees for consultants to help guide your business through the process of documentation and certification are around the $1. Dona€™t forget about the time spent by employees during documentation and away from productionA a€“ these can add up also.
Well, it hasna€™t been updated since initially issued, and the committee agreed that it needs to reflect a more modern understanding of quality.
4, 2.These new standards are now being distributed to the institutes that make up ISOa€™s worldwide membership.

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