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That British public pointed out that they'd paid for this archive through the BBC's licence fee (like a mandatory subscription) and at this moment the Corporation is saying what? Whether this really was the plan, or whether the BBC is bowing to pressures, you no longer need to grab this BBC Food website and save it.
This was tested on an iMac running OS X El Capitan, but this same technique has been around for a long time. This applies to any automated way of downloading a site: you can save every page to PDF via Adobe Acrobat if you have a full Acrobat subscription, for instance, but it will take you just as long. That's because while SiteSucker will soon tell you how many files it needs to download, that number is nonsense.
There are websites that have just one single page, and in that case you could just remember what it said. Websites can very easily go very deep, and each layer is more to archive, so SiteSucker and other apps like it will have an option to say enough is enough. SiteSucker tells you how many errors it has found, and it's always a surprisingly high number. If this is your own website, or you know it's about to vanish, there can't really be any objection to saving a copy this way. Now, morally they shouldn't do that, and legally if you use Radio Times content, then we've been in the BBC's room when the lawyers dialled your number.
We're saying all this in past tense, because it was true when the BBC owned Radio Times; some years ago it sold the magazine and site to another company, and we don't know if they kept up the RSS, or ramped up the legal team. Visit the Fairfax County NewsWire for all headlines, including the information published here and from other county sources.
If you wanted every page in PDF you could also do it via Evernote, except there you would have to personally clip each page one by one. If you can't reach a site because of regional rights issues, you can't archive it away: what scraping really does is look at the site the way you would if you laboriously checked every page yourself. This is all you need to do to save an entire website, but it will take an extraordinarily long time.
Go on, watch it for a while: you'll see a high number of files going down satisfyingly quickly and then, wallop, it leaps back up again.

If you know a website well enough to be sure how many levels it's got, and what number of files is right to archive, you own the site and you have no need to scrape it. We'd like the app to be better at reporting what the problems are, but if you click on the Log button, it will open up OS X's Console app, and show you what's happening.
However, here's how bad scraping is to live and current websites -- and let's use what was another BBC website as an example. Yet because it kept happening, and because it was such a drain on the site, RT eventually published an RSS feed of its basic listings. By the end of this Pointers, we will have a complete copy of the BBC Food website on our Macs, and you wonder about rights and ownership, but that's another story.
Hand on heart, we did not know that there was also an iOS version until we went to check the current price on the Mac one.
We can't give you a guide to the time it will take, as it depends on how much content is on the site, plus your Internet connection. That's because the count is really based on how many files it has found so far, and that's down to how many levels of the website it's got to. Those other pages are the second "level." Say you happen to be on the BBC Food website for some reason. The one time we ever set a limit was when we worked on a site -- oddly enough, another BBC one -- which was about to be radically revamped and relaunched.
A summary would be great, but a swift glance down the screen will typically show you that most of the problems are 404 Not Found ones. The British equivalent of TV Guide is the venerable Radio Times magazine, and its website contains 14 days of television and radio listings.
It didn't advertise this, but if you were the type to scrape the site, then you were the type to find this -- and if you used that, at least you didn't slow the site down. It's not nice, but sometimes it's necessary.We were going to say it's necessary now, because in the UK there's been a lot of fuss about BBC Food, a website containing 11,000 recipes from the myriad BBC television and radio cooking shows over years.
We need to check that out, but we're already going to recommend that you use the Mac version: websites are big, and archiving them is slow. Yet we can say that if you know a site is going to vanish, you should've started this yesterday.

There's a section called Programmes: these are the recipes from specific BBC cooking shows. We saved a copy of the top levels just as a kind of snapshot, and we also made a screencast of us using the old site on the last day. If you own a site, make a copy of the original files on your server, do not scrape like this. In any website there will be dead-end links, and if that's what's happening, it's fine: there'll still be no difference between the live website and your copy. Huge chunks of that used to be scraped by other websites that put up UK television listings.
The BBC is regularly required to cut its spending, and at the moment has been ordered to be more distinctive.
BBC spokespeople are now claiming that we all misunderstood the same BBC spokespeople when they said it was being deleted.
Also, you'll go insane if you watch the process: it is far worse than following a thermometer-style progress bar.
If you don't own it, and yet there is a thoroughly fine reason you're doing this, then scrape -- but accept this: there will be errors. If instead it's that you're in an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kind of race with the BBC to save everything before they delete it, just like they did with old TV episodes like Doctor Who, then looking at the Console log is just depressing. If you can see a way that this saves money and makes the BBC more distinctive, let the British public know. To make a long story bearable, the archive will leave the BBC's free site and move to its commercial one.

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