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The South African Reserve Bank has launched a national communication campaign around the introduction of the country’s new series of banknotes honouring former president Nelson Mandela.
Information about the new banknote series will be widely publicised on television, radio, print media and social media platforms, as well as through a nationwide road show to all the nine provinces of the country. The front of the banknotes feature an image of South Africa’s first democratically elected president Nelson Mandela, while the back of the notes have maintained the Big Five animal images that appear on current banknotes.
Equipped with a combination of state-of-the-art security features, the new series of banknotes is amongst the best in the world. Commercial banks and other cash handling institutions have been sensitised on the new banknotes, while training is currently underway. You will be reached within 24 hours by one of our Immigration Agents for South Africa, once you leave your inquiry. VFS GLOBAL History  VFS Global was created in 2001 as a specialist Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) bureau, to serve immigration authorities and diplomatic missions to ease the visa application processes on the planet. Lately the firm gained some significant contracts, which further complements its present portfolio of accounts. VFS introduced various measures to make sure secure and safe business environment following the report was issued.
Based on the Statistics South Africa, about 15378 Study Permits were issued in the academic year: 2013 independently, (read here to find out more on the numbers of the permits being issued yearly.
Knowledge of immigration laws also seems to be seriously lacking with abundant reports of misinformation of visa applicants by VFS Global.
Earlier this year, the Department of Home Affairs declared that 11 Visa and Permit Facilitation centers would be opened in nine South African provinces. In June, media reports of delays at these centers started pouring in with newspaper headlines painting a gloomy picture of the VFS system. In light of the difficulties experienced at VFS Global with visa processing is seemed that migrants would be in a better position by continuing to apply for their visas through immigration professionals registered with FIPSA.
FIPSA is a professional body that has started a procedure for holding immigration professionals to a high degree of business professionalism and responsible and has been tracking and controlling immigration practitioners enrolled with applicants. It’s reported in south-east Asia that VFS own staff at its collection offices tries to abuse its dominant status by making their particular rules with visa applicants. MissionWe partner with authorities to empower faster and educated decision making in the area of consular and identity management services, by providing technology and administrative remedies and value-added services that are secure, innovative and offer value for money. At VFS Global, we acknowledge that gaining and keeping the trust of our clients is important to our success, which is why it is a truly revered worth for us.
VFS Global is the most experienced firm in its space, and is focused exclusively on outsourcing and technology service business. Dedicated teams study the requirements of every customer government before delivering optimal solutions. VFS Global has made important investments in development of technology to manage intricate work flows for big quantities of applications. VFS Global has partnered with the leading IT companies to ensure compliance with security policies, and with the performance standards set by customer authorities of the world. By committing to technology upgrades and continuous process and ensuring the highest potential rates of service and efficiency, VFS Global has confirmed its position as the marketplace leader in the area of consular services. VFS Global preserves and encourages a corporate culture and behavior in which integrity, honesty and reverence for the law are viewed as vital to reaching desired success. VFS Global is dedicated to doing business and considers that other corrupt practices and bribery are wrong and not okay.
VFS Global ensures customer satisfaction through quality of service, security and safety using procedures that are robust right technology and also the involvement of its employees and customers, resulting in constant advancement. At VFS Global, we are committed to abide to all Authorized, Regulatory, Statutory and other requirements with the ultimate aim of providing the safest environment and healthiest setting to all our employees, customers, providers, and to anyone else interacting with us while preserving the natural resources and always improve our processes. We at VFS Global ensure and devote ourselves to the well-being, safety and protection of our employees, contractors, partners, visitors and customers through supply of ergonomic and safe work environment infrastructure and transport and complying with appropriate legislation. VFS Global’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) represents our core values and commitment towards our workers. We offer open, lively and friendly culture incorporated with a strong value system and a work environment that is conducive.
Through time, VFS Global updated its procedures to please its customers and has always reinvented.
VFS Global has developed best-in-class services to fulfill the outsourcing and technology requirements of its clients to offer them efficient, flexible, highly advanced and customized solutions. With over a decade of expertise, VFS Global has established itself as a marketplace leader in the technology and outsourcing services for diplomatic missions and authorities industry.
Submission to the Mission VFS Global synchronizes the entry of programs with the consular section to ease the procedure for examination. All applications are logged with an Application Centre immediately after acceptance onto our electronic tracking system, by assigning a barcode to every passport.
Processed applications are gathered from the visa sections, contracted and at specified timings.

Hairdressers who own Grahamstown's black hair salons have it rough, as there are a number of factors that contribute to how they receive business on a daily basis and if they can make a success of the business despite such challenges.
Clearly customer care is an important aspect of the business as verified by Phumelele Langa, a third year Bachelor of Economics student at Rhodes University. When interviewed Langa, mentioned that according to Economics and Management there are four levels to ensure business survival, those being customer care which is making sure customers are well taken care of and valued within the business as they are the ones that bring in income. Competition is nothing new in the hairdressing industry, especially in Grahamstown since it is a small town; as a result there are a number of hair salons within the same area. But this ease has begun to make competition stiff and lately merely staying in business seems to be an achievement. Apart from competition, one other challenge hairdressers in Grahamstown seem to encounter is the issue of money and pricing of products and services. Dear Editor - please publish (again) Municipal officials and Councilors salaries - and perhaps their daily account at Kentucky! I'm not against a name change but the process is flawed - residents seem deliberately excluded. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies.
The Reserve Bank’s head office building in Pretoria has been wrapped with a 25-storey high billboard to create further public awareness of the new banknotes.
Additionally, the banknotes have enhanced features for the visually impaired, including raised print on both sides. VFS Global additionally supplies services such as committed visa application centers and sites, combined visa application centers,waiting courier pick-up services, on-line appointment scheduling facilities and sofas.
So, we will take the entire figure for the STUDY PERMIT and time it by the nine other kinds of permits, namely: Visitors permit, Work permit. The inept Department of Home Affairs has other fees, medical fee such as the repatriation fee, etc…. One such case is that of Gift Chakaipa, who was mistakenly advised when she should have been advised to apply for an extension of her spousal visa to apply for permanent residency. Visa applications would continue to be assessed by the Department of home Affairs in Pretoria but non-South Africans using a lawful residency permit in South Africa can put in an application for a visa or permit at these centers. Tourists and business people were facing frustrating delays in getting their visas, which often stretched to a delay as long as 30 days for something that is designed to be delivered within five days. With VFS, applicants must navigate through a myriad of complicated laws to make their choices and nominate their category. This was thus the withdrawal of Section 46 from the Act, and a job that the Department had to fulfil since the beginning of the Act in 2002, which they failed. We strive to develop a reliable and convenient experience for customers, by having employed workers, company expertise, international presence and value to stakeholders. This three-pronged strategy enables us to maximize efficacy and convenience for both – our client authorities along with applicants. This has resulted in the creation of competence base and a robust technique which enables us to provide highly customised solutions to every client government. A solid quality management system ensures the highest standards in systems, processes and individuals. Internal audits and reviews are conducted on our systems and procedures by one of the very best five audit companies to ensure business continuity and high-performance levels at all times.The organization also has on going program to make sure security of information within various business processes, and quality and process development measures to ascertain all operations are ISO compliant. The award, presented at the 8th annual Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards, recognizes the company’s exemplary service to the public for visa and consular services on behalf of High Commission of India in the United Kingdom and its respective consulates.
Our EVP has been created in a collaborative and centered manner with the involvement of individuals from across our organization to ensure impassivity.
The business has executed procedures and environment-friendly work practices among which optimizing energy usage, volunteering attempts and offsetting 2672 tonnes of carbon dioxide through investment in carbon canceling endeavors and societal outreach endeavor including comprehension drives, are the critical contributors to this acknowledgement.VFS Global is the sole firm from the service industry winning a Special Commendation award among contemporaries who are top players in the manufacturing sector.
Unmatched expertise and commitment to add value to customers allow the enterprise to deliver high-quality services through 1423 Application Centers, positioned in 118 countries across five continents.
This alternative has evolved into a seamless process, including information dissemination, automated application and appointment systems, helplines, group and remittance of fees, biometric enrolment, and suitable value-added services to improve the applicant encounter. This ensures that there can be no fraudulent insertion or removal of papers, nor any data get with intent of fraud. All programs are sorted and indexed by recommended standards such as visa type, priority case, preceding refusal, etc. The motions of the passport and related files are tracked by barcode scans at every step of the procedure (i.e.
Our offices, where overnight storage takes place, are fastened with alarms, intrusion detectors and closed-circuit TV cameras.
These processed applications are accepted just in return envelopes that were sealed, provided by VFS Global.

Due to the fact that Grahamstown is a small town this means that hairdressers must use their limited resources well and this includes their clientele.
In recent years, salons have gone out of business on a weekly basis, but according to Mensah, there is always another one springing up to take its place. Submit it here anonymously, or leave your contact details if you want a journalist to follow up on your story. The colonial empires that once seemed so stable dissolved as the European powers, weakened by World War II, proved unable to resist the rising tide of nationalism.
It performs jobs that are non judgmental associated with the visa application procedure, empowering the missions to concentrate on the essential jobs of decision making and evaluation. There aren’t any guidelines for refugees, for example, Zimbabwe nationals on Specific Dispensation for Zimbabweans Project, Asylum and Refugee cases about how these applications are processed via VHS offices. Compounding matters is that VFS will take any records furnished by the client causing lots of incomplete applications that will result in rejections. This wide-ranging range empowers customer authorities to focus completely on the main job of interviews and evaluation.VFS Global has embedded best practices in its operations across all its committed visa application centres internationally to satisfy the demands of the client authorities. To ensure the highest levels of company and business ethics functionality, we invest heavily in security and other control systems, and nurturing a work culture grounded in greatest ethical and performance standards. Our invention team strives to constantly strengthen our existing competences and develop new ones.
Our technology support also extends to on-line appointment scheduling, web site development and payment systems.
This farther reaffirms the company’s leadership position in driving business excellence through the integration of information technology (IT) into its business operation.
Today, with a host of awards to its credit, VFS Global is true for one of the most famous providers of technology and outsourcing services to authorities.
While leveraging process knowledge and our technological expertise, our customers can focus on their core business area.
Links and all applicable info are provided as per written scripts and directives approved by the diplomatic mission. Alfred O’ Mensah, a Ghanaian hairdresser also explained that it was easy to start his salon as he did not need to be a registered business or have a South African ID in order to open up his shop.
With operations in 83 nations across five continents as on 30 June 2012 and 708 Visa Application Centers, VFS Global serves the interests of the diplomatic missions of 38 sovereign authorities. The customer has a view they have complied with new visa regulations in making the application. These sites bring out the local aspects of application requirement and offer links to the diplomatic missions we serve in a specific area. Return envelopes could be collected from the Application Centre where the application was submitted.
The organization handles’ visa issuance-associated administrative and non-judgmental jobs and services, standing as middlemen between the visa applicant and embassy (decision maker and issuer) . Over time, the Department rendered this services FREE of CHARGE and due to an obvious inability to manage systems properly, they at the moment are delivering the taking of applications JUST to a private organization! Various sources mention VFS Global as an instance of a monopoly business managing internationally in the visa processing outsourcing sector below the possession of Kuoni group.
As an alternative, an applicant may also get the envelope delivered by courier, for a supplementary cost.In certain territories, VFS Global manages a same-day service for precedence class of applicants.
The primary jobs performed by VFS are file listing record collection, file forwarding and approval on behalf of its own customer authorities. Our services include applications for Immigration to South Africa, and we also offer other ancillary move services. This means deficiency of processing standards, rivalry and administration dubiousness in this sector has caused a selection of confusion for policy makers internationally while managing through tendering and giving government contracts. The qualifying applicants, who submit their application before cut-off time, will have their files submitted to the visa section, in a separate priority -lot.
Applying for a change of standing in South Africa, whether extending your visa or beginning a company, our trained immigration consultants are on hand to assist.
These applications are processed by the visa section as a priority basis and give them to VFS Global, exactly the same afternoon.
VFS Global ensures that these applications are prepared for set, precisely the same evening.

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