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Only the search for and finding of love would bring peace to the innocent soul of the Aries man. More:aries woman and taurus man love and datingtaurus woman and pisces man compatibilitytaurus woman and scorpio man lovescorpio man and taurus woman in lovemarriage compatibility between taurus woman and scorpio manleo man aries woman lovetaurus woman and scorpio manMultiple information about Taurus Woman and Aries Man Love Compatibility.
At the same time, she will always be a patient listener to their childhood and adolescent problems. Don't smother your Aquarian girl with too much closeness, she needs her space and will give you, yours too. Romance is something that no Aries can live without and the same goes for an Aries woman also. They always get plenty of it, but inside they will be waiting for the one they cannot have.
You will get plenty of reasons to be jealous when you are with an Aries female, since she is more comfortable with men than women. For her love means sharing and that means sharing everything, right from her emotions and checkbook to your bank account.
In return, she will always be there with you, even if she has to go against the whole world. You will have to gently coerce a Cancerian girl to get out of that shell and come into the big bad world without it. However, you will have to learn to live with her mood swings, which is not so difficult since she is so good in every other way. She will want to be told time and again that she is still desirable and you still need her.
They will be the center of her universe and she will pamper them with her love, affection and care. She will emphasize heavily on social etiquettes and you never see her serving the guests in anything but crystal cutlery. The home of a Capricorn female will always be sparkling clean, that to with effortless ease. However, if you do manage to blend with her at the mental, spiritual as well as physical level, you will be introduced to a woman full of passion. A Gemini woman will be full of the small, sentimental gestures that keep alive the romance in a relationship.
She finds something good in all the men she meets and then, wants a man who has all of those qualities. Leo women are very popular amongst the opposite sex and they like to receive male attention and compliments. A Libran female is total woman, complete with the charming manners and delightful elegance.
She will never stick to a viewpoint just because its hers and your opinion will matter to her as much as her own.
A Pisces female is full of womanly charms and at the very first glance, she will look like the girl every guy falls in love with.
You will have to remove her doubts about herself or she may become too closeted in self-defense. A Sagittarius woman lacks tact and her flat, on-the-face statements may make you feeling like running away from her. If you are not sincere with your feelings, don't even try to get close to a Scorpio girl. When you come across a Taurus female, the first thing you will notice about her is her undefeatable emotional strength. A Taurus woman wants a real man, who can make her proud of himself as much as she is proud of herself.
You let a Virgo female do her part of making things seem just perfect and she will keep you entertained with all her feminine charms.
Still, if you become unfaithful to her, she will be extremely hurt and is likely to remember the wound for a long time.
She will never ever be dishonest in a relationship and even if she indulges in an extra-marital affair, it will end before it even started. However, for her, not getting on without romance is not same as not being able to live without a man. An Aries woman can survive even the toughest of circumstances alone and has the ability to come back even after the most gruesome tragedies. The best time to do this is in the moonlight, when there are maximum changes of catching her in her true emotions. She will get depressed and may shed a few tears alone, but she will be patient and wait for the time to change again, this time in her favor. The children will also be very close to her and no matter how much far they go from home, they will come back to her and she knows this.
She can be the sexy babe on the beach or a scientist sitting in the laboratory, doing experiments that can save mankind. It doesn't matter what position she starts and how slowly she walks, she will be at the top much before those, who were running in front of her.
Though she may pretend otherwise, she seeks as much compliments as the other girls, probably even more.
There will always be something fresh about her beauty and she will never ever be unattractive, even when she is wearing those hair-curlers. She will always find new ways of telling you how much she loves you and will shower you with her alluring charm. She will most probably be the center of attention everywhere and if you are trying to woo her, be ready to get lots of competition. A Leo woman who is respected, loved and cherished will become one of the most agreeable as well as the kindest person on this earth. Libran women love luxurious surroundings and sloppy, dirty surroundings make them feel depressed. A Libra woman never seeks to dominate in a relationship and the husband always gets the respect he deserves. If you become too strict with them, she will be there to wipe their tears and give them the chocolate you denied. The warmth of her personality makes most the men relax in an instant and bask in the glory of their manhood. A Pisces female is very sentimental and even slightly harsh words can cause her to cry hours at end.
Then, suddenly, she will say something so charming that you will feel as if you are on the seventh heaven.
Look deep inside a Sagittarius female and you will find a woman who is so enthusiastic about life and who trusts easily. At the same time, she will never tell the secrets that have been confided in her, not even to you. If you don't wish her good morning one day after a fight, she will do the same for the next four days. A Taurus girl doesn't fight with people she dislikes, she simply ignores them and becomes indifferent to their presence. She is practical in her thinking and does not feel the need to indulge in mental gymnastics.
Taurus women make excellent mothers, except for the fact that they cannot tolerate disobedience or defiance in kids. Still, if it doesn't seems to be working, she will severe all the ties and become as cold as the North Pole. A Virgo girl believes that she is extremely efficient and organized and what is more annoying is, that she is right. A Virgo female cannot stand public displays of affection and it is better to be subtle in this area. She is very sensitive and her feelings are pretty fragile, but she will become exceedingly strong when you need her support. His youthful aura and self-confidence give him the advantage to overshadow other men, but at the same time, his impatient character and careless attitude can cause him trouble.The Aries does not get involved in drama - he thinks about something twice before saying it aloud, both professionally and personally. She is very loyal, but at the same time, she is also a little detached and not extremely emotional. She will always try to know your deepest thoughts and secrets, but her own dreams will be beyond your reach. However, for all this to happen you will have to convince her to get married and this certainly isn't an easy job. In her heart, she will always be yearning for that someone special, thinking about him in the monsoon and that will be her idea of romance. She can play the role of a female perfectly and, at the same time, can do everything that a man can do.
Over-sweetness and too much closeness can make her run away, but she doesn't want you to be too detached also. Though she tries to show that she is very strong, she is as innocent and as vulnerable as a baby. Almost all the Cancerians have the desire of being pampered like a child, especially when they feel low.

Whatever she is on the outside, when you look inside you will find a girl who looks for security, authority, respect and position.
She will do it with such subtlety that you wouldn't even know when she crossed all the milestones.
A Capricorn female will appear to be extremely confident, but inside she is quite unsure about her appearance. If ever you criticize her family members, better ensure that the criticism is constructive or she will never forgive you. She has the ability to make even the dullest of surroundings looks warm and attractive, with her earthly passion. She may love your most irritating habits one minute and be extremely sarcastic about your new stylish haircut the very next. A Gemini girl may love your intelligence, but she will also notice your lack of interest in creative arts. She may act like a typical woman at one point of time, be a nervous wreck the other minute and engage in an intelligent conversation the very next second.
She can be your best friend, your sports partner, your racing competitor and your lover, all at the same time.
A Gemini girl will always respect your individuality and you will be required to do the same. She will be the leader of her group and the other members will always accept her out of choice. If you meet a Leo girl who comes across as very gentle, mellowed and completely harmless, don't get fooled.
Leo women are not very careful about money and you will have to restrain her in this aspect. Remember that all this assures her that she is good enough, but she will always be in love with you. Of course, you won't mind that, since she convinces with such carefully balanced and logical arguments. She expresses her emotions easily and lavishly; you will never find yourself complaining in this aspect.
Almost every guy feels like taking her in his arms and protecting her from the big bad world.
In case you have found the opposite characteristics profile in a Piscean woman, chances are that she suffered extremely harsh treatment at a very young age and the bitterness will be a result of that trauma only. To protect her susceptibility, she often wears a cloak of wittiness, frigidity and independence. She may not be good with finances, but will manage to save money if the situation so desires. After marriage, your house will always remain sparkling clean, even if you don't have a maid to do that. She will control her wish to dominate and will let a man lead in a relationship, atleast during courtship. He should be better looking than average, with an intellect, philosophical and totally masculine. If you have been able to win the true love of a Scorpio female, you can be sure you will never feel lonely again. As far as money is concerned, she will enjoy it whether she saves it in a piggy bank or splurges it on luxurious things. However, she will be loyal to her true friends and they will remain with her throughout her life. Virgo women's characteristics profile is an odd mix of emotions and practicality, romance and common sense. With kids, she will be very considerate and you will never see them running around in their underclothes. Instead of fretting over her perfectionism, you should feel blessed to have such a charming female who never makes your house look like a garbage dump. In his love toward his partner he shows strong passion, but if he doesn't receive what he desires from her, jealousy and even a maniacal behavior may arise.The elegant Taurus woman is teeming with moral and emotional courage.
Hosting as well as attending parties comes naturally to her and she will always be a social delight. You will also have to teach her romance, since expressing emotions does not come too easily to her. If you have managed to subdue her aggressive drive, you will be treated to a woman who is full of optimism and has such faith in future that can uplift your mood also. If an Aries girl gets hurt, she will become as cold as the ice in your fridge and this behavior may last an entire lifetime. She will be a caring mother, who makes no unnecessary fuss and sparks children's imagination. They have a habit of saving everything that is usable, be it money or old buttons or empty jars.
Don't forget to pay your Cancer girl extra attention when she is depressed, otherwise she may retreat deeper into her shell.
She knows that you may leave for a while, to follow your dreams, but in the end, she is the one you will come back to. She can become really depressed if she thinks that someone has misjudged or ill-treated her.
She will never stop you from dreaming, as long as there is bread in the house and the dreams have atleast some chances of turning into reality. She has a dual nature and is capable of displaying different personality traits at different points of time. Just remember one thing, she is single-handedly giving you all this, so don't expect consistency from her. She may forget to do the dishes every now and then, but you can have the most soul-satisfying conversations with her. The typical characteristics profile of a Leo woman includes qualities like liveliness, ingenuity, elegance, beauty, and sensuality. The lioness is a combination of intelligence, wit, strength and talent, mixed with generous amounts of feminine charm.
A typical Libran female characteristics profile includes a constant need to be fair and balanced. There will be no dearth of charming glances, gentle strokes, affectionate hugs and loving kisses. She will always be there to help you, motivate you, build up your strength and support you. Still, the harmony and balance will return soon and she will become her usual lovable self again.
She is one of those women who stand behind their husbands and support them in every way they can.
She will always be a patient listener, with whom you can share all your secret dreams, desires and hopes. She may imagine herself to totally worthless and incapable of the fighting spirit to survive. She will remember the smallest incidents of your life, so you better remember her birthday and your anniversary. This bluntness may cost her heavily at times, even to the point of ending the relationship.
It will amount to insulting her and I assure you, insulting her is not at all good for your health. She has a very hypnotic gaze and the moment her eyes meet your, you will go tumbling down in her deep passion.
If any of the feelings are not experienced, she will become completely indifferent towards it. She will be totally devoted to you and even if you two don't get married for any reasons beyond your control, her love for you will not change.
On the other hand, you will have to control your jealousy, since she will be attracting a lot of members of the opposite sex. She is independent and has a mind of her own, but she does not want to dominate in the relationship. A Taurean girl hates anything artificial, be the flowers in her vase or the friends in her life. A Taurean woman will care for you when you are ill, will back you in your new business venture and let you take over the control of the home.
When they fall in love, they show such extreme passion and intensity that only few other women can.
She will not break the new, expensive vase when she is upset, but she can be very demanding and fussy.
When you are courting her as well as after you get married, it is advisable to mind your manners. Let her enjoy her freedom and in return, she will come back to you when she gets tired of her expeditions. If you want her to fall in love with you, be true and honest, not only to others, but also to yourself.

Aries female is the one who will do anything and everything herself, without needing any male help. The best way to woo her is to throw subtle hints, be a little detached and keep her wondering. She is generous to the faults of her loved ones and it is better not to criticize them in front of her. Remember, if she's committed to you, you have no reasons to doubt her loyalty and sincerity.
An Aries girl has a bad temper, but it will go away as quickly as it came and leave no grudges behind. A Cancerian woman has mood swings every now and then and these are some of her mood swings only. They also carefully save things that have a sentimental value attached to them, like the sweater grandmother knitted on their fifth birthday.
Then, you will find her as charming as before, waiting for you with freshly baked break and hot soup. She can enjoy the role of a wife or a mother as much as that of the CEO of the biggest MNC. The plus point of this attitude is that she will be equally considerate towards your family too and give them the same respect as her own fellows. As a mother, she will teach the kids discipline, economy, practicality, etiquettes and respect for elders.
She is one of those who love, respect and care for their partners, but don't expect her to worship you. If you are planning to give her a gift; better make sure that it is classy and as per her superior taste.
The lioness may become a little arrogant and proud at times, but these are some of her basic personality traits. At the same time, she is extremely jealous and possessive and even the slightest suspicion can make her go mad.
A Libra girl may start an argument alone and finish it alone, with your contribution being only some occasional comments.
The best part is that she presents her case in such a tactful way that you don't feel offended at all. She will never go against his decisions, but if he's wrong, she will slowly tread him to the correct path.
With children, she will be loving, caring and a little strict, especially where respecting you is concerned.
She is one of the few females who can play the princess with the perfect captivating charm and, with as much ease, lend you a supporting hand in crisis.
She doesn't have a single masculine streak in her and if you are looking for the typical womanly traits, then Pisces girl is the one for you. Then, you will have to assure her that she is appreciated for her great wisdom, empathy and vast understanding.
She is a true romantic and secretly yearns for a person who will love her, cuddle her, hug her and make her feel loved and protected. She may become dreamy once in a while, but then she will always be there with you, without being asked to.
Once you have been enamored by a Sagittarius girl, you will be staying with her for a long time.
Don't expect a Scorpio female to rush into your arms in front of a thousand people and shout her feelings at the top of her voice. Even when her tone is soothing, her disposition kind and her smile generous, she can be planning the most powerful retaliation.
After she gets committed, a Scorpio female will shower you with all her love and attention. A Taurus woman will also teach the kids how to be strong and will protect them from the big bad outside world. She cannot tolerate someone using abusive language, coming late, dressing sloppily, not minding table manners, etc.
Just like a typical Virgo, she is prone to worrying about things too much and she will do your part of the job too. She has a witty side too and when she laughs, it seems like the ringing of little bells, doesn't it!
If she thinks the relationship is not working and has no chances of improving also, she will break it right away; though doing so may tear her heart into two pieces.
Hold her hand and she will let you see the future too, where both of you are cozily living together! Give her the impression that you can resist her charms and she will come rushing to you, to prove that she's desirable.
A Cancer woman will never make the first move in a relationship; she only knows how to move backwards or sideways.
Make her feel loved, protected, needed and cared for and in return, she will support you in realizing your dreams and give you a deep, lasting love! She is so fidgety that it becomes very difficult for her to become deeply involved with one person or place. The best way to make her do anything is flatter her and she will even do the tiniest of chores for you. If you manage to do all this, you will be getting the love of a woman most of the other men just dream about!
She will judge the entire situation as per the facts, analyze its probable outcome and still believe that things will get better. People will even believe all this, while inside she will be weeping and nursing her wounds.
A Sagittarian girl may pass the most sarcastic comments when she is angry, but she will forget the resentment soon enough. Like a typical Scorpio, she will choose her friends very carefully and the credible ones will remain with her throughout her life.
In such a scenario, just remember that a Scorpio woman will always be loyal and devoted to you, even in the worst of circumstances. However, she may not express her love openly and this is something you will have to teach her.
You will always come back to a spotless home, radiating with the aura of her magnetic personality, the charm of her deep beauty and the warmth of her everlasting love!
She is a tomboy at heart and will enjoy many guy-things like horse riding, going on a roller coaster ride, fishing, etc. But at the same time, she is smart enough to discuss intellectual topics and follow her own career. An Aquarius female may find it difficult to express her love in the form of hugs and kisses and you will have to teach her that. Though she is a little impulsive and bossy, she will give you complete security, fight against the world for you and be yours forever! She is so vivacious and full of life that with her, you will forget even the deepest of troubles. There are hardly any people who can resist the bright and charming disposition of a Sagittarius girl.
She will make them independent, fair, strong and proud of themselves, the way she is of them. If he contradicts her in front of other people, expect the temperature to reach beyond the boiling point. The female Taurus loves with determination and sticks to the relationship to the end, with honor. She will brighten your life with her optimism, boost you with loyalty, trust you blindly and shower her affection on you. Her characteristics profile will make her storehouse of secrets, but people wouldn't know any of hers.
If however, her path does not coincide with that of the Aries, serious scandals may occur.Being in an emotional connection with the calm Taurus woman may give the Aries man a feeling of stability in life. Furthermore, she is looking for a real man and looks upon him with pride as the leading role in all aspects of life, including intimate relations. The peace-loving female Taurus will seek harmony in her surrounding environment, but life with her may seem monotonous from time to time.
Unnecessary interference and conflicts must be avoided, since they can make her unbelievably nervous and ruin the goodness of the relationship.Taurus women are usually looking for an alpha male, who will value their intellect and feminine grace at the same time. He can provide comfort and passionate love simultaneously, for her entire life.He will treasure the talent of the woman by his side and will be by her during all the ups and downs in her life. The Aries will always want to share his thoughts, but will never intervene in the Taurus's decision.

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