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A successful presentation is informative and successfully communicates an important message to the students.
When giving a lecture or demonstration, proper audiovisual materials can help hold a group's attention. Have three to five kids stand up, side by side, and use large rope as floss to show proper flossing technique.
Show pictures of various foods, or bring various foods, and have children tell if they are a good food or bad food for teeth. Sponsored Content is made possible by our sponsor; it does not necessarily reflect the views of our editorial staff. Subscribe to an email newsletter today at no cost and receive the latest news and information. Carol Durham, director of the Education-Innovation-Simulation Learning Environment (EISLE), Darlene Baker, assistant director of ,  Sonda Oppewal, SON clinical associate professor, and Gwen Sherwood, associate dean for academic affairs communicated regularly via Skype with faculty in Kitui to develop the training program’s educational goals and discuss logistics. Capacity Kenya and KMTC Kitui received USAID funding to create the Centre of Excellence for Family and Reproductive Health Training. SON’s involvement in the project included assistance in outfitting the lab as well as facilitating a two-week training session for nurse lecturers at KMTC.
The most complex piece of equipment new to the skills lab was Noelle, a human patient birthing simulator made by Gaumard Scientific. For the lecturers, “It was an opportunity to provide hands-on experience with key patient care skills which previously had only been taught theoretically,” Baker said. It was a collaborative experience, with KMTC lecturers coming up with their own ideas for simulation training.
By the end of the two weeks, the KMTC Kitui lecturers formed a Skills Lab Committee with the goal of making the skills lab available to the district hospitals and other KMTC campuses.
A group of 22 students and volunteers from UNC School of Nursing and UNC School of Pharmacy went to Honduras on a service learning trip during spring break 2012. The group was led by SON’s Jean Davison, clinical assistant professor and family nurse practitioner. The group conducted over 100 health screenings on local children before seeing over 150 patients per day at four different clinical sites. UNC’s MedWorld helped provide the group with medical supplies to distribute to local hospitals and clinics. Before leaving Honduras, the group met with US Attorney David Arizmendi, vice consul of the US Embassy, who expressed appreciation for the group’s service. Posted in Advancement, Faculty, Global Health, News, Nursing Education, Service Learning, Students. Congratulations to the School of Nursing students and faculty who received global health awards this year. Applications were reviewed by three teams from the Global Nursing Advisory Council (GNAC) joined by faculty who received awards in previous years.
The Cronenwett Global Study Award was created by a private gift from a SON alumna and her husband to honor the leadership of Linda H. UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing students and faculty participated in a service learning trip to Honduras during  Spring Break. Clinical Assistant Professor Jean Davison was the SON Course Coordinator and Team Leader for the multidisciplinary group, which included 20 students and nine volunteers who included two doctors, three nurse practitioners and two pharmacists.
Posted in Faculty, Global Health, Nursing Education, Nursing Practice, Service Learning, Students. The Polyglot Med Spanish app can help bridge the communication gap between health care providers and Spanish-speaking patients.
The original Polyglot: Multimedia Medical Spanish Translator was developed in 1999 by a Duke University medical student, BJ Lawson.
Mary Lou de Leon Siantz, (PhD, RN, FAAN) the assistant dean of diversity and cultural affairs at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, will present her research on immigrant and migrant children in “Children of the Road,” the 2011 UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing Ethnic Minority Visiting Scholar Lecture. For example, she is currently investigating how to reduce pregnancy and promote reproductive health among Latina girls in work supported by the Office of Minority Health, Department of Health and Human Service.
Posted in Global Health, News, Nursing Education, Nursing Practice, Nursing Research, Upcoming Events.
Tiffany Young, BSN ’99, has been in Haiti since June working as a Medical Program Coordinator for Samaritan’s Purse (photo and video courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse) .
Please contact us on 0413 352 526 for more information or send us an email through our contact us page.

This is the month schools across the country focus on raising awareness about the importance of good oral health.
Planning involves knowing the group that the presentation is meant for, picking an appropriate presentation topic, using proper presentation methods to convey the message, and following successful presentation techniques. This method is good because the information from the lecture is supplemented by demonstrating skills or techniques. The students must be motivated to adopt successful behaviors that they can use every day, and to make informed decisions. It is important for presentations to have a positive impact on children and give them a good start on having healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. They introduce children to the educational basics: numbers, language, science, and social studies. Over the past year, School of Nursing faculty and Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) health professionals focused on these concepts in the enhancement of a skills lab at KMTC Kitui’s Centre of Excellence for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Training in Kitui, Kenya, Africa. Darlene Baker and Sonda Oppewal then traveled to Kitui, Kenya, April 27– May 12, 2012 to assist in the implementation of the program. The Centre aims to improve health outcomes in Northern Kenya in women’s health, reproductive health, and decreased maternal and infant mortality through strengthening the healthcare workforce.
Prior to the visit, UNC’s EISLE researched and made recommendations on simulation equipment to match the needs of the local constituency. Noelle is used at UNC SON and other schools and hospitals to train nursing and medical students as well as professionals.
The local staff helped open the boxes, gaining familiarity with the equipment before learning utilization procedures. Oppewal also followed up on work she and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Gwen Sherwood did in 2010 with Capacity Kenya on creating an AHEC-like model for improving the healthcare workforce in Northern Kenya.  Dr.
The training schedule included time for each lecturer to practice using the simulators and to develop and practice teaching simulations. Oppewal said the UNC team benefitted from seeing KMTC lecturers interact with their students. The Committee expressed a desire to expand the skills lab program so that it could be used by nurses in continuing education. The group joined the efforts of Compassion Med International in providing medical screenings, care, and supplies to local populations. Volunteers included SON’s Rhonda Lanning, clinical instructor and nurse midwife, Elizabeth Prata, family nurse practitioner from UNC Center for Latino Health, and Christine Walko, PharmD from the School of Pharmacy.
In addition, triage staff cared for minor complaints and handed out anti-parasitic treatments and vitamins. One hospital received endotracheal intubation equipment while its pediatric ward received beanie babies and toys. These awards are primarily from the School’s global health funds, which are generated from the Visiting Scholars program. Cronenwett (center) with Tina Evans (left) and Rebeca Moretto (right), the 2011 recipients of the Cronenwett Global Study Award. Cronenwett, immediate past dean of the SON, and her passion for improving quality and safety in health care.
Before the trip the Association of Student Nurses helped collect vitamin and over the counter medications for the group to take with them. If you are interested in learning about Worldwide activities designed to celebrate this day, check out: . Marcia Van Riper has been doing research with families of children with Down syndrome for over 30 years.
It offers immediate audio translation of over 3,000 common words, phrases and assessment questions from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.
Since 1999, the Duke AHEC Program has distributed CD-ROM versions of Polyglot to healthcare providers and health professions students across North Carolina with the support of the NC AHEC Program. Tags: Ethnic Minority Visiting Scholar Lecture, Mary Lou de Leon Siantz, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. This is the month hygienists are either excited about or dreading the inevitable call from a local school requesting a presentation for their students.
Visual aids include printed materials, pictures, charts, posters, flannel boards, bulletin boards, magnetic boards, models, puppets, mobiles, and computer media. This group is also thinking about what they want to do when they graduate and curious about various career options available.
They also help children develop into healthy, confident, socially aware young people, and work closely with parents to help the children reach their full potential.

The skills lab was recently upgraded by Capacity Kenya to include state-of-the-art teaching tools and simulation equipment. IntraHealth purchased equipment including simple contraceptive displays, task trainers, and complex birthing simulators. The simulator connects wirelessly to a computer that can be programmed to take students through a range of scenarios that could accompany normal as well as complicated childbirth.  At KMTC Kitui, Noelle was renamed Mwende which means “loved one”. Oppewal also helped evaluate the training, and assisted faculty members in identifying ways the project could be evaluated over time and outcomes could be reported to Capacity Kenya. Oppewal met with the Nursing Council of Kenya and reported that a steering committee and subcommittees had been formed, and partnerships were being investigated to establish the Kenyan AHEC model. Next, lecturers practiced using the simulators and the simulations they developed as teaching tools with students. She noted the effectiveness of the Kitui lecturers’ method of having each student demonstrate and verbalize what they were learning, and the students’ recognition of the need for continual practice. All told, the group saw more than 1,000 patients over the course of their trip, and distributed 20 food packets that could feed a family of five for one week. Currently, she is working on a study about adaptation and resilience that eventually will include families from at least 6-10 countries. Come see posters and other visual displays of the school’s global experiences during the last year. With this method, however, it can be hard to monitor if the students are grasping the concepts being introduced to them, because there is no active participation from everyone in the group. However, it can be difficult to perform a demonstration to a large group so that everyone can see and hear the demonstration. If using audiovisual equipment, make sure the equipment is available in advance and that someone will be present that knows how to operate the equipment. It is a good idea not to take questions, or to strictly use the discussion presentation method with this age group. UNC SON faculty lent their nursing education and simulation expertise to a skills training program in collaboration with KMTC faculty at the upgraded lab. Its mission is to improve healthcare in Kenya by enhancing the quality of training for healthcare workers in public, private, and faith-based organizations. The equipment was grouped into five categories for training: childbirth, maternal, infant, physical exam, and patient care skills. Mwende was accompanied by a newborn baby simulator that enabled students to practice newborn resuscitation, a skill which was impossible to practice before the simulator’s arrival. They also developed models to summarize their learning over the two weeks for the faculty to use as a resource. Thirteen students were arranged into groups for simulations the lecturers identified as having high priority for student learning: family planning, normal newborn delivery, newborn resuscitation, and normal newborn assessment. Elmor Mejia, who is the only doctor with a hyperbaric chamber for treating injured Miskito lobster divers.
Through the GNAC we have focused our areas of support so that students and faculty are helping expand our capacity in global health but also are involved in sustainable work, either through service that can be built on from year to year, or in developing scholarship opportunities. They will both be traveling internationally this summer as part of N489, SON’s Practicum in Nursing Global Health Experience. So far, over 250 parents from the US have participated, and data collection with families in other countries is just getting started.
With a little planning, school presentations can be fun, easy, and something to look forward to each year. The lecture-demonstration method works well with this group, who enjoys activities and playing games. Oppewal also remarked that the Kenyan practice of taking a midmorning tea break made room for spontaneous collaborations among colleagues. We are particularly pleased to award two Cronenwett Global Awards designated for undergraduate students (see Global Study Award Helps Students Gain World Experiences). Many of these children may never have been to a dentist, nor had dental topics presented to them.
Have pictures or models that demonstrate the topic (sealant model, teeth molds, X-rays) for the children to see, touch, and hold.

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